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Seddie: It Works!

It’s RobSp1derp1g again! But then again, who else could it be? It’s my blog! IT’S MY FREAKING BLOG, DAMN IT! *realizes what he wrote* Sorry about that…

As some of you may know, before I joined the iCarly fandom, I was (and I guess I still am) an Advanceshipper. Now, for those who don’t know what it is, it’s AshxMay from Pokémon. (I think I just lost some of my readers because of that…) Anyhow, I was part of a forum named AdvanceShipping Inc. Which was the gathering point for over 200 people. On a side note, the forum went online one year before the Seddie kiss, but there is no relation.

Anyway, on those 200 people, there were 6 who stood out. We called ourselves “Da Gang”. We were:
Damon, Melissa, Allison, Natalie, Steven and me. All of them were super sweet people, except for Natalie. She was always, and I mean ALWAYS on the lookout for an opportunity to bring Steven down.
They liked arguing with each other about who was the coolest member of the forum. And when they were unable to reach a consensus, they would often throw bricks at each other (this was an Internet forum, no real bricks were harmed.)

We had a thread in which we lived in a house and Steven seemed to have a weird desire to kiss Natalie, but all in the name of a good and fun time. (Does he remind you of anyone? ‘You want to kiss me?’ Exactly.)

As with all forums, we started a Ship Between Members thread. That thread was possibly the most visited thread and the one with the most posts. We called NataliexSteven BrickShipping. I remember Natalie’s exact words upon reading about BrickShipping: “WTF??” She said that it would never happen and Steven agreed, so we renamed it CrackBrickShipping, CBS for short.

We would hold conferences on MSN, play games with each others, but basically. have a good time.
As with all relationships between people, some feelings appeared. I know Steven and Allison tried to get romantically involved (I remember the Little Mermaid, Steven!) but they had no luck.
In every group conversation we had, there was always someone (mostly me and Damon) who would randomly shout “CBS!!” or “CrackBrickShipping!!” because we know that Steven would freak out, and it was fun to do that, it really was!

When I joined the iCarly fandom, I pretty much lost contact with them, which was my fault and I wish I could undo that. But somehow, the universe has a way of course correcting, and I recently found out that my good friends, Natalie and Steven are dating. Tomorrow is their 7-month anniversary. And I can say that I am proud that there was one time, when I randomly shouted “CBS”.

You see, my dear readers, these two friends of mine have unique skills. Steven is quite good at pixel art, and Natalie is an amazing writer. I had a project back on Advanceshipping Inc. and they were two of the only 20 people who dared to say, “This is a good thing, Rob! Keep doing it!” And it is because of them, that I am here today. Thank you Nat and Steve!! A truly heartfelt thank you!

Note on iSFW’s second promo…

This is RobSp1derp1g, as you most likely know.

Well, this is my theory on the most recent development on iCarly’s fandom: We finally got to see some images from iStart a Fanwar.

Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure:

You see, after I saw this video, my Seddie mind began working at an incre

dible rate. I began to formulate theories so stupid that were immediately discarded. But one stuck.

Listen at Sam’s line on the webicon. She’s clearly not being serious, she’s most likely, as it is said on the internetz, doing it for teh lulz. Further proof on this are the tone of voice in which she speaks and the gesture she does after her line. Also, we’re talking about Sam Puckett, she could have easily just wanted to see an opportunity to create a riot.

Following the previous theory, after the Webicon is over and the fanwar ended, th

e script can (and I dare say, most likely will) take place. Every day that goes on, I feel that the script (or some form of it) is going to take place here.

As we still got 1 month to go, we know there will be new promos, so we’ll be sure to see more promos on the coming weeks, and I’m sure we’ll be ready to spot more stuff on our favorite ship.

RobSp1derp1g out!

EDIT: This is my Blogger’s pass to Webicon! They have that now.

My blogger's pass for Webicon.

Another random theory about iStart a Fanwar…

Hey, people, I’m back.

I’ve been reading a few possible scenarios that can happen during iStart a Fanwar, and that scenario had an effect on me. Let’s play “What if?”.

What if Carly, Sam and Freddie, are faced with shipping questions (which they will be)?
Sam might reply with something like, “We’re all friends, just friends.” And if her words aren’t enough, she’ll go that extra mile just to make sure the fans believe her, she kisses Freddie again (rejoice, Seddieshippers) and says they’re all friends, while Freddie suffers from post-kiss catatonia (I love that, I truly do.)
Now, near the end of the episode, after the Webicon,  on the Shay’s apartment, Carly and Freddie are discussing what happened in the Webicon,  and Freddie starts “Can we just not talk about it?” starting  the script.

Another thought that occurred to me is, Dan said that there were only 6 people on Earth (and 2 on Wisconsin) who knew what was on the next page of the script. What if the next page is the last page of the script, like some random interruption by Spencer?

Think about it, and let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve decided to add 5 more days to the contest. The ending date is not October 20th.

RobSp1derp1g out!

iDo – Review

“She, may be the face I can’t forget, a trace of pleasure or regret, may be my treasure or the price I have to pay…”

Hello, by now you’re most likely wondering “There he goes, singing again.” Well, this time it’s different, I was singing to the camera, but I knew the camera was on.

Today’s review goes to the new episode that just aired called iDo. Why iDo? Because there’s a wedding. *Shippers say: What the…?* Oh, cut the crap, you already knew it.

Let’s get it going!!
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An announcement and a little speech…

First I’d like to announce that this blog has it’s own Twitter account. This blog has it’s own Twitter account. It’s @RSp1derp1gRevs.

My fellow Seddieshippers, you are most likely here to read my iDo review. I’m afraid that’s not what I’m doing right now. You see, last night I was playing a game on my computer when I decided to go to bed, so I close the game, and open the browser to check my e-mail, like I always do. It’s set to open Hotmail and Twitter every time I start the browser. I clicked the Twitter tab, and what I saw left me speechless. Here is what I saw.

You might not know why is there a video with a image of the Seddie kiss with a frame. I’ll tell you. It’s iStart a Fanwar.

The time has come for the ultimate showdown. Creddie vs Seddie. Only one will win, and we know which one. Seddie!

But why do I say this?

Because yesterday, after I saw the video (which pretty much left me with only vague sounds and aimless gestures), there was a tweet that sparked a battle in my mind. There are a lot of people that ship both mainstream ships. Which will those root for? The answer seems clear, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. I, for one, will not think less of any Seddie/Creddie shipper who wants to root for Creddie. Since I got involved in the iCarly fandom, I have witnessed a few fanwars, and even participated in some (back then, when I was an Advanceshipper.)

I give you, my readers, this advice: Whatever we do, support or ship, we have to stick together. There’s no point in saying “Let’s trend Seddie!” when only about 10% of the Seddieshippers in the Twittersphere complied. Next time we do this, we’ll do this right. That means EVERYBODY that has a single spark of Seddie in their heart shall help us reach this incredible goal.

I know it’s still early for a speculation on iSFW, but I got to say this. We have got 4 important bits of information. They are:
– Nathan said in his Ustream that there would be major Seddie AND Creddie,
– Max Ehrich will be playing a character named Adam which will “most likely” be a love interest for Carly. (By “most likely”, I mean “definitely”)
– On the new opening title, we can see a scene from iStart a Fanwar where Sam reaches for Freddie after he just left an angry mob. Whether this means she’s in love with him or not, it shows she cares about him. It all starts like that.
– The script. No, not the band, the band’s awesome, but I don’t mean the band. I mean the script that Dan posted about a year ago. If you don’t know what script I’m talking about, I’ll post a pic below. I need you to try and see the scene, after the Webicon. Go ahead, try it. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I have so many theories about this image… One day, I’ll share them all with you.

Until then, have your daily Seddie fix. And prepare for a Seddie Overdose.

RobSp1derp1g out!

My Seddie Dream

Last night, I had an amazing Seddie dream. I know you guys are going to say something like, “But Rob, every Seddie dream is amazing!”. While I agree with that sentence, this one completely shatters the amazing-ness scale.

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iSell Penny-Tees – Review

Dearest readers, I come to you bearing bad news. This will be my last review… for a while. My PC is actig kinda weird and is in need of a cleansing, so I decided to reinstall Windows. I won’t even do iDo’s review, not until my PC is back on track.

So, without further adue, here’s my review for iSell Penny-Tees.
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About chicken pot pie…

Hello, I’m RobSp1derp1g. You might remember me from such reviews as “iSam’s Mom” and “iKiss”.
Well, I’ve recently been reading some stuff on the script (you know what script I’m talking about…) and noticed this:

Freddie: So, what's in this chicken pot pie? I mean, "chicken" obviously, but what other...
Carly: Are you in love or not?
Freddie: (LONG BEAT, THEN) Yes.
Carly: (SIGHS) But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as...
Freddie: I didn't say I was in love with you.

Well, this got me thinking. A few weeks ago, Nathan held a Ustream chat where he spoke of Seddie and Creddie, among other things. One thing he said is that there will be an event on iStart a Fanwar that will sway the scales one way or the other. And this came to mind: Read the rest of this entry

The Post Which Has No Title As Of Yet

Hello, everyone!

Do you guys remember this?

That’s right! Dan Schneider said he would read my review. And he did!

And he replied.


RobSp1derp1g out!


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