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iLost My Mind, new images and information – ***SPOILERS!***

Hiya! It’s me, BabelLeef, returned after my introductory post. I realised that I’d better write an actual blog post…

So, these are some new pictures I have collected from around the web for the new iCarly episode, iLost My Mind… but you see, I actually got a few from two other blog posts. I have no idea whether that is completely against the rules, so, instead, I’ll apologise for ‘stealing’ them, and credit them now:

Thank you SlickNickShady for posting casting information on your blog, and thank you to the author of the blog: You N e v e r Know, JJ, for the pictures of some new scenes from iLost My Mind.



I am honestly just guessing the order of the following pictures, as no one knows anything about the timeline of the episode (well, apart from Dan and the crew!)

But… hey, wait a second – isn’t this news of someone helping the iCarly team in their security problem? (HUGE SCARY PATIENT)


Look what else! Two ‘Seddiers’… that have special recognition. That, from my point of view, means they make a difference to the plot somehow. Putting two and two together, all I can see is a great purple flashing SEDDIE (aka – YAY!)

Wow. This episode is too good to be true. It couldn’t get any better, could it? No? I’m WRONG? Tell me, what else could possibly happen to make this episode better?






I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Nora – I sympathise with her – NOT EMPATHISE (I’m not a complete psycho, okay?) :)

And just one more little thing that I discovered for myself… this is from the predicted 2012 episode, iMeet the First Lady, guest-starring the amazing Michelle Obama.

         See it? No? \/







That’s all from me until maybe later in July (I’m on holiday) but after all of these new spoilers, I CAN NOT WAIT until iLost My Mind in August. But REMEMBER! Don’t wish the summer away – enjoy every moment up to iLost My Mind, and then after.

Au revoir, mes petites tortues.

BabelLeef x

Text to be read by every Seddier

Hello, everyone. Today, I’m here to talk about a thing that has been causing some debate on Twitter and Tumblr.

On June 18th, Dan Schneider tweeted this:

Immediately after that, a quarrel emerged amazingly fast. People are speculating to which episode the sequel is for. Some Seddiers are saying it’s to iSaved Your Life, a notable Creddie episode. Here you’ll find my review to this episode.

So I saw a Twitlonger post that made SO MUCH sense, I had to post it.

To the people freaking out about the possible iSYL sequel:

Dan said that the sequel he’s writing is for an episode that was very popular, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be popular in, ratings, but it could be popular among the fans.

Think about it. iOMG wasn’t the most high viewed episode with ratings, but in my opinion, I think it was the most popular episode for the fans. (Although the sequel to this episode is iLMM) There are other episodes too, like iReunite with Missy, iTwins, iDate a Bad Boy, etc. and even though they didn’t get the most views in an episode, doesn’t mean that they aren’t popular.

I think that Dan could mean that the episode wasn’t just popular in ratings, but many fans enjoyed it, and it’s popularity increased.

Dan could just be messing with us, because he wasn’t 100% specific to whether he meant ratings wise or fan wise.

And if I’m wrong, if the episode is based on iSYL, to be honest, I don’t think the episode will confirm Carly and Freddie dating. I just don’t find it possible and right for Dan to go from Seddie and switch right over Creddie, since Sam’s in love with him, and I just will find the whole Seddie/Creddie love triangle to be overwhelming! (This is just an opinion, and I don’t know what Dan has up to his sleeve.)

Also, iSYL doesn’t have to mean Carly and Freddie date, but I think we need to get Creddie out of the way for Seddie to happen. Sam could be worried that Freddie might still be in love with Carly, but the episode could confirm whether or not Freddie loves Carly. In this case, I don’t find Freddie to be in love with Carly. (I don’t think he’s still in love with Carly and I think he’s moved on, from what we seen in the late iCarly episodes this season, but I’m slightly biased over here.)

I think in order for Seddie to be 100% endgame, we have to get Creddie out of the way first. I’m not meaning to offend any Creddiers here, because the episode could go either way with either Freddie still being in love with Carly, and Carly having feelings for Freddie, or Freddie and Carly instead of them having feelings for each other, them valuing their friendship, and Freddie still being with Sam. :)

I just don’t think that Creddie happening is very realistic since we’re getting the Seddie arc. It would crush many fan’s dreams with Dan switching back and forth!

Also, Dan added the question: “Will Freddie somehow end up dating Carly?” in his blog, THE NEXT DAY, after he got some hate mail and rants from the Creddie fans. I don’t think he has Creddie in his mind at all.

This isn’t a rant, this is just my opinion, based on a Seddie POV of what could happen, and to keep our spirits up! :)

Thank you to xxibiancaxx for letting me post this. Thank you!

Greetings to you!

Hi, it’s BabelLeef here, and basically, I’m going to help RobSp1derp1g with his iCarly reviews, and add my own input and opinion about Seddie. I think that’s what I’m doing, anyway…

Sorry, I’m quite new to these WordPress things…

Anyway, I hope to write some more ‘official’ comments and reviews soon. This was just a little introductory post, so you can get to know me :)

See you soon!


Credde-based iSpeed Date Seddie theory

As many of you know, in iSpeed Date, Sam sees Carly and Freddie dancing at the Groovy Smoothie…

As many of you also know, the episode was cut for several reasons. One of the things we didn’t get to see in iSpeed Date was the kiss scene, which almost happened, but was cut in favor of continuity. So what if Sam’s reaction was to that kiss we never got to see?

Think about it.

Why Sam is in love with Freddie

It’s an established fact that Samantha Puckett is in love with Freddie Benson. What many people don’t get is why. Well, I believe I bring an answer.

It was said in iParty with Victorious that Sam’s dad pulled a “Mr. Muntz”, that is, he left his wife and daughters without any explanation. While Nelson’s dad, the aforementioned Mr. Muntz, left, he said he was going to buy cigarettes, but never came back.

If one takes a look at Sam’s relationships from a psychological point of view, you can see a pattern. There was Eric Moseby, also known as Noseby Moseby, who bought Sam’s love. Well, he was kinda leasing it, but the effect’s the same.

Then, we have Jonah, a guy who didn’t care about her, and pretty much, used her to get to Carly. That would get anyone pretty upset.

Following him, we get Reuben. He was not in love with Sam, it was more of a crush. Besides, the language barrier was too much of a problem.

After Reuben, there is Shane, played by that guy from that band. He was the reason for a competition between the girls, which caused them not to fight over a boy again. It’s underlined, so it’s important.

Now, we have Pete. Pete caused Sam to change, both inside and out. She didn’t want it, but she thought it would make her happy, so she complied. And it turned out to be pointless.

Spencer is something different, but the same. Sam said she had a crush on Spencer, but the age gap is too wide. Besides, it was never mentioned again.

I’m not talking about Brad, I feel there’s no need for that.

Carly and Freddie are the only people that have never left her, that always supported her and gave her the courage to carry on. But Sam isn’t into other girls.

Freddie always supported her, he gave up a cruise to make her happy, cheered her on, helped save her life and, somewhere during the show, she started relying more on him than on Carly.

Give me your opinions on this, please. I want to know what you, my readers, think.

RobSp1derp1g out.

Am I dead? ‘Cause this seems like heaven…

There is a place where everything is good. Where there is no pain, no harm, and everyone is happy.

Some call it Heaven, some call it Nirvanna (2 n’s), others call it Capeside, Massachusetts.

Its true name is, Seddieland, also known as Seddie Heaven. Located around Seattle, Washington.

Why I say this? Take a look:

This is the official promo for the episode I saw while on the future. And the promo STILL gets to me…

And I’ll be a good friend and over-analyze it, like I did with the iOMG one!

Let’s get to work!

We are shown a part of the iOMG kiss. Then, the drama, so to speak, begins.

“Nothing will prepare you for what happens NEXT!” I disagree. Time travel does.

You can see what happens here, Sam is behind a door with a glass window. This could be the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital.

“This August…” It’s my birthday!!

Mrs. Benson hired a P.I. A so not-unlike-her thing to do. And he’s fully equipped, complete with raincoat, sunglasses and hat.

Freddie’s dating Sam… Oh, and you’re gonna love this:

It’s safe to say that Mrs. Benson doesn’t want Sam and Freddie to be together. But that doesn’t make her a Creddie shipper.

And another thing, or rather, two things:

You can see both Sam and Freddie going in for a kiss. Both Sam and Freddie are okay with it, and we can perceive that the iOMG kiss is no longer a problem at all. Also, Carly’s happy. Not “meh” happy, she’s genuinely happy.

“Are Sam and Freddie in love?”

“Sam loves Freddie! Sam loves Freddie!” This scene seems to me that it is before the previous scene.

“Will Carly keep them together?”

“I’m just supposed to sit here and wait for you guys to have a fight so I can settle it?”
“Pretty much!”
“We’d really appreciate it…” I can’t, for the life of me, do two things. Figure out how they get there, and not laugh when I hear this line…

“And the biggest question of all…” Have I lost my mind?

Lookie here:

Carly has her arms up in the first pic, but she’s not forcing them to kiss… If she was, Sam wouldn’t have her hand on Freddie’s forearm… Think about it.

Coming on August, 2011.

Amazing! Be ready!!

And I said there’d be a HUGE REVELATION on this post. Well, follow my train of thought.

The purple restaurant scene and the one where they are kissing in the kitchen were shot on the first week of production. The Troubled Waters Mental Hospital scenes were shot on the second. This leads me to say that this MIGHT be a 40-minute episode.

RobSp1derp1g out!!


Here at RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews, we don’t know the meaning of the word “stop”. So, if we find something even remotely interesting, we jump right on it, with my faithful companion, Phoebe, and my trademark shovel.

This time, we found ourselves some really awesome news. This is a piece of news that completely rocks the free world, though not like iOMG.

Having said this, I will now announce the spoiler. This spoiler is not to be taken lightly.

The First Lady of the United States, or FLOTUS1, as her nickname on the Simpsons, will guest star on iCarly! It’s not every day that a renowned world figure will guest star on a show like iCarly.

To this I say only one thing, The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave!

And now, I wanted to leave you with a version of the Star-Sprangled Banner played on an electric guitar, but I couldn’t embed it on the blog.


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