iPilot Review (BIG text ahead)

Here’s my review for iPilot.


When we see iCarly’s first episode, we are presented with a nametag someone named Franklin, who is a principal. He is laughing loudly at something, and even though we can’t see what it is, we also laugh, because laughter is contagious. As the door of his office opens, a woman who appears to be in her 40’s (I’m being generous, I know) and principal Franklin puts down his paper and immediately stops laughing. We assume it has something to do with this woman.

After a one line of dialog and a snap of fingers, we see Carly, the star of the show. She seems okay and well-behaved. What could she be doing in the principal’s office? Oh, she set some flyers around school. Nothing too major… Why is Miss Briggs so mad? Oh, we can see that now. Apparently, someone has edited a picture of a rhinoceros and added her face to it. Yeah, I’d be mad too. Then, Ms. Briggs suggests that Carly’s father is made aware of this situation. We find out that he can’t, because he’s part of the armed forces (military) but Carly suggests Spencer, her brother and legal guardian, who apparently is an artist. Principal Franklin states there is no need for Spencer to be informed and gives Ms. Briggs permission to come up with a punishment fitting for her act. She has an amazing idea which will benefit… her. She is forcing Carly to record the auditions for the talent show. She complains but is ignored. And is almost thrown out of the room.

We then see the address iCarly.com being typed into some kind of Internet browser. We all seen this before, so I won’t dwell on this.

As soon as the intro is over, we hear a sound of a kid being thrown into a locker (yeah, I can identify that sound…) and we see a blond girl pushing a kid against a locker and forcing him to apologize for saying she’s aggressive  and making him say she’s pretty and sweet. *looks over the shoulder then whispers* SHE’S BOTH!! (now, a small request: Do any of you know what Sam has written on her shirt’s sleeves? I’d really like to know…)

Ah, so it was this girl who put Ms. Briggs head into the body of a large animal… And that means that this girl is going to spend the Saturday with Carly recording the auditions… bummer.

Now we see Carly in a hallway of some sort, and she’s looking for something inside her purse. In that commotion, she drops a bottle of water. And just then, a lovely neighbor helps her. The problem is, this little neighbor is too eager to help her.  This little kid’s name’s Freddie and as it turns out, he has a crush on Carly. You gotta love character development.

Then we meet Spencer, Carly’s brother who apparently is an artist. He’s taking pictures of a robot-looking thing while hanging from the ceiling. (I just hope that robot follows the Asimov’s Laws of Robotics).

After a few lines of dialog, we see Carly entering the Ridgeway Auditorium while talking to someone on the phone. Then she suddenly stops and we see why. It turns out that Freddie brought his equipment to record the auditions. And he also brought juice and a bagel. Nice try, kid!

Next, we see the kid-who-has-no-name-as-of-yet, whose name turns out to be Sam. Sam makes a grand entrance by saying “You invited the doof!” She doesn’t seem to be too fond of Freddie, yet. His comeback was epic, calling Sam that. And now, here comes a little AV club classic comedy. Then Sam pulls out her secret weapon: “Carly will never love you.” After an attempt to leave, Freddie is convinced to stay by a “Please stay” from Carly. She has him by the figurative leash.

Now, there will be a bunch of people auditing for the talent show, all of them doing, let’s say, unique stuff. Stuff like, performing a French play, beat boxing, telling the lamest jokes out there… Who lets these kids in?

Sam starts commenting on how the kid looks like Ms. Briggs and Carly turns the conversation to another topic, Ms. Briggs’ breasts. While this takes place, Freddie keeps recording.

That night (or so it seems), Carly is sleeping on her couch, so she goes to the computer to see if Freddie uploaded the video he made. He did upload a video, but not the one they wanted. So they call Freddie and tell him to find a way (hehe, references are fun!) to remove the video.

He does but informs that the video will still be available that night. (Why didn’t they see it to private?)

Freddie has the genius idea to check the comments on the video. And the gang learns that their video, although uploaded by accident, is loved throughout the Web.

On the next school day, the girls are scared that Ms. Briggs might have seen the video. It turns out she did. And none of the kids who auditioned will be on the talent show, unfortunately. And the girls get bummed. And nothing cheers someone up like a beat boxing kid.

When Carly gets home, we find out that when Sam is mad, she eats ham, and that Ms Briggs had a brown lump removed off her nose (which both Sam and Freddie noticed.)

This is the moment that marked the creation of iCarly, the webshow. (History in the making)

Freddie wants to be the technical producer for iCarly. An awesome dream for a regular kid who happens to be in the AV club.

Sam’s remark brings so many questions it’s not even funny. “He wants to be our geek…” Food for thought…

Then, Spencer arrives with a mannequin under his arm. Something must not be right…

After that, we see Carly running around the house and we know something’s about to happen. It’s iCarly’s premiere! WOOHOO!

We see Sam’s remote for the very first time ever (well, of course, being the first episode and all), And Freddie’s “That’s disrespectful”. (You really gotta love character development.)

What? Sam pressed a button and they started dancing in a random fashion!

Some insane talents later (the best in my opinion are Simon and Brennan), the webshow comes to an end.

A grand total of 37000 people saw iCarly’s first webcast! And the gang celebrate it by throwing a Crazy Hat party!

And this was my review for iPilot. Huge, I know. But I kinda had to make it like this, being the first episode, most of the details had to be explained.

But I promise you, the next ones will be a LOT shorter. Mainly because all the introductions were already done.

So, until then, have your daily Seddie fix!

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  1. why do u have to leve mrand i love icarly ! I LOVE THE SOWE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!goodby icarly

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