Ready for iLost My Mind? Not without one of these!!

In 2 weeks time, we will visit Troubled Waters Mental Hospital for about 20 minutes. But no one will be ready for iLost My Mind without one of these!

By now, you’re either jealous, wanting one, copying the image above, or all of the above, or rather, on the left.

Well, I don’t mind making these! All you need to do is send an e-mail to

All I need is your Twitter or Facebook name and an avatar (image).

And please, I don’t mind making these, if you want one, PLEASE ask.

Thank you.

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  1. I have to get one! Love your blog btw! Seddie is amazing! Anyway episode that looks like it’ll have any Seddie, My bestfriend/boyfriend runs over to my house and will come watch the episode. We love Seddie because It remind us of us. There so relatedable.

    Can you believe the Creddie’s? They say Sam and freddie getting together will ruin the show! Because Sam wont whale on Freddie anymore. I think she’ll still make funny remarks about him but it’ll be in a playful way.

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