iDo – Review

“She, may be the face I can’t forget, a trace of pleasure or regret, may be my treasure or the price I have to pay…”

Hello, by now you’re most likely wondering “There he goes, singing again.” Well, this time it’s different, I was singing to the camera, but I knew the camera was on.

Today’s review goes to the new episode that just aired called iDo. Why iDo? Because there’s a wedding. *Shippers say: What the…?* Oh, cut the crap, you already knew it.

Let’s get it going!!
++ Location: Bushwell Plaza, Shays’ Living Room ++

Sam is trying to eat an icecream.

Carly’s studying with her. Wasted time, in my opinion. No, not studying, studying with Sam. There’s a difference…

Oh, my apologies, Sam is eating meatballs.

Sam has a problem, she’s addicted to meatballs. Anyone has the phone number for Annonymous Meat Lovers?

I don’t understand what did Freddie just say, but I bet it’s funny!

“What goes ohnn?”

I love the “I thought you were on the patch” line. For 2 particular reasons. One, it shows Freddie cares for Sam; second, there’s a patch for meatball addiction?

“Put it down!” Okay, but down doesn’t necessarily mean inside the bucket.

“I told my mom she could give your screenname to a cousin next door neighbor’s brother.” Understandable request.

Freddie knows how to keep Sam’s addictions at bay, and have fun while doing it!

This situation happens many times a day. The most common thing you hear when on a video chat isn’t “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?”, it’s “I want to get married.”

“I’m still in highschool.”

Wisconsin mustard? Sounds like food…

Nice catch, Spencer!

~~ Opening Titles ~~
Am I the only one who noticed something different in the opening titles? It seemed like a different version of “Leave It All To Me”…

A new segment on iCarly! It’s “Random Chatting”! Is it just me, or is it the same thing than the “Blab Cam” aka “Two-way Hish Speed Video Conference”? And oh, it’s totally random!!

You guys know what Random means, don’t you?

“Well, your boyfriend’s a filthy liar!” Say what??

You can sue them for that, Spencer! Besides, you can represent yourself!

… It was a bonus…

When you say, “we’ve been dating for a while now”, you’re going to do one of two things. Either propose to or dump the girl.

Why is Gibby in a bear suit?

Ring bear-ER!!

He proposed to her. Wait, what? He proposed? And she said yes? CONGRATULATIONS!!

Go to Wisconsin for a wedding? *gulp*

Carly and Sam are going to be Jodi’s bridesmaids? That’s not in their contract!!

Karma, Freddie, Karma. That’s all I need to say.

Sam’s replies keep amazing me even after 4 seasons…

It seems like a really cool song, the one Gordon was going to sing…

…if he hadn’t chickened out.

~~ On the plane ~~

General disappointment while talking about Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Wedding Hall…

Sam’s complaining about the dress, and amazingly, so is Carly!

I think Jodi must be related to Nora in some way…

Whatever Spencer said wasn’t that funny…

“I swim sometimes…” “No, you don’t.” “I swam once.” It kinda sounded like Adrian Monk there.

Jeb is intimidating… But here’s the best part. “Internet boy” is Freddie’s new nickname.

~~ Back in Seattle ~~

Gibby and Guppy are in a bike ride.

Guppy’s awesomeness levels are off the charts! The way he lowers his shades… Coolness in it’s purest form… A little kid’s.

Happy birthday!!

A 5-dollar bill?

The kid has a pretty sweet phone…

~~ Back to Wisconsin ~~

“This ceremony’s eternal.” I couldn’t agree more, Sam. Well, I could, but it’s not good for my health.

What? *le over-the-top gasp* She’s not marrying Gordon?

She’s in love with someone else? Who?

Spencer? *has a blank expression on his face*

~~ Commercial break, probably the best commercial break of all time. ~~

Spencer’s being assaulted! By a grandma…

And the old lady stomped Carly too.

Freddie’s lame attempt #194.

Gordon, Carly and Spencer were having a heartfelt conversation and Sam had to ask for tartar sauce.

Good thing they didn’t have it, otherwise Freddie might end up with cut tuxedo sleeves and pant legs…

Jeb, a small note, grabbing someone’s lip doesn’t shut them up.

~~ Again in Seattle ~~

Only Guppy would say happy birthday to someone who just went face first into a tree.

Miss Lady? What’s her first name, Woman?

Gibby just asked an old lady out. Awesome…

~~ Back to Wisconsin, again ~~

A list of bad things about Spencer:
– He’s a mess,
– Has no job,
– Doesn’t hang out with anyone his own age,
– Drinks milk in the shower,
– Has not had a steady girlfriend since highschool,
– Has a flat butt.

~~ Back to Seattle, yet again… This instant trips make me dizzy ~~

“Stretch!” “My name is Hazel!” “Well, stretch, Hazel!!”

Guppy: The world’s youngest playboy.

~~ Back to Wisconsin… Starting to geel lightheaded… ~~

There once was a man who said “If you want to get the girl, sacrifice yourself in the altar of dignity.” It was either William Shakespeare or the hobo down the street. I think it was the hobo.

Carly’s words are true. Music has an awesome power…

Spencer, you don’t want my opinion…

I won’t even try to make a joke on Spencer’s apple line.

~~ Back to Seattle… getting dizzy ~~

Gibby finally got the 5-dollar bill!! Happy birthday!!

“Go, Gibby!!” “You saw nothing!”

~~ Back to Wisconsin… Feeling weak ~~

They were there for the wedding between Gordon and Jodi…

Again, the song seems awesome!


He lost control over his bladder…

“We’re never coming back to Wisconsin…”

“Gordon’s a little emotional… and damp…”

If, by any chance, Miranda reads this, I just want her to know, THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK,


I must say that I thought it was weird having Carly singing a song wrote by Miranda, but I was wrong, because on the episode, it was Gordon who wrote it, so Carly was singing Grodon’s song. It makes a lot more sense that way.

Way to ruin the moment, Spencer…

And that concludes my review for iDo.

Check my theories on iStart a Fanwar here.

Thank you for reading and please comment.

RobSp1derp1g out.

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  1. esta dando ese espisodio ahira en esto momentos

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