Rob’s Fanfiction Archive – Angst

Below is a list of iCarly angst fanfictions, which feature Seddie.

If you have a fanfiction, go here.

Fan fiction Author Description Rating
iGet The Audition Evil Beware We Have Waffles Sam auditions for West Side Story to avoid a detention. When she gets the leading role, she faces another problem. Her co-star. There is also a Sam/Carly Angst. T
Immobilized IzzyRoxUrSox13 Freddie Benson had not seen this coming. He had always been taught to look both ways before crossing the street, and he always had. But had he grown so careless? Why didn’t he look? He was stupid, he didn’t look, he didn’t check twice. He forgot. T
Remember Me mktoddsparky My name is Sam Puckett, I’m seventeen years old, and I guess you could call me a ghost. That’s right, I died. Though everyone is certain that I commited suicide, I am going to prove them all wrong. I was murdered. Seddie/Creddie, mainly Seddie. T
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