Disgusting Super Slow Motion


-Raw Egg
-USB Rocket Launcher
-5 Liquids
-Cocktail Olives

Raw Egg

The video starts with Sam and Freddie taking turns saying “Disgusting Super Slow Motion”. But things soon take a turn for the weird. Sam has to pee and leaves the bathroom door open. And she has no intention of closing it.

Freddie is going to crush a raw egg on Sam’s forehead. Motives? Payback, annoyance, it’s fun, you name it. The true reason? It’s for iCarly.com. And more, Sam wants Freddie to crush a raw egg on her forehead.

Interview time!

Here’s a new standard for professional reporters. When you want to interview your target, have them lie on their backs with their legs up, as you lie beside them.

It’s important to know both parts of an equation if you wish to know the result. In this case, you need to interview both Sam and the egg,

The raw egg has been itself for about 6 years. That’s a long time for a raw egg. And this egg’s a little “biolent”, don’t you agree?

The egg’s been crushed…

Not so “biolent” now, eh, egg?

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


USB Rocket Launcher

Sam and Freddie start the segment by announcing its name. In a funny way. And it includes Freddie, I mean fried chicken.

Next we see Freddie wearing a sombrero and Sam wearing a fruit hat. I’ve seen this kind of hats on Brazil, even though I’ve never been there…
They are going to use a USP-powered rocket launcher to attack Spencer’s face. But first it’s…

“Hard cut to…”

Sam: So, Spencer…
Spencer: Yeah, Sam?
Sam: Have you ever seen a USB-powered rocket launcher?
Spencer: No, I have not.
Sam: So, you’ve never been hit in the face by a USB-powered rocket launcher?
Spencer: Oh, yes, that has happened to me many times…
Sam: But, has it hever happened to you in Super Slow Motion?
Spencer: No, but I hope it all changes today.

Now Freddie will interview the USB-powered rocket launcher, whose voice was kindly provided by Dan Schneider…

Freddie: So, you’re a rocket launcher?
USBPRL: Oh, yeah.
Freddie: And I understand that you’re USB-powered?
USBPRL: Yes, that is how I get my power.
Freddie: And are you looking forward to blasting Spencer in his face?
USBPRL: Will it be in Super Slow Motion?
Freddie: Yes.
USBPRL: Then yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, the rockets hit Spencer’s face and they hurt. You can tell by Spencer’s distorted screams…

And what better way to end the segment than with Freddie eating fried chicken? I can’t think of any…



5 Liquids

Sam starts the segment by saying “Disgusting Super Slow Motion” 5 times in 5 different locations…

Sam finally reveals this segment’s objective: blasting Freddie in the face with 5 different liquids. The liquids that Freddie will get blasted in his face are: cherry, grape, lime, orange and soy sauce.

I’d like for someone to prove me wrong right now, but Freddie’s been blasted in the face with 5 different liquids, right? At any given point in the video, you can only see 4 liquids on screen at the same time…

Think about it.


Cocktail Olives

In this video, Sam and Freddie start by saying Disgusting Super Slow Motion. But Freddie says Super Disgusting Slow Motion. To the untrained mind, there may not be any difference, but there is. Look, Disgusting Super Slow Motion is an event, in Super Slow Motion which is disgusting. While a Super Disgusting Slow Motion is an faster event, not in Super Slow Motion which is Super Disgusting. Hopefully I got my point across.

After that initial mistake, Sam scolds Freddie for saying it “the stupid way”.

Sam and Freddie tell us that Spencer is going to spit a mouthful of cocktail olives…

But first, and quoting Freddie:

Freddie: Hey.
Spencer: Hey.
Freddie: Have you ever had a mouth full of cocktail olives?
Spencer: Yes.
Freddie: And have you ever spat them out in Super Slow Motion?
Spencer: Yes… wait, Super Slow Motion?
Freddie: Yes.
Spencer: (thinks before answering) Yes, I have.

And now, Sam interviews the olives. This is going to be quite a challenge for me to ID the olives…

Sam: So, you guys are cocktail olives?
CO1: Yeah.
CO2: We are.
CO3: Huh-huh.
CO4: That’s right.
CO5: Indeed.
CO6: Cocktail.
Sam: And, have any of you ever been in Spencer’s mouth?
CO1: No.
CO2: Not really.
CO3: We have not.
CO4: Nope.
CO5: Never before.
CO6: This is new.
Sam: Why are you guys stuffed with those little red pimentos?
CO1: We don’t know.
CO2: It’s a medical condition.
CO3: Yeah, it’s embarassing.
CO4: Please don’t mention it.
CO5: We’re sorry.

And now, the spitting event in Disgusting Super Slow Motion.

Here’s the vid!

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