iLost My Mind Review

Guess who’s back…
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I’m back guys! That’s right! RobSp1derp1g’s back!

This time we are reviewing iLost My Mind, the new iCarly episode which aired on August 13th, which happens to be my birthday.

I’ll be counting with the help of my amazing new teammate, BabelLeef. She and I will be reviewing not only iLost My Mind, but the whole Seddie arc!

Also, I’m introducing a new concept in iCarly episode reviewing. Something that has never been done before. I’m going to ask you guys to Review The Reviewers!

So, let’s get it started!

Location: Shay’s apartment

Spencer is trying to put on a pair of pants.

Aww, Carly’s worried about her BFF. Sam shouldn’t skip school, so she should show some special sparkling skills. I know that that sentence made no sense whatsoever, I was just trying to make a phrase out of words that start with “S”, and it worked!

“Butt slabs”? If your jeans can’t get past your butt, there’s no point in having jeans.
“Those are my jeans…” “Yeah, I know…” Oh… That explains so much, and yet so little…

Where’s Pam when you need her? In Tijuana, having a laser hair removal.

Wait, Sam and Freddie kissed? I feel a really strong sense of dejá-vu.

“Why won’t Freddie just tell me that he and Sam kiss-” Speak of the devil…

BabelLeef: It should be noted that Carly has already told Spencer about the iOMG kiss. (I’m personally disappointed with that – I really wanted to see Spencer’s reaction to Sam and Freddie kissing… again).

“This are Carly’s pants, okay? Mistakes were made.”

Spencer needs olive oil to take off the pants he’s wearing… Oh, Spencer…

Wait, Carly knows about the kiss? Wait, that has already been established.

*le gasp* She saw the kiss with both her eyes!

“You guys were talking and then she kissed you, and you didn’t stop her. Why didn’t you tell me? You should have told me. Do you like her? Is this a new chapter in our lives what is going on?” I know people who talk like this.

“Do you have any fruit?” Come on Freddie, what does this have to do with anything?

BabelLeef: Why has Freddie gone to Carly’s for fruit? Oh yeah. His mum thinks he’s allergic.

“…I don’t keep things from you.”

“I didn’t tell you ‘cause even I don’t know what it means…” Well, I do. She’s in love with you!

“I’ve called her, I’ve texte-“ “That’s your idea face, what’s your idea?” I have one of those too!

BabelLeef: I love this: Freddie’s been calling and texting Sam. I know that’s normal, considering she’s been missing for 3 days, but I still find it really sweet.

The idea of locating a phone is very awesome!!

Okay, Sam’s phone number is 503 664-0452. Sounds read. Whose number is that, Dan?

And her password is: 7 characters long… and icky… No guesses here.


“Troubled Waters Mental Hospital?”

“Gibbeh!” I must admit, sometimes I think Gibby’s some kind of Pokémon. He keeps saying his name…

Why is Gibby excited to go to a mental hospital? iCarly mysteries…

Let’s analyze this scene:

Here, we have Spencer, a grown man, in his underwear, in front of an old lady, a little girl and a nun. “What’s wrong with these antics?”

Pepper spray, seems fitting.

New Title Credits!!

Let’s look at these for a second, shall we?

Look! Sam smuggling!

Opening credits: (I made a picture, I don’t know whether it needs to be used)

Points on Opening: . Freddie and Sam – Freddie blocking the door of Carly’s apartment. I think it’s iCan’t Take It, perhaps escaping from Mrs Benson?

»Location – Troubled Waters Mental Institution«

Someone got this wrong.

The gang just entered the Mental Hospital. To which I have a bracelet.

“Can we talk to Sam Puckett just for a minute?”
“Just for a minute?”

And Caleb (brilliantly played by Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory) asks Gibby for some berilium nitrate and 4 metric tons of ionized quadrazine. What that is or means, I  don’t know.

Signs on the walls: Do not eat game pieces, do not lick walls, only bite food, please don’t feed the patients, friends don’t kill friends… Now I wonder, who are the signs for?

Do not doubt Gibby, he’s a man who can get everything done.

“You can kick me anywhere below the waist and I won’t feel it.” And why would I care about that?

“My pants are made of nitronium cotton.”

“Kick my thighs. Kick ‘em hard.”

Gibby’s about to do something, and that thing might give him a one-way ticket into Troubled Waters!

Location: Sam’s Room

Things seem to be in order, but then again, it’s Sam.

“Hello, Carly.” She sounds so serene…

She even looks serene. Looks like three days of isolation have done miracles. She doesn’t look insane at all…

Finger painting!

“Who put you in here?”
“I put myself in here.”
“What? Why?” Golden. Seddie in the premises.

“Do you know?”
“That you kissed Freddie?”

“I think it’s awesome. I think it’s great. There’s nothing wrong with it. Stop freaking out.”

Location: Troubled Waters Lobby

Wait. Caleb wants to leave? Why?

“I must get back.”
“To where?”
“The future.” A little Doc Brown in here, please?

Oh, come on… are you telling me that a self-fulfilling prophecy is present here? Or is Gibby stupid enough to believe that Caleb’s from the future.

“Would you like to know more?” Okay, this is a Platoon reference.

“Sam loves Freddie, Sam loves Freddie, Sam loves Freddie.” There’s one thing I’ve been saying since iStart a Fan War. That thing is: Carly Shay has joined the ranks of the fandom as a Seddie Shipper.

BabelLeef: “You, get out!” I just loved the way she said this line. Not much here that’s amazingly note-worthy, I just found the scene really sweet and well-acted.

Sam and Freddie, talking in a room. Yesterday, I saw Orlando Bloom.

You can feel the awkward…

Sam, the kid’s worried about you!

“I can’t think straight, I can’t eat…”
“Sam, we have hot quesadillas if you…” Yeah, she sure can’t eat.

BabelLeef: “I can’t think straight, I can’t eat!..” Well, we know she’s not actually crazy, so it’s the fact that she’s in love that’s making her like that. She’s fallen hard.

“So, I kissed you. So, maybe I like you a bit. It doesn’t matter ‘cause there’s no way, I’d ever go out with you or be your little girlfriend or… dang, this place makes good quesadillas!”
“Can I have one?” “No!”

BabelLeef: “There’s no way I’d go out with you, or be your little girlfriend…” Is she saying that she doesn’t want to, or Freddie wouldn’t want to?

“Sam… Don’t kill me…”

“I was just gonna say…” Last time I heard this…

This happened. Let’s see if Sam notices it.

“You’re not more mentally unstable that you have been your whole life.” And why does he say that? We’ll see at the end of the episode…

“Let’s get out of here.” “Good.”

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

Caleb predicts that in 2041, the whole state of California will be swallowed by water. I hope that’s not true, I want to live in California by then.

What? In 2077, Carly Shay/Miranda Cosgrove will be the Vice President?

And look, there’s a Hungry Girl Marathon!

Now, Carly’s a believer. With a “v”!

“You can’t just leave.”
“I can do whatever I want!”

I must admit. The big red button actually had a use. And the result was unexpected in a way.

“I’m checking myself out. Now, go get my bag or no tip!”

But no! The guards won’t let her leave because she’s a minor. She can check herself in, but not out?

»Commercial Break«

Spencer’s book club is back!!

As soon as the jig is up, Spencer tells the ladies to leave.

Fruit tarts?

BabelLeef: The whole fruit tart part was hilarious. That’s all I really have to say on this scene.

Spencer’s line is totally awesome: “but we know tons of parents!”

“Guys! Duh.”

So, you want to dress like Pam, but you’re not going to? Your head’s crazy, Spencer.

“I’ll get my boobs.” There’s so much stuff that can be said about this line, but I won’t say it.

»Location: Troubled Waters Mental Hospital«

Caleb’s looking at a TV which is not turned on.

Carly and Freddie just arrived with “Pam.”

Yup, that’s totally Pam.

And all was going well, until someone recognizes Spencer.

Come on, Gary! Was that necessary? You just had to screw it up.

Whoa, iCarly’s got quite the fanbase among those mental patients.

iCarly’s being broadcasted from a mental hospital!

»Location: the same as before«

In 5, 4, 3, 2, and we’re live!

BabelLeef: The way Sam says “Well, it sure isn’t, Carls!”. Um… wow.

I must say, having an audience on iCarly seems pretty awesome.

“In the year 2029, aliens capture Ryan Seacrest.”

Sam has been ambushed by Carly.

“Carly, I don’t think it’s-”

Personally, I don’t think it’s correct for Carly to ambush Sam like that, but if she did that to me, I’d be grateful.

BabelLeef: Why is Carly so keen to get Sam and Freddie together? Well, the answer is: She’s simply not jealous. That argument is closed.

Sam thinks it’s insane for her to like Freddie. *cue fangirl aww moment*

Virginia and West Virginia will form a Huge Virginia.

What? We get a chance to have a video chat with iCarly? *goes to Skype*

WavyBecca got there first.

WavyBecca’s a Seddieshipper who supports Seddie. Also, she thinks Freddie’s hot.

Next we have an icon for a generation. An inspiring man, who has been known for saying one simple word, that completely changed history. Or not. Let’s cut to the chase.

“SEDDAYYYYY!” Yup, that’s Goopy Gilbert, The Seddie Guy from iStart a Fan War. The actor who plays Gilbert is named Jeremy Dozier and his Twitter profile can be found here.


Attention, please. Sam’s about to talk.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Wait. Didn’t Freddie’s voice sound a bit too high?

What’s he gonna do?

Words cannot describe how AMAZINGLY AWESOME the last scene is, so, I’m gonna post the video.

Freddie looks like Fredward Cullen when he kisses Sam. Maybe it’s the shirt…

“I guess we’re both insane…”

BabelLeef: The Freddie kisses Sam bit: Not much else to say apart from the fact that I found this scene PERFECT. It wasn’t really how I imagined Sam and Freddie to ever get together, but it was the best way possible with them still in character. Freddie took charge for once, which I loved, and the fact that I now know that all through this episode, he has also had a crush on Sam, and he was worried about her. It’s obvious that he cares about her a lot, and I think that’s sweet. And Goopy Gilbert? “SPAGHETTI!”

So, Seddie’s official. And the best part is, it turns out that Sam wasn’t wrong to be on Troubled Waters. She’s crazy about Freddie.

BabelLeef: Overall comment: This was my favourite iCarly episode, and not just for the Seddie – it was the mix of humour (the lines and the comedic timing), the acting, and the drama – a great way to start the new Season!

And that wraps up my review for iLost My Mind. Don’t forget to tell us what you liked best about this episode.

Stay on the lookout, ’cause there was a promo to the next episode of the story arc, iDate Sam and Freddie.

RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews. Changing the iCarly Blogosphere, one post at a time.

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  1. Nice! Looks good :) And the Eminem reference? Uber-cool.

  2. YES! I’m not the only one who noticed the “I was just gonna say” thing. XD

    Overall, I think your review was really a great one :3

  3. I noticed the ‘I was just gonna say’ too!

  4. Best review on the internet!


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