RobSp1derp1g’s Seddie Fic Challenge

I’ve been thinking about iStart a Fan War, (which happens to precede iOMG in production) and I wanted to read a fanfic from a Seddie fan’s point of view.

So, I decided to make a Challenge!

I want you to write a fanfic about Seddie using only your imagination, the iCarly videos from and the iCarly segments from the show.

Here’s what you can’t use: any off-screen iCarly webshow footage.

I prefer Humor/Romance stories. Just so you know.

As for word limit, there is none. Make it as big as you want.

The best three will be published here.

Get your thinking caps on!

Rob out!

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  1. Quanto tempo durará o desafio, Rob?
    How long will the challenge last, Rob?

  2. So can the fic be like a oneshot about something funny and random – like Sam and Freddie at the fair? Is that ok?

  3. Hey, here’s a link to my fic on ffnet:

    Hope it still qualifies for the challenge, and hope you like it!

  4. Hola robert yo me uno a este desafio porque justo hice un fic llamado iDate Sam & Freddie no saben la iMaginacion que tengo aca le traigo los 5 capitulos espero que le guste
    Los capitulos esta aqui:

    el capitulo 6:

  5. I hope this challenge is still open…
    I wrote these fanfics a few weeks ago (before I knew how the show would portray Seddie as a couple. I think they’re my best iCarly stories. Read it if you want.

    It’s basically fluff. Nothing super special. But I think it’s kinda cute. I hope you like it.
    And if you liked that, I also wrote this:

    A little more fighty, which may be better if you like that.
    So yeah. Thanks for reading. Or not reading. But I hope it’s the former! :D

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