iReunite With Missy – Review

*singing* It don’t take money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train. It’s strong and it’s sudden and… Oh, it’s on!

Hello everyone! How’s every little thing?
You have caught me singing to one of the best songs of all time. Time. Such a fascinating concept…

Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you, they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am or why I say this. Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard…

Why do I start randomly quoting movies and videogames… I have to get this fixed…

Anyhow, I think you’re here for my next review, right? This time the episode will be… I said, will be… oh, right. Phoebe’s not here for the week and the drum’s broken. *takes 2 pens and starts drumming them* Homemade drum roll… The episode will be… The one what tied with iKiss on my poll. And that episode is… a good one. And that episode’s name… starts with an ‘i’. Should I stop stating the obvious? Hell, yes! The episode is iReunite With Missy! 217 in production order.

But enough of this. Episode review, start!

We all love big boxes like the one Spencer is carrying…

Events of the day:
1) Carly got an A on her geometry test. Geometry’s easy, so…

2) Sam had fish sticks for lunch. Fish sticks are good. It reminds me of this quote by the man himself, Homer Simpson: “Hmm, unprocessed fish sticks…”

3) Freddie’s locker was robbed! What was stolen? Just the sleeves and his pants legs. Personally, I think that look might actually become a trend.

Sam blames the tartar sauce. Sure, Sam, it’s all the sauce’s fault.

See? Carly’s right. You’re all friends… not friends and a co-worker.

“Would that make you happy?” I crack up.

I wonder if Freddie got too hurt. It sounded like he did.

But his mom was cool about it. She only screamed once when Freddie hit the shelf.

Why would Spencer have cheese on a box? Man, it sounds like some kind of product…

Oh, a camping trip! Count me in! Who’s going?

*gulp* Socko’s grandmother? Count me out, Spence… Is she the brick lady? What? I’m only asking… There’s no crime in that, is there, Sam? *hears whispers* Sam says no.

Spencer goes on a camping trip, leaving his little teenage sister and her meat-craving best friend at home and Mrs. Benson says nothing about it? I mean, come on!! Isn’t she trying to make him more responsible? No? My mistake then.

A puppet show about personal hygiene? Was it Oompé, the poopet? Random? Yeah, much…

Why does Carly want the flare gun for?

Guadalajara, Sam? That’s like, somewhere, outside…

We meet Missy, who is portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove’s real life best friend Haley Ramm. Only fairly recently, I have discovered that Haley had portrayed Gwen Tennyson on Ben 10: Race Against Time. I saw that movie and I didn’t recognize her. I feel like such a bad fan…

Fangirl squeaks. It hurts to much to hear it…

Carly and Missy go back a long time.

There’s the flare gun…

~~ Title Sequence ~~

– Setting: Ridgeway High School –

Mr. Howard is announcing the School at Sea program to the student community.

Pretending to study? People actually study in there! Look at… No, he didn’t go in it. But what about… She got seasick… Oh, this one actually studied in one of those. Cody Martin! *Alarm and flashing hazard lights turn on* *Off-voice says “Disney-related content has been mentioned”* *pushes a button* I have GOT to get this thing updated. The point being, you actually study in there.

Freddie wants to win that contest. Bad enough to go into the mob full of kids while quoting “The Matrix”. ‘I’m going in.’ Both “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) and “Trinity” (Carrie-Ann Moss) say that line.

What’s up with Kevin’s onion ring? Now I’m curious. Yet something tells me that I might regret it.

Navy members can request airborne transportation for family stuff. That’s a fact. Or not.

That teacher is officially the worst thing I have layed my eyes on… That blue thing on top of her eyes… *goes to corner, gets into fetal position and starts rocking himself while saying “It’s blue. It’s blue! The the freakin eye shadow is blue!!”*

>>> Transition to: Bushwell Plaza’s basement <<<

Spencer is getting his sleeping bag. What events will unfold while he is in here? Let’s watch…

A little question for my readers. Can anyone tell me what is written in the box behind Spencer? I can only make out “… red … B’s” If you know what’s written, please leave a comment. If you don’t, leave a comment.

That seems heavy…

>>> Transition to: The Shay’s kitchen <<<

I don’t mind that military people use airborne transportation for their own personal reasons, but landing a helicopter in a pizza store parking lot just to get some pizza? That’s… that’s… do they have mushrooms in that pizza place? They do? Then I don’t mind at all…

“Wanna punch? Yeah, punch me.” I’m sure that Sam might do that…

We see Sam entering the Shay’s apartment with a piñata shell. Where did she get that? Definitely not at the meat festival. Unless… Oh my God, it’s full of meat! YAY, meat piñata!!

“Colorful shells full of empty promises” Good one, Sam! I swear that’s one of the best lines ever. Get it? “Promises?” “Swear.” My jokes aren’t what they used to be…

“She wahooed my phone!” Now’s your chance, Sam! she wanted to be punched, so, punch her! I wanna see a chick fight!

Persian chocolates? Sounds yummy. I met a Persian prince, he had to fight the incarnation of Fate. And he won.

>>> Transition to: Bushwell Plaza Basement <<<

Spencer is stuck below all the junk in his, thing that resembles a locker.

What’s wrong with the ringtone?

This has GOT to be the shortest scene in all of iCarly-dom.

## Transition to: Shay’s Kitchen ##

It turns out that the chocolates are good.

## Scene cut to: basement, again ##

Introducing new challenger. Chuck Chambers.

You know what they say, Spencer. Payback’s a *manually censored word*. Vengeance is a dish best served icy.

It’s kinda weird that such a small kid can be so vicious.

## Setting: iCarly studio ##

Sam is sick? “What? Why?”

It’s often bad when people feel like butt.

What swingset? I’m tired of hearing things about that swingset and I wanna see the swingset and I can’t see the swingset. Should I stop saying swingset? Yes, I swingset, I mean, should.

Missy intended to poison Sam, but her plan didn’t include co-hosting iCarly. That was a perk. (Time for some 80’s music reference! “Every rose has it’s thorn, just like every night has it’s dawn. Just like every cowboy has a sad, sad song. Every rose has it’s thorn.”) A song loved amongst Advanceshippers.

Look at Freddie’s face when Sam’s leaving. He’s clearly upset. If I were Freddie, I’d activate the B-cam and go with Sam.

—– Commercial Break —–

Carly brings Sam some soup. Chicken soup. Freddie soup. SHE ATE FREDDIE!! (Seriously, now, I had a theory about this, chicken soup and Sam, but I forgot. Once I remember, which I will, I’ll post it here for your reading pleasure).

“Just like mom never made.” Incredible. Sam keeps coming up with the best lines.

“Missy didn’t touch this, did she?” Again, my statement is proven true.

The chocolates’ expiration date is written in foreign. I can read foreign!

1992? God, that’s old! That’s even older than… Oh, Sam has already done this.

It could be a surveillance camera. That wart’s so big it could fit a whole news van in it.

Gibby, a mermaid? Actually that’s one of the most credible theories I’ve heard. I know about someone who thinks Gibby is part of an alien race who is trying to conquer Earth.

That’s the first time I believe Sam when she says she’s not jealous.

A chocolaty stomach bomb.

A tasty chocolaty stomach bomb.

>>> Transition to: Bushwell basement <<<

This is one of the few instances that Dan Schneider has used real-world video game consoles. Either that, or he invented a fake name for the PSP.

Uh, is the police threat supposed to get a 12-year-old boy scared? That threat got Spencer to be shot by a water gun. Which had a liquid which was not water.

In a “keadnapping”, this is the part where the police asks the kidnapper what are his or her demands. Spencer’s list of possible demands are quite, how can I put it, uncommon… Money? Common motive. Power? By holding someone prisoner against their will, they have power over the prisoners. An ostrich? Don’t give Marvin up, Spencer!! Who’ll bite your pants when he’s gone??

Classical move by Spencer. I call this move the “come-here-and-I-will-tell-you-a-fake-secret-that-will-ultimately-do-nothing-but-contribute-to-my-own-suffering”. Short name, I know. There are longer ones, trust me.

>>> Transition to: The Groovy Smoothie <<<

You know that speech that Missy says? The whole “I wouldn’t get between you and Carly” thing? If my brother was writing this, he’d write: “FAKE!!! YOU’RE LYING!!! YOU LYING LIAR!!” “I still think Gibby’s a mermaid…” Oh, Sam.

You know the latest random debate? The one with Gibby and T-Bo? It’s my turn to come up with a word.


Category: verb

Meaning: To celebrate or commemorate an event with the sipping of smoothies.

Used in a sentence: Carly stereopolized with Sam and Missy.

Is it just me, or Sam just said the longest threat EVER??

Missy’s argument has valid points…

Defective cup? I think you can sue! Call Sally Jenson, Kid Lawyer. SHE FIGHTS FOR YOU!! (wow, it even rhymed)

– Setting: Bushwell Plaza –

Do you know what’s coming next? I think you do! It’s the famous hallway scene! Seddie FTW!!

Sam’s impersonation of Missy was accurate, in my opinion.

You can see that Sam got hurt by Freddie’s disbelief in her. But Freddie was not 100% sure that Carly was right. He said maybe twice.

One reason: that is all it takes.

What she said is true, Freddie. She claims to hate your guts, and now she has asked you for help.

That alone should mean something.

Now take a few moments to reflect on this scene. Now, if you can listen to “Cloud Number Nine” by Bryan Adams, please do. Click on this link to hear the song.

What’s butter got to do, got to do with it?

– Setting: Ridgeway High School –

“Ahoy!” Mr. Howard just informed Missy that she won the SAS contest.

Sam’s was half-smiling because of 2 things: Missy won the SAS contest, which means, she’s gone. And because Freddie didn’t win it… <– These are here for a reason.

“I couldn’t care less about the words I’m saying…” Gold.

Of course! Participating in a 6-month cruise around the world is way better than being with your best friends, who will last for life.

“Sometimes good things happen to hideous people…” Here she goes again.

“You’re a…” “Whackjob” “…Whackjob!”

“Mama does love her meat!” I love that accent.

“I should have believed you.” “Yeah, no chiz…”

Sam Puckett, criminal-in-training.

– Setting: Bushwell Basement –

Look at Chuck’s quick movements. That kid moves fast…

His I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on voice is amazing. “Hi, daddy!”

“And he squirted me with fluids!” Oh, Spencer…

“What was in that squirt gun?”

– Setting: Ridgeway High School –

Austria and Australia ARE NOT the same thing. Just to be sure.

Here comes Wendy. She’s so… so… wait a minute, I don’t know anything about her! But she does seem to know something about Freddie…

He does seem interested in not letting Wendy finish.

Now I’m confused. Who won the SAS thing? Fredward Benson or Missy Robinson?

Oh, so that’s what happened…

Riiight, I’ll tell you what I told Sam the other day, I’ll pretend I believe that.

You do care about Sam…

And Missy is throwing up like there’s not tomorrow…

As you can see, this episode, while not filled with Seddie action, had some strong moments.

Now, I have an announcement. There will be some cool stuff coming soon to this blog and all of the Seddieverse. And I don’t mean iSam’s Mom. Stay tuned!

Until we meet again, have a Seddietastic Seddietember and have your daily Seddie fix!

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