Another random theory about iStart a Fanwar…

Hey, people, I’m back.

I’ve been reading a few possible scenarios that can happen during iStart a Fanwar, and that scenario had an effect on me. Let’s play “What if?”.

What if Carly, Sam and Freddie, are faced with shipping questions (which they will be)?
Sam might reply with something like, “We’re all friends, just friends.” And if her words aren’t enough, she’ll go that extra mile just to make sure the fans believe her, she kisses Freddie again (rejoice, Seddieshippers) and says they’re all friends, while Freddie suffers from post-kiss catatonia (I love that, I truly do.)
Now, near the end of the episode, after the Webicon,  on the Shay’s apartment, Carly and Freddie are discussing what happened in the Webicon,  and Freddie starts “Can we just not talk about it?” starting  the script.

Another thought that occurred to me is, Dan said that there were only 6 people on Earth (and 2 on Wisconsin) who knew what was on the next page of the script. What if the next page is the last page of the script, like some random interruption by Spencer?

Think about it, and let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve decided to add 5 more days to the contest. The ending date is not October 20th.

RobSp1derp1g out!

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  1. Ok so here is my theory. The fans will ask what they think about the pairings and the icarlys will be like What? so the fans will tell them and carly will get freaked out and runs away. then the fans start screaming insults at each other so sam and freddie leave too then icarly goes back 2 seatle and sam goes 2 get some ham and carly and freddie have the conversation ending in freddie saying he likes sam but makes carly ankle swear to keep it a secret.

  2. Then for the next few episodes carly tries to hook them up :) I like your prediction 2 :]

  3. My theory would be a beginning as well as it is first: I CLARIFY THAT I AM A FANATIC SEDDIE

    What if Carly, Sam and Freddie, are faced with shipping questions (which they will be)?
    Sam podría responder con algo como, “Todos somos amigos, sólo amigos”. Y si sus palabras no son suficientes, va a ir esa milla extra para asegurarse de que los fans le cree, ella besa a Freddie otra vez (se regocijan, Seddieshippers) y dice que están todos sus amigos, mientras que Freddie sufre después de besar a la catatonia (me encanta eso, realmente lo hacen.) Sam might reply with something like, “We’re all friends, just friends.” And if her words aren’t enough, she’ll go that extra mile just to make sure the fans believe her, she kisses Freddie again (rejoice, Seddieshippers) and says they’re all friends,
    whereas Carly suffers after seeing Freddie kissing the catatonia, realizing that he even feels something for Freddie, while Sam realizes the reaction of Carly and realizes that he even feels something.

    Later in the apartment of Shay, Carly, after thinking about that thing about the kiss between Sam and Freddie, decides to speak with to say to him that he would like to keep on being his fiancée for that thing about the episode ‘ the Ist Saved your Life ‘ but before there goes so far as to speak listening a conversation that Freddie has with Spencer where Spencer asks Freddie who thinks of Sam and Carly ‘ ahy brings in the famous video of a dialogue where Freddie mentions that he never said that it was in love ‘ well I continue in what was … to Spencer’s question Freddie’s response is that the surest thing is something sits for Sam not for the kiss but for many things and now more for that Sam is going out with a schoolmate, Spencer of that time says to him that if Sam and Carly know something about that and he answers him that not that has never said to him that the won the love esta, after which Carly listens to the conversation decides not to say his anything to Freddie on his feelings and goes away.

    Later almost at the end of the episode Sam, Freddie and Carly they are in the kitchen discussing ideas for the program when Sam’s friend comes and she him says to all that they are fiancés, they put the camera in every of Freddie and this one he cannot believe it and later they put the camera in the face of Carly looking at Freddie of as he feels with the news, then the two (Freddie and Carly) congratulate Sam and she says that for that they all do not go out to celebrating the news, followed Freddie says that it is necessary to go because his breast calls it (a lie) in this moment Sam is useful to keep on insulting to Freddie but the very in a bad mood reply and goes away, later he asks Carly that there does not import Freddie that with her (Carly) is sufficient but she as of cut he says to him that one does not feel good that better two alone ones go away, Sam says to him that he should rest and Sam and his partner they go away, the camera places the face of Carly showing sadness for as Freddie feels with the news and then it goes away to his quarter.

    POSSIBLE ENDS OF THE EPISODE a) .-In the end show to Carly, Sam and Freddie stopping recording iCarly when Sam does not stop speaking about his fiancé with Carly anything that bothers very much to Freddie and says to Sam that if he might stop speaking about his new fiancé, Sam, on having listened, bothers with Freddie and says to him the worst insults that hurt more Freddie and the alone one answers in spite of leaving what it does and goes away, then Carly bothers very much with Sam from what he said and he asks him to apologize with but Sam does not accept and says that it should apologize for being first so idiotic, Carly bothers more and says to him that Freddie does it for that it is in love, astonished San asks him that for that you invent something like that to save it and that if he said it to him, Carly says to him that not that Freddie does not know that she knows because I listen to it speaking with Spencer after the Webicon and the actúa like that for which it is in love.

    b). – Another end would be something longer for because Sam already knowing the truth of Freddie and without knowing of in several weeks, when they are without saver Freddie thinks that Sam is annoying with from what he said of his fiancé and it goes away to disculpara with her but she does not leave it and the insiste and tells to him that it should not have got with his relation, Sam says to him that it is who apologizes because it was right and Freddie says to him ‘seriously’ and she answers that if that I finish with for Freddie what confuses more Freddie and says to him that he should tell to him that it does not understand because I end with the fiancé for and she says to him that because to whom this lover really belongs of (of Freddie)…
    the conversation that Carly and Sam had in the first end continues where Sam says to Carly that that is impossible because he always says that it is in love of her (of Carly) and that she also (Carly) feels something for for that I notice as it reacted when it gave him the kiss in the Webicon what iso that Sam desidiera to make them calm and to be looked a partner to forget Freddie, now astonished Carly asks him as that to forget Freddie and she (Sam) admits that also he feels something for Freddie but decided to move away from the two for the feelings of Carly, Carly tells to him that Freddie decided already with whom it wants to be now and is not with her but with Sam that it does not worry for her who rather is happy for that he will not see them discussing in every moment, that makes Sam happy.. .. this way that’s why Sam ends with the fiancé and says to him that I end because he realized that of whom this lover is of (of Freddie) astonished Freddie does not contain the emotion and runs to embrace her and gives him a kiss.

  4. Here’s my theory (also posted on sarcasticleaves channel)

    In iStart a Fan War Carly has that love interest (Adam I think). She talks to Freddie and tells him that it’s pretty serious and that what was going on between them in iSaved your life is in the past. He shouldn’t hold on to her as long as (something, I’m not sure, read the skript again- there was some sort of deal). Anyway, somewhere in the fan attack about relationships Freddie slips that he’s in love. When they come home Carly confronts him in the kitchen (and that’s the scene!) “Can we just talk about it?” “You said you wouldn’t fall in love with me as long as-” “I didn’t say I was in love with you” — “I’m in love with Sam.” And then the hour-long special ends.

  5. I wish it was Novemeber 19th 7:59pm already!!

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