iDate Sam and Freddie review

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to witness the dates between Sam and Freddie. If anyone has any reason why these two should not date, please speak now, or forever hold your peace. By the way, Creddieshippers don’t count.

This episode is the second one of the Seddie arc. After Sam announces her love for Freddie in iOMG, Freddie does the same thing in front of the whole web, which kind of mirrors iKiss. And now, Sam and Freddie are actually dating. This is a dream come true.

Also, there’s a HUGE guest star coming today. He’s a great guy with a big fanbase. You have my permission to be impressed. He’s a time traveler. You might know him under many names… He’s known as The Oncoming Storm on the world of Skaro. There are always people trying to kill him… You’ll see who he is, and you’ll be amazed.”

Booting up Review-maker-inator 2.0…

Review-maker-inator 2.0 ready.

So, allons-y!

»Location: Shay’s apartment«

Carly and Gibby arrive at the loft, and see this:

“The possibilities are limitless.” I feel I’ve heard this line somewhere else…

That lawn can be used for lots of purposes: playing, sitting, playing badmington, which Gibby does, apparently. Also, look at the stars. Heh, the stars, that’s where my guest… Oh, almost spoiled it…

“Wait ‘til Sam and Freddie see this.”
“Where are Sam and Freddie?”
“Prolly making out.”

Come on, Spencer, you wanted this. You saw it on the very beginning!

Spencer’s not too fond of PDAs. For those of you who don’t know, it stands for Public Displays of Affection.

There’s something creepy about this image. Can’t figure it out and don’t want to. I’m happier this way…

Gibby’s mesmerized about the lawn. It’s from Kentucky. It makes a difference.

Ze couple haz enterred! Sam is upset about something…

“You don’t live here.” When has Sam and/or Freddie EVER cared about that?

There’s something about Jennette when she walks towards Nathan that I simply can’t figure out. And I WANT to figure it out.

Wait, Sam and Freddie are mad because of a school teacher?

Freddie wrote a grade A paper, but only got a B? That’s just mean… But Sam pays him back. With lots of Bs… Ah, English language, how I love thee…

Carly’s acting as a mediator… I gets the feeling this is going to become a regular thing. See? It says so here:

“I’m sorry…”
“Give Mama some sugar.”

Carly only says “Aw”. We say “Aw” with her. And so do Spencer and Gibby.


Spencer, you didn’t make a lawn. You bought some turf and put it together… in your living room. It’s not quite the same as making it. Ha. You just got TOLD.

But yes, the possibilities are limitless. What can’t you do with a lawn? I’ll tell you. Can you summon a genie with it?… it depends.

I play Bad Mitten. I wasn’t picked for my school team, though. Something about bringing the wrong equipment?

“Wait ’till Sam and Freddie see this. I bet they love lawns.” More than they love eachother? ;)


Kentucky Chubb grass. Chubb. Heh…

Oh, and here comes the scene that I myself had actually seen six times before the actual episode airs. Oh, Nick…

“Come on, baby, you wrote a good paper!” The line that killed thousands of fangirls WORLDWIDE.

He’s kissing her ear. Or is it her neck? HE’S KISSING HER NECK.

»Title Credits«

»iCarly studio«

Carly’s reading a book when Gibby enters.

Wait… Is… Is Gibby working out? In front of Carly? Le Cibby approaches…

Just noticed that Gibby’s hairstyle is a LOT similar to one of my guest’s previous incarnations’… Look:

Fredward Benson is keeping secrets from his own mother? How evil!

“’Cause she’d murder him!”
“Right. Murder’s so not cool!”

Gibby’s attempt at making conversation with Carly are better than my attempts… I have to improve that.

BabelLeef: Gibby flirting. I think Dan could do a lot with Cibby – it’s got the possibility to be really cute if it’s written right.

Ooooohhh, mention of the evil Mrs Benson. We’ll be seeing a lot of her in iCan’t Take It, in which she guest-stars as a lonely weed who just wants to find a lawn to call her own. Wrong reality? Figures.

»Groovy Smoothie«

Sam and Freddie are on a date.

Freddie wants to know when Sam first started to like him. The question that all the Seddiers asked themselves and others ever since they started to ship Seddie.

And here’s the answer: “Okay, remember the time I pushed you in front of that bike messenger and he knocked you down and your head hit that fire hydrant?”
“Well afterwards, when you were laying there…moaning…with blood coming out your ear—“ “Yeah…”
“I don’t know, I thought you looked…kinda cute.”
“Oh, then it was worth the hearing loss.”
“Well yeah. ”

I think this is the first time T-Bo takes a smoothie away from anyone…

“The Love Smoothie?” And it’s free? It’s official, I’m gonna make sure my first date happens on the Groovy Smoothie.

36 bucks for a cup? “That’s Jamaican plastic!”

“I can’t believe you’re being so cheap.”
“I can’t believe you’re being so pushy.”
“I can’t believe I still don’t have my 36 dollars.”
I’m sure everyone said this but, “I STILL can’t believe it’s not butter!”

“This is not how boyfriends behave.”
“Yes, it is.” I don’t think it is, Freddie.

Apparently, every single Seddie date must include a trip to the…

BabelLeef: Meh. Couldn’t think of anything to say about this scene – I disliked it quite a lot. Don’t kill me!

»Shay’s apartment«

Spencer’s mowing his homemade lawn.

Gibby’s at the door with a friend!

“Mommy woves you!” Mommy? Cibby again…

Sam and Freddie are always hanging out together now, so you had the idea of spending more time with Carly…

The puppy’s name is Sir Licks-a-lot.

Seddie arrive. The dispute that conflicts them is postponed due to ham.

“Some things are more important than ham.”
“Don’t you ever say that to me.”

For 36 dollars, Freddie can buy a whole ham.

Gibby, raising his voice. There’s some things that just have to be done…

Carly should write a book on dating advice…

Sam and Freddie, one word. Compromise.

A HUGE compliment to Jennette and Nathan’s acting. They’re acting like boyfriend and girlfriend… I can imagine the awkwardness…

“You guys realize how flammable gasoline is? It’s really flammable!” Holy bleep, Spencer!


Spencer’s lawn-mower reminds me of my childhood, when I got my hand caught in one. I’m kidding. I just used to mow the grass with my dad, is all.


“Some things are more important than ham!” Tense silence by all hardcore shippers. “Don’t ever say that to me.”

Miranda, your acting is amazing – especially here. “Oh…” giggle. “Okay!”

Oh, and Nathan too. “I said it with a C, not a W!” My favourite line in the WHOLE EPISODE.

(While writing this, my iPod started playing It’s Not Unusual. I found it ironic. And awesome, ‘cos I love that song.)

Freddie, you are SO whipped.

*Kiss* “Lets go get you that ham.” “Awww, baby!” Fangirls: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

“Do you guys realise how flammable gasoline is?! IT’S REALLY FLAMMABLE!” My favourite Spencer line to date.

»Carly’s room«

They even go to Carly’s room at 3 AM!

Carly has a snore mask. No shame in that.

Freddie knows about the chip? I’m kind of disappointed; I wanted him to freak out when he was told that.

I’m officially confused. Why does Sam say “knocked up” when she’s arguing with Freddie?

And now we go to… What’s this sound?

It’s some kind of blue box…

Oh, my God… You guys simply don’t believe who’s here with me right now.

It’s the Doctor!

Doctor, I have a LOT of questions to ask you. First, why are you here?
Doctor: I don’t know, the TARDIS brought me here.
Me: Okay, who’s the President of the United States in 2077?
Doctor: Gibby Gibson.
Me: Can you tell me anything about the merger between Virginia and West Virginia that is stated to occur in 2041?
Doctor: I can’t say anything about that.
Me: Bummer… Anyhow, how’s Rose Tyler?
Doctor: She’s on parallel Earth.
Me: Good, keep up the good work!
Doctor: Thank you!

BabelLeef: Oh my god they were video chatting oh my god oh my god.

They were video chatting online at almost three in the morning. I need to do that with someone one time.

I do believe Freddie’s mum is a bigger freak. It’s chip verses coffee. And while Jane Lynch is super-epic, I do believe that it’s ever so slightly weirder to put a locator chip in your baby son’s head.

I’m kind of star-struck – THE DOCTOR IS HERE. Oh my god. I also apologise for the lateness of these notes – but there is someone who could take me back in time and change all that. How about it, Doc? Or would it mess with the laws of space and time? *cough*Hypocrite*cough*

»Shay’s apartment«

I honestly don’t know what to say about this image.

And she’s not doing that for Spencer…

Wait, corn juice?

Did you call him stupid, Carly?

This cracks me up:

Here comes the Gibster, with Sit Licks-a-lot.

“I never wanted a dog!” And then the puppy makes that sound. Lovely.

Oh, Carly, you made Gibby cry… and all he wanted was to be your boyfriend…

There’s a real (but fake) tear on Gibby’s face.

The puppy’s really cute…


I cried when Carly hurt Spencer’s feelings. It was seeing his face crumple like that… just killed me.

On a more professional note, the on-screen chemistry between Miranda and Jerry is so amazing.

“GIBBEH.” How many of my friends do this when they enter a room now? Just one. And even I think he’s weird.

»iCarly Studio«

Sam and Freddie are in the iCarly studio getting things ready for the show.

New Penny-T: Penny Tease. Also, I love the shirt Sam’s wearing.

Carly, Sam and Freddie having dinner. It’ll be nice to have a dinner out.

“Sam and I love Italian food so we made a reservation at Pini’s.”
“I love Pini’s!”

Do you guys know that segments where there’s a guy on camera who keeps facepalming over and over again without saying a word? That’s my reaction after hearing this. I did that for a good 5 minutes.

And it gets worse…

“The lasagna at Pini’s is so good that when I die, please bury me naked in a bathtub full of Pini’s lasagna.”

10 seconds to iCarly.

Making adult diapers out of old newspapers? That may come in handy!

Today’s news: “Old tree-houses are more spacious than sheet forts,” sources claim.
TV Writers waste a lot of time, study finds.
Parole denied for Nora Dirshlitt, Appeal Rejected.

Another argument, this time, they don’t waste time. “Carly!”

BabelLeef: “How great does Sam’s hair look?” I’ve been waiting for a line like this for AGES. And I was not dissapointed.

If anyone cares, the links to the videos on the sidebar of the website (shown in the episode) are “Watch a new video of Spencer!!! Click here.” and “Learn a new and IMPROVED recipe for Spagehetti Tacos!”

»Shay’s apartment«

Spencer’s making chicken. Moist chicken.

Carly’s going on a dinner date with Sam and Freddie. And Spencer’s with a girl he doesn’t know.

Gibby had a playdate for Sir Licks-a-lot but Carly didn’t show up.

BabelLeef: Spencer’s ‘friend’ reminds me of Ginger Fox; I would not want her coming to my house for my moist chicken. Wait, ew…

»Meanwhile, at Pini’s«

Sam and Freddie are on a date. They really like the lasagna…

The line “We’d really appreciate that” said by Freddie isn’t the same as used in the first promo of Nick’s Epic Summer.

Paul, the DJ, tried to flirt with Carly. No luck.

Sam and Freddie get into another fight… and Carly settles it. “Sam, that’s an insane amount of cheese. It embarrasses me.”

Carly has lost it. She pushes Sam aside.

And this is one of the things I NEVER (yes, Bieber, I said NEVER) want to see in my life:

Jennette/Sam on the verge of tears.

Wise words from Carly: “if you guys can’t learn how to solve your problems on your own, then you shouldn’t be dating at all…”

BabelLeef: This has particular meaning for me – it was seeing this set in Dan’s Run-Through video that inspired my fic ‘I Always Meet at the Purple Restuarant’. I’m still on the edge as to whether I’ll write another chapter, but I’m currently leaning towards one for iCan’t Take It. There’s a scene in mind. A perfect scene… mwahaha.

Although it has meaning, I can’t think of much else to say…

»Shay’s apartment«

Staring at the skies, while indoors. Awesomeness in a nutshell.

BabelLeef: Ouch.


I’ll be honest – Noah, Miranda and Jerry stole the show for me. I’m expecting a lot more of Nathan and Jennette in iCan’t Take It and iLove You – two very romangst filled episode.

And I’m a sucker for romangst…

Rob: What I don’t like about the episode: Pini’s. I don’t have to explain why. Petrocini’s had been mentioned on iGot a Hot Room. Also, the line “We’d really appreciate that” that was used on the Nick Epic Summer promo would have worked better, in my opinion.

See you all soon!

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  1. Bit ashamed to say but I have not been enjoying the past to episodes, and Im a diehard Seddie. But, my seddie is chipping away. Sigh… Anyway, great review.

  2. i noticed that when Carly/Miranda said “Awh! Sir does lick alot!” she had meant to hold the puppy’s paws, but she stretched her hand a little too far. :P anyway, i did love this episodes, although it’s wasn’t very surprising, thanks to all the spoilers. :((

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