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No. Way. No Effing Way.

This tweet here…

…was nominated Top Tweet!!

iOMG promos over-analysis. Another Rob’s Reviews Exclusive!

I said I would, didn’t I? I’ve watched the promos, and I all can say is “Freaking awesome!”

Also, I’d like to make a prediction, after I’m done. you will be saying Oh My God twice. At least.

Let’s get over-analyzing!

The promo starts with Sam and Freddie arm-wrestling, it serves as a way to show her tough girl side.

Then, some clips of Sam picking on Freddie. Y’all have already seen this.

Here’s a shocker, Sam’s in love.

Carly foolishly thinks it’s with Brad…

“And iCarly will never be the same…”

Freddie pushes a button on his laptop and looks ahead, possibly at Sam.
Sam looks straight forward, towards Freddie, maybe.

Carly’s giving Sam some encouraging words, telling her to make a move, to “have a little faith”. (Prison Break reference)

And now, the reason that brought me here today. Sam and Freddie’s civilized personal conversation.

If you look at Sam during the conversation, you’ll see Sam’s usual tough girl attitude has faded. She’s actually listening to him, and her body language, is really showing something she’d rather hide. You can see she’s fighting something, and she’s losing. She’s making a lot of involuntary gestures, and that shows us body language. I wish I could see Sam’s camera angle during that whole speech.
And Carly’s truly surprised…

This episode will rock the world’s socks…


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