It’s that time of the season…! Scientists claim that the mind is more active by the end of the summer. It’s a fact, I think… But even if it isn’t, there is no better time for me to hold a contest. So, put those creative Seddie minds into gear! I’ll be doing a fanart, fanfiction, and even fanvid contest!
And we gotta have prizes! Everyone loves prizes… Each category will have a first prize granted. (other prizes may be granted depending upon participation)

All first prize winners will receive:

* A Twitter or Youtube background (the winner chooses which site the background will be made for)
* Promotion of your art/fiction/video

General Rules:

  • Must be Seddie related
  • You may enter once per category (this gives you three opportunities to win)
  • You may change your entry til the due date.
  • Must be under a PG-13 rating (keep it clean)
  • Must be your own work (though we’re sure you’re all aware of that one..)

Fanart Rules:

  • Your entry must be complete. (please give your best effort)
  • No photo manips and/or screencap edits

Fanfiction Rules:

  • Must be no longer then 5000 words (Sorry for the limit)
  • Can be any form of literature
  • No adult/mature content

Fanvid Rules: (see general rules)

Submissions Guidelines:

* Please contact me (RobSp1derp1g) at these following sites:
Or email:

Please be sure to mention this contest, otherwise I may not reply.

(We never know when Viacom’s going to say “no iCarly videos on Youtube” so, I think you should send your videos through e-mail as well as uploading them on YouTube)


So, put your thinking caps on. And until we meet again, have a Seddietastic Seddietember and have your daily Seddie fix!


Eligibility: To enter the Contest, you must: (1) be a legal resident of the World or the State of Wisconsin, and (2) be located in the World or Wisconsin at the time of entry (“Participant”).

Contest Period: The Contest begins at 4:00 p.m. Greenwich Medium Time (“GMT”) on September 6, 2010 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on October 20, 2010 (“Contest Period”).

Enter at:

: Entries limited to three (3) entries per user, which means, one (1) entry per category.

Prize (s): Grand Prize: Grand Prize winners (“Grand Prize Winners”) will receive a Seddie-themed background for use on Twitter or Youtube (the “Background”). Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize: About 20 bucks.

Winner List: To receive the name of the Grand Prize Winner or an additional copy of these Official Rules, just go to “RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews” located on (the “Blog”). You may also view the Official Rules by visiting the Blog during the Contest Period, but I just mentioned that.

EDIT: The contest has ended, the results are here.

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  1. This is the first seddie fanfic I’ve written Hope you like it! :)

  2. NickelodeonGurl

    iEntered! :)

  3. larissaH ( itsLeaBensonP)

    heyy heres my fanvid entry :0 i worked real hard on it

  4. I am SOOO entering this contest! Most likely a music video, since that’s my specialty, though I’m not sure what yet. I can certainly do it, I’ll just put some of my other vids on hold!


  5. Heyo!!! My facfiction submission is here:

    Thank you for reading!!! I may also enter in the fanart category later if I can come up with something to draw…

    Also, in case I wanted to be a judge next year, how could I go about doing that? Thanks :) :) :)

  6. Arianna4President

    Here’s the link to my fanfiction ” iStudy Grammar ”

    Hope you like it!! :D

    • Awww, that was so cute!

      I love the trick of saying “I love you” to eachother through a grammar game. I’ll have to try that with someone sometime. ;)

      Even though I see it more as the kind of thing they’d do once they’re together and dating, but still sweet for now. You got Sam pretty in character still saying “nub” and other insulting nicknames towards him.

      Overall, great job!

  7. Awh, I’m too late. :(

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