You guys ever heard of episode 310?

If you haven’t, don’t fret, it’s completely normal. Episode #310 is the phantom-episode of iCarly. It was thought, scripted, rehearsed, recorded, edited and is (most likely) ready for airing. The thing about this episode is, we got little to no info on this episode.

FYI, Dan and the cast tweet while on set and when the recording is finished. But during the week the episode was shot, we heard absolutely nothing about the episode. Nothing on the WTF (which means Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook).

We at RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews (BTW, I’m thinking about changing the title), decided to go that extra mile and get in contact with our mole in Schneider’s Bakery. Since I don’t really care about the mole, I’ll tell you who the mole is. The mole is located just below Lewbert’s wart. You can’t really notice it.

Anyway, our mole, or rather Lewbert’s mole, got us some info on this episode of iCarly. It’s called iOMG. That’s right, I fool you not, dear reader. This episode’s title can’t really be shortened. It’s iOMG.

How we know that? Told you that already.

Why are we so sure? Because several websites have corroborated our story.

I originally thought the name was only a placeholder, but no, it’s the real deal.

Leave your comments below!

RobSp1derp1g out!

EDIT: Just got word that the new iCarly episode will air on either 12th or 13th of February.

EDIT 2: We got new scoops on iOMG! We got the synopsis and the official promo. Also, an analysis on the promo.

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  1. Do we have any other sources other than that Facebook post and MSN?

  2. episode 310 hasn’t been giving a title, don’t trust anything said on wikipedia, just wait until we see an actual promo on tv or hear something from Nick officially about the episode

  3. Lubert mole seriously I like your sense humor

  4. Is it seriously called iOMG?!
    I wonder what it’s about…

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t trust any of your sources. I only trust Dan, the cast of Icarly and Nickelodeon. Although it may be true, to me it just sounds a little weird. I will admit they have had some strange title names in the passed. Anyway I’m not trusting it until I hear it from my sources

  6. is this episode real?

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