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iSam’s Mom Speculation! – Em Português!

Speculation for iSam’s Mom in English. – Click Here

A especulação deste episódio foi escrita diante de um público ao vivo e não é recomendada a pessoas com problemas cardíacos. Eu não aceito qualquer responsabilidade por nenhum episódio cardiaco que possa ocorrer ao ler esta especulação.

Em primeiro lugar, gostaria de apresentar a minha gestora de som e assistente, Phoebe! Phoebe, diz olá aos leitores. *Phoebe diz olá e acena.* Aqui a Phoebe vai substituir o Steve que foi despedido a semana passada e teve um acidente. Lembra-me para lhe mandar algumas flores. *Phoebe toma notas* Read the rest of this entry

iSam’s Mom Speculation!

Speculation for iSam’s Mom in Portuguese, click here.

This episode’s speculation is written before a live studio audience and is not recommended to people with heart problems. I accept no responsability for any cardiac episode that may occur while reading this speculation.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce my new sound manager and assistant, Pheobe! Phoebe, say hi to the readers. *Phoebe says hi and waves.* Phoebe here will be replacing Steve who was fired last week and had an accident. Remind me to send him some flowers. *Phoebe takes notes.* Read the rest of this entry

Next review

Okay, I was wondering, what episode should I review next? But I can’t decide!
So, I made a poll. This poll will close on September 1st. And you will only know the result when I post it! I’m evil, I know…

So, have fun, and until then, have your daily Seddie Fix.

Disgusting Super Slow Motion


-Raw Egg
-USB Rocket Launcher
-5 Liquids
-Cocktail Olives

Raw Egg

The video starts with Sam and Freddie taking turns saying “Disgusting Super Slow Motion”. But things soon take a turn for the weird. Sam has to pee and leaves the bathroom door open. And she has no intention of closing it.

Freddie is going to crush a raw egg on Sam’s forehead. Motives? Payback, annoyance, it’s fun, you name it. The true reason? It’s for And more, Sam wants Freddie to crush a raw egg on her forehead.

Interview time!

Here’s a new standard for professional reporters. When you want to interview your target, have them lie on their backs with their legs up, as you lie beside them.

It’s important to know both parts of an equation if you wish to know the result. In this case, you need to interview both Sam and the egg,

The raw egg has been itself for about 6 years. That’s a long time for a raw egg. And this egg’s a little “biolent”, don’t you agree?

The egg’s been crushed…

Not so “biolent” now, eh, egg?

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


USB Rocket Launcher

Sam and Freddie start the segment by announcing its name. In a funny way. And it includes Freddie, I mean fried chicken.

Next we see Freddie wearing a sombrero and Sam wearing a fruit hat. I’ve seen this kind of hats on Brazil, even though I’ve never been there…
They are going to use a USP-powered rocket launcher to attack Spencer’s face. But first it’s…

“Hard cut to…”

Sam: So, Spencer…
Spencer: Yeah, Sam?
Sam: Have you ever seen a USB-powered rocket launcher?
Spencer: No, I have not.
Sam: So, you’ve never been hit in the face by a USB-powered rocket launcher?
Spencer: Oh, yes, that has happened to me many times…
Sam: But, has it hever happened to you in Super Slow Motion?
Spencer: No, but I hope it all changes today.

Now Freddie will interview the USB-powered rocket launcher, whose voice was kindly provided by Dan Schneider…

Freddie: So, you’re a rocket launcher?
USBPRL: Oh, yeah.
Freddie: And I understand that you’re USB-powered?
USBPRL: Yes, that is how I get my power.
Freddie: And are you looking forward to blasting Spencer in his face?
USBPRL: Will it be in Super Slow Motion?
Freddie: Yes.
USBPRL: Then yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, the rockets hit Spencer’s face and they hurt. You can tell by Spencer’s distorted screams…

And what better way to end the segment than with Freddie eating fried chicken? I can’t think of any…



5 Liquids

Sam starts the segment by saying “Disgusting Super Slow Motion” 5 times in 5 different locations…

Sam finally reveals this segment’s objective: blasting Freddie in the face with 5 different liquids. The liquids that Freddie will get blasted in his face are: cherry, grape, lime, orange and soy sauce.

I’d like for someone to prove me wrong right now, but Freddie’s been blasted in the face with 5 different liquids, right? At any given point in the video, you can only see 4 liquids on screen at the same time…

Think about it.


Cocktail Olives

In this video, Sam and Freddie start by saying Disgusting Super Slow Motion. But Freddie says Super Disgusting Slow Motion. To the untrained mind, there may not be any difference, but there is. Look, Disgusting Super Slow Motion is an event, in Super Slow Motion which is disgusting. While a Super Disgusting Slow Motion is an faster event, not in Super Slow Motion which is Super Disgusting. Hopefully I got my point across.

After that initial mistake, Sam scolds Freddie for saying it “the stupid way”.

Sam and Freddie tell us that Spencer is going to spit a mouthful of cocktail olives…

But first, and quoting Freddie:

Freddie: Hey.
Spencer: Hey.
Freddie: Have you ever had a mouth full of cocktail olives?
Spencer: Yes.
Freddie: And have you ever spat them out in Super Slow Motion?
Spencer: Yes… wait, Super Slow Motion?
Freddie: Yes.
Spencer: (thinks before answering) Yes, I have.

And now, Sam interviews the olives. This is going to be quite a challenge for me to ID the olives…

Sam: So, you guys are cocktail olives?
CO1: Yeah.
CO2: We are.
CO3: Huh-huh.
CO4: That’s right.
CO5: Indeed.
CO6: Cocktail.
Sam: And, have any of you ever been in Spencer’s mouth?
CO1: No.
CO2: Not really.
CO3: We have not.
CO4: Nope.
CO5: Never before.
CO6: This is new.
Sam: Why are you guys stuffed with those little red pimentos?
CO1: We don’t know.
CO2: It’s a medical condition.
CO3: Yeah, it’s embarassing.
CO4: Please don’t mention it.
CO5: We’re sorry.

And now, the spitting event in Disgusting Super Slow Motion.

Here’s the vid!

iDo Speculation

Well, it’s about time I do some speculations myself, isn’t it?

So, please cue the dramatic music! *Dramatic music plays*

RobSp1derp1g’s iDo Speculation!!

As some (or all, since I’m writing this to the 4 people who actually read this blog-thingy) may know, this episode is about, how can I put it, marriage. Yeah. In this episode, marriage is the main topic. Two characters get engaged. DO NOT ENGAGE! I REPEAT, DO NOT ENGAGE! *looks back* Did I just quote an action movie? *the same 4 people nod* I didn’t mean to, sorry. As I was saying, two characters get engaged. two one time characters. But this is not set in stone… As the girl starts to fall for Spencer. *Dramatic music plays again*

I have read some info on the episode, and this is definitely going to be one funny episode.

Now, the Seddieness. Hit it, Steve! *Steve hits the music player* Not literally, you dimwit! Just play the song… *Running Away plays*
There have been rumors that in this episode, Freddie will get mad at Sam for some (yet) unknown reason. When this happens, an apology will always follow. And in said apology, a Seddie moment will most likely happen. Who knows, maybe this is the Seddie moment we’ve all been waiting for… It can happen during the slow dance of the wedding. *fangirl squeal* Shut up, Steve! It might just be the event we need… Maybe the roles of iSpeed Date will be reversed. Sam dancing with Freddie, while Carly dances with Spencer. *Evil smirk* I’m a Seddieshipper, I can’t have Carly being jealous of Sam. Deal with it. STEVE! Give me some “Deal with it” sound effects!

Dan Schneider himself (blessed be his name) posted a video in which he talked with Jennette and Nathan (who you know as Sam and Freddie) when they were recording this episode. Jennette was wearing a dress, which makes me wonder if… *Maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder starts playing* Hey Steve, cut that out! *hears a voice say “Sorry” and music stops* That’s better. I don’t know why I hired this guy! Now where was I? Right, Jennette’s dress. It makes me wonder *pauses, looks at Steve* what Sam will say about the dress. Also, in that video, Dan initiates a conversation regarding iKiss, and saying that his nephew’s friends loved that episode. Now, on a more personal note, I don’t believe in coincidences, but I know that Dan isn’t the kind of guy who leaves stuff to chance. If he only did get the info that his nephew’s friends liked the episode on that week, it’s an awesome timing. BUT, if it is not, and as it is my belief, Dan is sending us another hint, combining Seddie with wedding (only now I noticed the similarity.) And one more thing, Nathan’s voice is betraying him. Notice his voice. I’ll even embed the video here so you can see it.

Notice how he lengthens “enjoyed”. What does that prove, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. You didn’t? Well, you should’ve. I’m not an expert at microexpression, but I think there’s something behind that “enjoyed”. This is one of the cases in which I wish I am wrong, but if I’m right, be careful, Nathan, you got yourself some competition. *Eye Of The Tiger starts playing.*

See you all soon, and get ready for the fight of the century: chairs vs. keychains! *rings fight bell*


iMust Have Locker 239 – Review

I said I would make a review for iMust Have Locker 239, didn’t I?

Okay, here are my starting notes: This episode is special because it’s the only episode so far in which Sam’s mom realy influenced an episode’s outcome.

To the review! *Batmobile sound*

Sam and Carly clipping Gibby’s toenails, while blindfolded. iCarly’s randomness just reached a new level.

Massage the elderly? That’s a new one…

4.000 emails a week, 2.000 from just one guy? Someone’s got issues…

Mr. Piggles? The spokespig? I think I found Spiderpig a relative…

As soon as Sam has the camera, Freddie tries once again to be right next to Carly. Futile attempt. Oh, Freddie, will you ever stop trying? JUST LOOK AT SAM, SHE’S RIGHT THERE!!! *clears throat* Sorry, lost my cool for a moment there…

Freddie’s bunny looks awesome! I can’t draw that well…

Sam’s bunny is in jail. Why am I not surprised…

Even Carly’s bunny looks better than my drawings…

A part-time firefighter bunny? Now that I gotta see…

Gibby Gibson, not wearing a shirt. Again. Oh, Gibby… He seems to have memorized the student handbook… Feels good to win a mini-legal battle, doesn’t it?

Another random bit from iCarly. “You guys got any lotion…” Pure awesomeness.

Freddie’s reply was something I was not expecting when I first saw the episode. And Sam’s comeback.


Oh, Richard Whites had locker 239. What’s the big deal?

Why does Gibby need the lotion for?

I ask the same thing, Gibby. What’s up with Locker 239?

Turns out that locker 239 is huge. And it has a view… I’m switching to Ridgeway.

The rules are made to follow, but the rules’ flaws are made to be exploited. Gibby knows it all…

– Scene cuts to the Shay’s apartment –

“Hey, adulto.” I guess you don’t hear that every day…

Spencer fixed the printer. It’s SURE to be working.

I just noticed the brand of the printer. Cash-io. I had a Cash-io printer once, but it was confiscated by the cops…

Setting things on fire wirelessly. The dream of every pyromaniac… I think.

“You didn’t go into my room, did you?” What’s so special about your room, Spencer?

Spencer’s face when Carly shows him her bunny is priceless…

Let me get this straight. Carly’s drawing is bad and shows she doesn’t have artistic potential. And still it can be better than mine…

Again with the part-time volunteer firefighter bunny.

– Scene cuts to school –

We finally get to see it. Locker 239. It fits the description. It is HUGE.

Just standing next to it makes Sam feel like a princess? But she doesn’t act like one…

“We could fit a body in there.” C’mon, Sam, you know better than that…

Uh, one note to Principal Franklin, You test the microphone by saying “1, 2, 3, testing.” Just thought you should know.

“Fat cakes, YEAH.” One memorable phrase by Samantha Puckett, I mean Sam. Yeah, Sam… *looks at his back*

Gibby’s question was a valid one. Although it was stupid…

Sam knows her fat cakes.

Gibby’s method is innovative. Maybe he’ll win the locker by guessing the right number, without making a random guess like, I don’t know, 5.

– Scene cuts to the Shay’s apartment, again –

Spencer is hopping. Why is he hopping?

What, draw at 2:30 AM? I’m up for it!

That is quite a story Spencer told.

It’s big, sticky and green! My guess: SLIME!

The history of yellow. Sounds like a title for a book. Written by the Beatles… No offence intended for Beatles fans. I am one myself.

What? Gibby lost? THIS CONTEST IS RIGGED!!

Freddie won. Good for him. 2718 fat cakes. He sure did show that blonde-headed dem…

What? Another student?

Sam won too? Hmm. This could have some potential Seddie in it…

– Scene cuts to the Shay’s apartment, yet again. –

“Put that spatula next to that spatula.” All I can see is spatulas! Which one is the right one?

“You think I’m a terrible person…” That’s not true, Spencer. She only thinks you’re a terrible teacher. There is a difference, you know…

All those spatulas… gone with the wind…

– After the commercial break, the scene returns to the Shay’s apartment. –

Spencer is sculpting his feelings? They’re brown?

So many things about the ball peen bracket (I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling.)

“When did you turn into my wife?” That was unexpected…

Carly’s taking art lessons at the community center? *Le Gasp*

Holy chiz! Spencer’s bunny is terrific!

– Scene cuts to Ridgeway. Locker 239 –

Sam is playing a Guitar Hero-like game on their locker. And she’s rocking!!

“When did you turn into my wife?” Here is that sentence again…

Now, I know I took an oath to leave a Seddie views aside while reviewing these episodes (what? There is no oath? THAT HOBO LIED TO ME!!), but there is no way I’m letting this slide.

Take a look at this:

Sam considers Freddie a tech-nerd. But she inserted the Random Dancing software into the locker without his help. That means that either she asked someone for help (and that’s hard for me to imagine) or she also knows about technology. One of these ideas is wrong. Discuss.

– Scene cuts to the Seattle Community Center –

Carly is taking art lessons.

Spencer, in an art class? What’s wrong here…

Four straight lines…

And then a fewd erupted… One that would culminate on the creation of the Seddie color.

– Scene cuts to surprise, surprise, the Shay’s apartment. –

They will never enter in the community center again.

Ms. Fielder is sorry and wants Spencer to teach her…

“Wanna make purple? Please.” History in the making.

– Scene cuts to locker 239 –

As proven before, Sam picks on guys she thinks are cute. *points to Freddie* Evidence A.

Sam’s mom is mentioned yet again. We’ll meet her real soon.

Freddie’s offer is quite generous…

Sam’s mom’s car just crashed through the school walls, leaving Freddie locker-less and without his 200 bucks. On the other hand, Freddie protects Sam from the car.

And if that wasn’t enough, Freddie gets blamed for the destruction…

And that’s it for my review for iMust Have Locker 239.

Until my next review, have your daily Seddie fix!

My Birthday!

Well, today, August the 13th, is my birthday.

And to celebrate it, I’m going to make another review! This time the chosen episode is iMust Have Locker 239. There’s a special thing I want to show you.

Stay tuned…

EDIT: I know I said I was going to make a review on iMust Have Locker 239, but something has come up. I will do it tonight. But take a look at this:

That’s right! Noah Munck (aka Gibby) just wished me a happy birthday! He rocks!! He’s truly awesome!

iPilot Review (BIG text ahead)

Here’s my review for iPilot.


When we see iCarly’s first episode, we are presented with a nametag someone named Franklin, who is a principal. He is laughing loudly at something, and even though we can’t see what it is, we also laugh, because laughter is contagious. As the door of his office opens, a woman who appears to be in her 40’s (I’m being generous, I know) and principal Franklin puts down his paper and immediately stops laughing. We assume it has something to do with this woman. Read the rest of this entry

iHate Your Guts

This is a little thing I wrote last week in about 20 minutes.

We met a few years ago,
I was in love with your best friend,
You started bickering with me
And Carly just wanted it to end. Read the rest of this entry

Greetings from the web!

Hello, people!! *wait for applause but hears nothing.* I’m RobSp1derp1g, as you may have noticed and I’m a big fan of iCarly, as you may have also noticed.

I have been inspired by Seddiemania and so, I came to a conclusion. From now on, I will start doing episode reviews.

I’m a huge Seddie fan (If you don’t know what Seddie is, I suggest you Read the rest of this entry


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