iGet Pranky – Review

“When the moon hits your eyes, like a something, something pie. That’s amore…”

Oh, it’s on again! And I was singing again… Gawd…

Welcome to my iGet Pranky review! In a few moments, we will start reading the review and you will start imagining what it would be like if it was a video review. If, for any reason, you start to feel nausea while reading this review, it’s your problem, not mine. :D As for emergency exits, there is only one: the small red X on the top-right corner of the screen. Let’s try not to use it…

Shall we begin? And begin we shall!

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, The iCarly Studio \\

Gibby is standing on a vessel with lots of hair-like objects…

Cotton candy, Gibs? Come on…

What? All of these 10 seconds, Gibby was standing on random hair? You mean it’s not a material with similar qualities and properties than those of hair? That’s surprisingly surprising!!

Manny’s barber shop. Another business saved thanks to iCarly… Is there anything these 3 guys won’t do?

That’s discrimination, Freddie! Although I understand your point.

These are the moments when you realize that the show has come a long way. In the start of the show, Gibby wouldn’t even be allowed in the iCarly studio. Now, there is a time for him to get OFF the studio! Talk about character development!!

Sam starts with the ever-so-random-and-usual insults to Freddie. But this time he tries to fight back. VIEWER WARNING: Any attempt of insulting Samantha ‘Sam’ Puckett after she insulted you, will most likely result in a very expensive hospital bill.

A bleeding pickle. I must admit, the prank’s pretty awesome. But I think the dad got some kind of trauma thanks to it.
I feel sorry for the pickle’s children. My prayers go with mustard.

++ Title Sequence ++

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, Carly’s bedroom \\

The gang including Gibby are chillin’ out after another successful webcast.

Sam is dead?? NOOO!! She died as she lived. Being lazy… *Phoebe whispers something* Oh, she’s not dead? Oh, that’s a relief…

Carly is playing in Godzilla’s Pearpad Nano. Come on, that thing’s bigger than her…

While Gibby wonders about the history of the hair he has in his hand…

…Freddie releases a baloon he has been filling.

Spencer is calling Gibby. Incessantly.

Why do you want that bucket of hair for? The mind of the Gibmeister.

As Gibby walks through the door, Godzilla’s PearPad Nano is showing one webpage: Dan Schneider’s blog.

Carly: Yes, she’s asleep.
Freddie: You know what I’m gonna say, so there’s no point in me saying it.

Yo, Shay!! Don’t do that again, otherwise Benson over there will pay the price! Two US dollars!

Sam can throw a pillow hard enough to throw someone of a bed. And pillows don’t fly that well. I think that’s because they don’t have wings.

Bleeding pickle… You will be missed.

A wise decision by Carly. But it might be a funny story from Sam…

Now, 2 questions rose to the top of my head:
– How did she make a cop think his feet for cut off?
– How is that a funny prank?

Raisons in a kid’s hat? Freddie, even I have pulled funnier pranks than that…

Doesn’t this conversation remind you guys of anything? Anything at all? Something purple, maybe? That’s right, this is a twisted-and-turned version of the “two friends and a co-worker” part of iKiss. Prove me wrong, Dan! Prove me wrong… Actually don’t, it’s better this way…

Carly has never pulled a prank on anyone… except for knock-knock jokes.

Let me get this straight: when you meet the right person, you will prank them? Okay, but then that person will never want to see you again. Unless your name is Sam and his name is Freddie. Then it’s aaaaaaaaall good.

See, kids? Peer pressure is a good thing!! By the way, I’m being sarcastic!

// Scene: Ridgeway High, Hallway \\

We get to see the Gibmeister in action! For older fans, his reputation is almost as good as Steve Stiffler’s!

A prank involving placing a fish in someone’s locker… Where did I see that before?

Gibby’s way more positive than Freddie. Remember how he reacted?

I’m forced to agree with Sam on this one.

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, the Shay’s living room \\

Carly is watching an old episode of Drake and Josh with Megan talking on the screen. Instead on wondering why does that little girl look like her, she wonders why is she so good at pranking people.
One word of advice, Carly. If you want to learn something, learn from the best. In this case, Megan Parker.

Spencer’s spoon hat is quite good, actually. Here, in the Portuguese version of Project Runway (in which one of my favorite comedians was a guest judge), a woman tried to do a dress out of spoons. Incredibly, it worked…

Eating soup with a fork… not unprecedented.

“Nothing’s stupid to a guy in a spoon hat.” You gotta admit the truth in that sentence…

Why do you have to go now, Spencer?

“Can you please just respect that? No.”

This is the part where Spencer tells us and his sister what he did.

The title “King” is always prestigious. Try saying “Elvis is the Prince.” It sounds fake.

Notice how the camera zooms on Spencer and the music turns as the scene changes… It seems kinda Hitchcock-ish…

It’s funny how a story on Spencer’s prank record turned into an English class.

Spencer can’t say ‘no’ to a girl wearing a spoon hat.

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, The iCarly Studio \\

Sam and Freddie just arrived at the iCarly studio after receiving a text message from Carly.

Apparently they got a treat from Nevel…

And that treat is… Carly’s severed head. Carly’s severed head???

Oh, it’s just a prank… pulled by Spencer and Carly…

Remember how someone used to say “Let the rueing begin.”? I say “Let the pranking begin!!”

Spencer is completely out of control! He keeps pranking everyone! Even random strangers!

– Commercial Break –

Spencer is watching TV and it’s his own voice coming out of it. Which leads me to believe that it’s Jerry himself on the TV.

He needs Socko’s lawyer to sign a contract. Great.

You know when Carly is serious when she resorts to murder threats…

I must admit, the Plexiglass in front of the elevator prank is pretty cool.

Baby Spencer doesn’t want to sign a contract.

A shock pen. So old.

But it works on Freddie…

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, Basement \\

Gibby is now traumatized. He’s still afraid to pee.

“You can’t touch the king!!” I think Elvis said that once.

// Scene: The Groovy Smoothie \\

Glow-in-the-dark face cream? Spencer likes to innovate.

Am I the only one who is in favor of the nunchucks?

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, 8th floor Hallway \\

Spencer is entering his home.

There is a class reunion in his house.

Carly decides to record the intervention on video. And during the time that she takes to get her camera, Spencer is beaten up. I’d like to say Karma, but I won’t…

~~ Seddie moments!! ~~

  • In the beginning, Sam throws the pillow at Freddie, even though he did nothing.
  • The conversation about pranks was reminiscent of the “first kiss” talk on iKiss.
  • The dead fish prank was first mentioned on iKiss.
  • The shock pen bit. We all thought it was a taser or something…

And some more I must have missed.

== My opinion ==
It was a very funny episode, as it is to be expected.
When we think we know everything there is to know about Spencer, Dan drops this on top of us.

And now, I’d like to pay my respects to someone who passed away last night.

RIP Bleeding Pickle
3-21-2010 – 9-25-2010
Beloved Father, Son, Husband and Snack

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  1. hola me encanto pero una pregunta lo del fallecido es una broma o que o la que estas hablando es un pepino

  2. tew lo digo con onda no te vallas enojar

  3. haha nice review :) my fav part was Spencer’s pranking montage with the song! love it!

  4. haha loved it it was amazing i LOVE your reviews i seriously find myself laughing fantastic

  5. AMAZING. But you kinda missed out the “little crush” part. And freddie’s expression when sam said that.

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