iSell Penny-Tees – Review

Dearest readers, I come to you bearing bad news. This will be my last review… for a while. My PC is actig kinda weird and is in need of a cleansing, so I decided to reinstall Windows. I won’t even do iDo’s review, not until my PC is back on track.

So, without further adue, here’s my review for iSell Penny-Tees.
We start this episode by seeing Sam blow her nose in a handful of wet noodles… and then, she feeds it to Guppy. Ethan Munck, the world’s youngest playboy…

It’s not every day that we can own a piece of iCarly history. And while doing so, donate money to a worthy foundation.

The Sam Puckett Legal Defense Fund.

“Together, we can keep Sam out of juvie.” Looks like the Sam Puckett Legal Defense Fund has it’s own slogan, created by Fredward Benson.

This image was taken right after the previous line.

Why is Sam smiling like that? I’ll tell you why. Because Sam is glad to know that Freddie wants her OUT of juvie. Even Carly is starting to suspect it’s something more in it than that…

“Show you our junk?” Come on, Sam. For you, it may be junk, but for people like Mandy or Nora, it’s the things they would love to have.

I see the Fan of Hammers, the Techfoots, The Wheel of… of… of… The sour milk wheel, The Chair of Wonder, the pie spy cam (fork included), the Shower Bird House, and more.

There’s nothing like a near-death experience memory to cherish the bonds we have with other people. *remembers iSYL* *unsuccessfully tries to delete the text before* Come on, delete it!

Gibby has a very beautiful mannequin. You can see she makes him happy…

I’m gonna buy the Techfoots. Just because I need to wipe some hard drives clean.

“iCarly is not responsible for damage caused to your feet, toes or the central nervous system.” If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, please take off your Techfoots, place them in their original package and then go file a complaint with the Daka Shoes company. Tell them iCarly sent you. You will get a full refund. The symptoms are: lightheadedness, seizures, muscle spasms, electrocussion, computer malfunctions, accidental data loss, death, confusion with numbers, among others.

Gibby’s eating the wet noodles. And he doesn’t have a clue to where those have been.

“It could be a lovely cheese sauce…” “But it’s snot!”

Cue Spencer’s banjo!

~~ Title Credits ~~

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, The Shay’s kitchen|

People have bought stuff from iCarly, and it’s apparently quite a big hit.


“You got a baby scab on your arm…” Really, Sam? Phoebe, come here, please. Can you believe th… You got a baby scab on your arm…

“Bad thoughts lead to bad actions,” which lead to bad results. Easy, Freddie. Breathe in and out. In and out…

The Penny-Tees are quite popular, reaching a prize of about 300 dollars…

A small thing I noticed about Sam, or Jennette. When Sam gets excited, she has a tendency of getting her hands together, like she did on iOwe You.

That’s an ingenious plan, Sam. There’s only one setback…

“No one wants to kill a live chicken then barbecue it.”

iCarly’s on the Penny Tee business!!

And a small dance from the cast, which makes me think if iCarly is turning into a musical…

And Sam hits Freddie. You can see that that shirt slap was full of love…

Spencer just had to knock down her sister… The floor’s dirty!

And Sam steals a pineapple cube from Freddie.

So, you have a movie in the package?

Great! When I go to a fancy hotel bathroom, I’ll know what Krustacia smells like…

Spencer communicates with Krustacia through signals… Eating, walking, canoing… If there are any gamers reading this review, Spencer’s canoeing action resembles the vortigaunts’ position in Half Life 2.

Aww, Spencer’s in love… with a girl he can’t even begin to understand…

When someone is in love, they can’t see anything besides the person they love. And that includes family.

Sam’s eagerness to commit illegal activities keeps surprising me. I know that by this point, it shouldn’t, but it still does…

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, The Shay’s living room|

Even though I speak many languages, Uzbek is not among them. But it would be funny to know what Krustacia is saying…

A movie with a goat and a baloon… What kind of movie is this?

There is one thing here. Krustacia must really like Spencer…

“Yes, we CAN kiss again…” That guy’s a ladiesman. Does he give advice? ‘Cause I desperately need some…

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, Carly’s bedroom|

Freddie and Carly are working on the Penny-Tees. These ones say “Fried Clown”.

Small note: On iGet Pranky, the small chalkboard on the side of Carly’s bedroom door had “Call Ava about rehearsal” on it. On this episode, you see “Remind Spencer to bathe!”

Sam arrives.

“Did you knock of a Fat Cake truck?”

“Oh, it’s happening…” Here comes the Seddie spanking scene!! I must say, this scene was hilarious!!!

And the best part is, after she spanks Freddie, she carries on like nothing happened…

Chinese fireworks??

Sam has made 90 Penny-Tees? Sam *gulps* worked?

“Why did you spank me?” “‘Cause you irritate me.”

That’s how Sam gets so many Penny-Tees done? That’s kinda child labour!

++Commercial Break++

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, basement|

Only one thing is affecting my mind: Does Sam pay them 5 dollars a day to every kid, or to the kids as a whole?

Carly, you’re wrong. Working like that is worth such.

That kid with the toothpaste in the sandwich… I’ve heard that accent before on iCarly… What episode was it?

Here you are a witness to an event so rare, that only about 4 people in the world have seen it, and lived to tell the tale. Sam Puckett, showing signs of fear.

“Who told the prissy brunette about the dumpster?”

Whoa! Freddie raising his voice…

Sam slaps Freddie again… Seriously, what the hell? Notice how he ignores the slap…

I would definitely hate to work for Sam Puckett…

|Location: The Groovy Smoothie|

Spencer is starting to know the difficulties of a verbally-impossible relationship. Not even “canoeing” is helping.

“I’ve never been happier to be so confused…”

Gibby just came out of the bathroom… 2 questions must be asked right now:

  • What was Gibby doing with the bathroom with the plunger?
  • Why is that old man running?

Gibby is an international name, Spencer.

Having Gibby as a wingman must be pretty awesome. When I go to Seattle, I gotta meet the dude.

Even though she doesn’t know how to speak a single word in the English language, she still managed to say Gibbeh. That’s a start.

Now I ask, what did Gibby do?

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, iCarly studio|

Another Penny-Tee! Obese Hamster. Know the song? It’s from iFind Lewbert’s Lost Love.

They’re good bosses, alright…

While Carly has everything planned out, not everything goes according to plan.

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, basement|

Chunk Meat? It strenthens hooves.

Wait, wait, wait… Are you in the union?

And that’s the story how the kids quit their job.

“May contain meat.”

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, iCarly Studio|

God, it’s anarchy up here!

Only 6 Penny-Tees?

Carly prepaid the kids for the whole month? For some reason, every time I hear someone say “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” I always crack up, in TV shows or real life.

Look, that kid’s trying to climb the corporate ladder…

And the other kids quit their job too…

A little pointer: While I like a clean, efficient, friendly work environment, I must admit that Freddie and Carly’s method was a little too permissive.

|Location: Bushwell Plaza, The Shay’s living room|

Spencer finally has met someone who can speak Uzbek.

He wants to marry her, but she must pay for the trip to Vegas.

Gibby’s right, he speaks Uzbek.

The bus driver’s brother speaks both languages…

In an act of desperation, Spencer finally reveals his true feelings towards Krustacia. And she didn’t understand chiz.

The Beavecoon? I thought you were past that, Spencer…

I don’t know what to say about Gibby’s line… so I’ll just move along.

|Location: The Groovy Smoothie|

Now that both employers have apologized, let’s work all together again!

“Queso?” Cheese? Where does cheese fit in this situation?

That boy sounded like a corporate boss… That kid has future…

Tuna Socks, Jungle Butt, and many others…

I’ve heard of younger people getting sued…

You know those sayings, “save the best to last” and “good things come to those who wait?”
Well, I have and I saw a glimpse of something you might like.

T-Bo approaches the cast with food on a stick. But the food is none other than chicken pot pie. Chicken pot pie, which is mentioned in the script Dan posted, the famous Seddie script. I think that whosoever knows what’s on the next page of the script, is sending us a message here.

My opinion: while both work methods had benefits, both had flaws. Should they be conbined, they would be a Penny-Tee-making force to be reckoned with…

Seddie-ish take: the spanking scene and the slap on the basement. And, of course, the possible reference to what may be coming along the way…

Please leave a comment stating your opinion about this episode and about my crazy theory.

Thank you for reading my review.

RobSp1derp1g out.

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  1. great review :) I loved when Sam slapped Freddie and he just kept talking haha nice job! sorry about ur pc :P hope u get it fixed soon

  2. Looks like Sam kept it going for too long that Freddie doesn’t care anymore when she hurts him. Moreover, it seems that Freddie now understands that it’s something Sam can’t just stop doing and will keep on doing. He is used to it now. If you haven’t noticed, he ignored both the times – when she slapped him with the Penny Tee, and when she slapped him in the face.

    And as far as Sam is concerned, I must say she just loooooves doing it. Notice how she always tries to hurt him, annoy him.. or something of that gender, whenever she get’s a nice chance.

    For example in this episode, one time was when Carly was not looking at them and when they were both close. The other time was when he was standing with his face totally focused on her. (Oops. Forgot the spanking for knocking down a fat cake truck :p )

    It’s like she is doing it out of affection… more like an “infatuation” if you might.

  3. sam how much do you like chicken and what are up coming episodes

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