iOMG review – From the future

*two flashes of light followed by two trails of flames on the ground*
*lots of smoke and the sound of a door opening*
*coughs by two people*

Rob: Holy chiz, Doc! I still can’t believe he said that! Thanks! Now that I know this, my life has changed.
Doc: You know, Rob, you can’t tell anyone about what you’ve seen! If you do that, the space-time continuum will collapse!
Rob: Don’t worry, Doc, I won’t. If I need to go back in time, I know when to find you.
Doc: Take care, Rob!
Rob: You too, Doc! You too!

Hey, guys! This is RobSp1derp1g, straight from the future! To those who believe me, good. To those who don’t, check this out!

Thats right. I come from the future, but Im still the same

That’s right! I left yesterday and returned before I left!


What’s that date you see on Present Time? Well, that’s when I took the pic. That’s when the next iCarly is going to air. I know the title, but I won’t tell you. It may break the space-time continuum or something crazy like that.

Let’s get reviewing!!


Location: Ridgeway High classroom

Sam and Freddie are about to arm-wrestle.

Sam is cheating!! In arm-wrestling matches, you’re not supposed to lift your elbow from the platform. Since here there’s no platform, the same thing applies to the table. Therefore Sam won illegally.

Freddie’s happy because Sam beat him in 3.2 seconds…
You can already see a little something here. She’s not too pleased with this.

Heeeere’s Braddie! Oh, it doesn’t work…

Everyone loves Brad. He’s like the dork everyone likes. I wish I was that guy…

Cort? Who’s that? Oh, it’s that guy who’s, as Freddie puts it, dangerously stupid.

And Brad got the job that was rightfully his. On Bickering Sidekicks (the link’s on our sidebar), after iHire an Idiot, the message from the admins was “Dear Brad-lovers, let’s get together and allow Brad to get the job that’s rightfully his.”

Sam only cares about the fudge. Only the fudge.

I gotta have some of that fudge…

The Lock-in… Lock-ins are cool. Unless you’re a Gibby.

What did she draw?

She took pictures, that she uploaded. Link, please. :D

Carly says it was accurate.

Theme song

Location: iCarly studio – Webshow being filmed

Here comes the famous Old Spice commercial parody.

“I’m on a cow!” Cows which make the sound of a sheep are rare. Treasure that one, Gibster!

Welcome to the team, Brad! Having an intern who actually knows what their doing helps Freddie get more involved in the Webshow. And that way, he’ll be able to help the girls.

“We wasted your time!”

“Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.”

First sign something’s off: Sam complementing someone. “You, sir, are an excellent assistant.”

Sam, wants to hide a smile.

This happens after Freddie says, "Usually its insults followed by beatings."

Then, the second sign: Sam interested on a school project.

Meanwhile, Gibby still hasn’t stepped down the plastic cow. Which sounds like a sheep.

Now, am I the only one who can see Sam fighting a smile?

“Feels like Sam…”

“I’ll bring the fudge.” “I’ll bring my mouth.” That you will, Sam, that you will…

Location: Shay’s kitchen

What can you expect when Spencer starts messing with a fire extinguisher? It’ll burst into flames…

Sign 3: Sam went to see a movie with Freddie and Brad.

So, in case of emergency you can’t call the fire squad…

Carrots with hwhip-cream? It’s not correct, I know. Cookie for whoever gets the reference.

Oh, so THAT’s what the lock-in is for… I thought it was only to set the mood for OMG moments…

“Cops” with Socko’s grandmother? Of course, since she can knock bears down, you’d feel safer hanging out with her…

“Now, I need to show you how this works, in case there’s ever a fire and I’m not home.” That’s a paradox, Spencer. If you’re not home, there’s no fire. If you’re working, the fire department is on high alert.

Wait… “Uh, I’m a young girl at home and there’s a fire…” Spencer…


I though so, Spencer.

Location: Ridgeway High – the lock-in.
~Time: 9:00 PM~

Before the night is over, you’ll be saying ‘Oh my God’ at least 10 times.

O…kay, why did that kid ran around… Is he chlaustrophobic?

School insurance doesn’t cover drawings by Sam Puckett…

“It’s a controlled sensory stimulus chamber.” “It’s a box.”

Noah Munck is left-handed?

“Stimuli”. You mean like “possi”?

One-way mirror, gotta love it.

Radio Dingo? Is there even a Radio Disney to make fun of?

Notice Spencer’s reaction to “It’s Your Birthday”? That’s my reaction whenever I hear Justin Bieber… No, wait. Mine’s worse.

~Time: 10:20 PM~

Freddie and Brad are setting up the test for MoodFace, the app they’re developing.

Sam arrives. To add mystery to the plot, Brad gets up and says hello to her. Much like Harry Potter at the mention of Ginny. Yeah. I have no life… :D

She brings Freddie his supplies and some snacks. Wait… Snacks? They can be poisoned… It’s SAM. They MUST be poisoned!!

Sam’s slightly offended at the gesture Freddie did.

Okay, I saw the episode already, but if I didn’t, I’d know right now that Sam’s not herself. Why? When Freddie slaps Brad’s hand, she asks “Why’d you do that?”. If this wasn’t iOMG, then Sam would be tearing Freddie to pieces for comedic effect.

“What’d you put in the guac?”

Could Sam be any obvious? She’s puckering her lips to Freddie…

“You have been nice, and helpful, and considerate all day!”

“What’s your game?” “No game.” Your game. The game you two’ve been playing since 6th grade. And that is about to stop. With Sam losing. Oops, almost spoiled it. Wait, I did spoil it, then why don’t I delete it? I don’t feel like it.

She’s looking at his lips. Sam should change her name to Catherine Obvious.

The “okay” exchange here is amazing.

“I do like sittin’ and starin’…”

Sam’s in love? But notice where “in love” places in the emotions matrix, that is to say, the color palette.

At this moment, she doesn’t know the result, but she does know what she’s feeling.

Tissues? Upgrade your excuses, Freddork! What? Oh…

Meanwhile, Spencer is being tested by his sister.

“Fire up the stinkhose.”

Freddie arrives to tell Carly the good bad news.

“Why she’s wanting to hang out with me and Brad all the time?” Sorry, Freddie, but I’m gonna take a page out of Sam’s book and say ‘Why you so stoopid?’

“In love? With Brad?” “Huh huh!” Can it be possible for one person to be more wrong?

When the stink reaches 11, the test subject passes out and the box is filled with some sort of yellow CGI gas.

Commercial Break

~Time: 10:45 PM~

Carly’s trying to find Sam…

“Brad’s cool.”
“Would you say ‘very cool’?” *poke poke*

Geez, subtle, Carly…

“You can’t kiss and snuggle with ham.” Turns out you were wrong, Carly. You can.

And this is when Sam starts to get worried.

“Who says his app really works?” “Well, does it?” “No!” “Yes, it does. You know it does. It works gooooood!”

“You can’t bury your love in ham.” “I can try!”

And the Fredster shows up, seeking news of Sam’s predicament (lacking a better word).

“She’s a little awkward about liking guys.” Carly, you do realize that line makes Sam look like a, oh look what’s that?

Why does Carly have to play matchmaker?

“It’s the first time Sam’s ever liked a guy who’s bit disgusting. Or heavily tattooed. Or on parole.”

“You seen the Animal Channel?” What does that have to do with the current situation?

“The horses?” I ask the same thing I did before. What does that have to do with the current situation?

“When they want two horses to, you know, ‘date’…” *smiles faintly*
“They put them in the same barn together…” *chuckles silently*
“You know what I’m talking about! Why are you making me say it?” ‘Cause it’s fun!

“So we get Sam and Brad, take ‘em to a barn…”

“Help me do this, for Sam.” “Alright.” Wait, what? No fighting? No “Aw, do I have to?” Whoa…

And Gibby shows up. “Spencer puked a little bit.”

“Sure. Always make Gibby clean the vomit out of the sensory stimulus chamber.”

~Time: 11:15 PM~

Sam’s using Freddie’s computers. She’s on a website about Pizza.

Interesting conversation between Sam and Brad.
“So, how’d you learn to make fudge?”
“Oh, my great-grandma taught me.”
“She was a good woman, Brad.”
“She’s still alive…”
“Even better.”

Carly and Freddie entered the study lounge with a plan. A plan that will backfire.

What? A two-headed frog in the courtyard? We must see it now, even though that will leave our projects behind schedule!

Isn’t that guy Jake? You know, the guy Sam used to like?

“I’m not coming back…”

~Time: 11:40 PM~

Carly and Gibby are using the stimulus chamber again.

“It wears the blindfold if it wants to be fed…” Silence of the Lambs reference. Good accent, Noah!
“Stop doing that accent, it’s creeping me out.”

Come on, Gibby, don’t back out now! You’re about to electrocute a 29-year old man just for kicks! It’s a fun thing to do!

Science has done a lot for you, Gibby, like liquid soap…

It’s fun to watch Spencer being electrocuted!

“Hey, what happened?”

Sam arrives.

“Carly Shay…” Uh, full mane. Means trouble…
I actually though she was gonna say, ‘we need to talk. And bring your head so I can rip it off your body.’

“What are you doing here?” What, you seriously expected her not to leave the study lounge?

“That wasn’t cool.” Uh, oh.

She just said she doesn’t love BRAD.

“You’ve been acting different!” “…No, I havent…”

“Lately, whenever Freddie and Brad wanna do something, all of a sudden, you wanna tag along.” Carly, she just told you everything you need. She doesn’t love BRAD. That only leaves one logical choice.
And, if I can quote Vladimir Lem, when you only have one choice, it’s more like fate.

I can only imagine how Sam’s feeling right now. Carly’s talking about stuff she doesn’t know.

“Go for it, make a move.” And a move she shall make.

“I just want you to be happy.” Remember those words, Carly. Next season, you’ll have to remember them.

“Then bake me a pie!” Two things about this line: first, Sam sounds a little bit like GLaDOS from Portal. Also, a reference to pie. The pie will show up on i… *throat-clearing sound* Oh, right, Doc, the whole destruction of the space-time continuum. We’ll talk more about this later, Doc.

~Time: 3 bell rings~

Sam’s sitting down drinking from a bottle of water. Which is unnecessary, since she could just drink from that thing beside her. Unless… It’s a way to keep herself calm! She had the bottle when she asked Freddie about his project, and again now.

Freddie finds Sam.

He talked to Carly and knows about their argument. But he came to find Sam because he wanted to.

“Groan all you want.”

Again, Sam either slips or she says that intentionally. “I’m not into Brad like that.”

I’m sorry, guys, but I’m going to transcript this whole conversation.

F: “Lately, everytime I tell you that Brad and I are doing something, you wanna tag along.”
S: “And that means I’m in love with him?”
F: “Well, you hate ME!”
S: “I never said I hate you!” (she does it again.)
F: “Yeah, you have! Like 900 times. I still have the birthday card you gave me that says, ‘Happy birthday, I hate you. Hate, Sam.” (Warning: Game incredibly close to end.)

“That’s it. Get out of here before I do a double fist dance on your face.” And Benson steps up! He’s really decided to get to the bottom of things.

And now, my 18-second theory kicks in.
Look at this video.

I really would like to see the video from the camera that’s pointed at Sam. I really would. In fact, Dan, if you’re reading this, please show me that footage. I think that footage could help us delve a bit more into the Sam/Freddie relationship.

Sam launches a surprise kiss that when seen in “Super Slow Motion”, would show that Sam indeed made a move. And how!

Seeing the kiss frame-by-frame offers a new perspective on Sam’s character.

Carly’s surprised. No, wait, Freddie’s surprised, Carly’s SHOCKED!

Speechless Freddie… You know, there’s a song for this kind of situations. It’s called “Kiss The Girl” by Ashley Tisdale. Now excuse me, while I take a non-wanted trip down Memory Lane.

This says it all.

S: “Sorry…”
F: “S’cool.”

And Carly’s shocked again. Or is it still. Yeah, still shocked.

Now, I suppose you guys want me to talk about what I saw. Well, I would, but I have to talk to Doc first. C’mere, Doc.

Doc: Rob, you must not tell them!
Rob: Why, Doc? The space-time continuum thing? Look, we departed yesterday, then left to later this year, and returned to 19 minutes before we left. I had to be quiet for 18 minutes! You have any idea how that is? The cameras in this dork-lair have motion sensors. Besides, the worst thing that can happen is they name the episode differently, and/or on a different day.
Doc: That’s true. But if something happens, I won’t be held responsible.
Rob: I understand, Doc.

You guys want to know, well, here goes.

The iCarly episode #401, the episode that picks up where iOMG left off, will air on July 9th, 2011.
It will be called iLose My Mind and will contain the script scene. And the pie.

Now, if you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna go back to July 2011 to watch iLose My Mind again.

Also, this review in a nutshell:

EDIT: I forgot to add a little thing that was said on Twitter last night. My friend @ZainR said the following:

“I think Sam has had these feelings for Freddie since season two but she denies loving him but decides that it’s okay if they are friends but the more time they’ve spent together, the more she’s started having feelings for him, and because she wanted to deny those feelings and not get hurt, she hurt him instead. Better him than her. But when Freddie encourages her to tell her her true feelings, she did it. So I strongly do NOT believe that Sam being in love with Freddie came out of the blue in this episode. It was there since 2009. And on April 9th, 2011, she’s let herself go.”

Also, he compared Seddie with Josh/Mindy from Drake and Josh and Logan/Quinn from Zoey 101.

I didn’t watch much of Zoey 101, not that it was a bad show, but Quinn and Logan suddenly becoming a couple, I don’t know if the connection was always there. Did YOU know? And what about Josh and Mindy? If memory serves me, the second time she appeared, she suddenly liked Josh, didn’t she? It makes you curious as to how these two couples got together if there was never any real connection between them. But Sam and Freddie, that’s a relationship that I understand happening. We’ve had more time to see them together than any other characters that have hated each other and suddenly fallen for one another.

I have left the building. Thank you and good night!

EDIT: People have been led to believe that the date I posted here is the correct one. It isn’t. I looked and chose the most LIKELY date for the new season to premiere. THE DATE I USED IS NOT OFFICIAL!!!!

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  1. Love your posts. But wasn´t that episodes that Dan posted fake?

  2. Great review but what’s the bit about the “script scene” and pie? Did I miss something?

  3. Yes. Yes, there is a real-life Radio Disney to make fun of: And yes, good God yes, it is a horrible, horrible thing to behold.

    Great reviews, by the way!

  4. Wow you got me all excited for iLose my mind, then I read the comments >.< Great Review tho :]

  5. Nice review.
    I think you owe me a cookie, the reference in “Carrot with whipped cream, it’s not ok, i know” is that Carly puts whipped cream on her carrot.
    I’d like to ask you, do you think that a serious, permanent relationship (I mean love) between two of the three main characters (Sam and Freddie), like the one that is now quite likely to start off, could as well mean that the series is coming to an end? Or maybe it will refresh the story? I’d like to hear your opinions.

    • Actually, you’re wrong. The reference I meant was Family Guy. In which a character named Stewie emphasizes the “h” in words that doesn’t even have a “h”, like ‘whipped’ and ‘while’.
      And about your other question, I think it depends of how it is written. It can last 2 minutes or the whole series… It’s a matter of writing.

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