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RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews New Year Resolutions List

As the new year is approaching at an alarming speee of 1 second per second, I thought it would be funny to ask you all what are your New Year’s resolutions for 2012. So, below you’ll find a form for you to fill with your resolutions.

Present your New Year’s Resolutions in the Comments field.

Thank you, and have a phenomenal 2012, without any endings of any worlds.

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Looking back… How 2011 went.

The year of Our Lord 2011 is quickly approaching its ending, and 2012 will be here in a few days. First, I want to assure you that in 2012, you will NOT see the end of the world.

Next, a reminder, we will be having 2 NEW iCarly episodes coming up next week…

Now, as the year comes to an end, we shall look back to 2011 and see what happened this year that shall be remembered… Steven, please play the inspirational music, please.

In January, we got unofficial news, we found out about iOMG…

In February, we were introduced to Cort and Ashley, and finally, the Great iCarly Hunger of 2010 had come to an end. Also, we told the story of Jimmy, a young man who wanted to meet Jennette McCurdy.

In March, we pitied Nevel (some more than others) and we got the official confirmation that 310 existed and was called iOMG and that it would rock our worlds… Also, we got word that Jimmy finally met Jennette McCurdy. His dream had finally come true… Also, my blog was hacked by GLaDOS from Portal, so yeah, didn’t know that Aperture Science had knowledge of this blog.

On April 9th, there was a major earthquake all over the globe… The epicenter of this earthquake was located, well, on the location of the central servers for Twitter. Oh, man, you should have seen it… The world stared in awe and happiness as Seddie finally happened, without a word of warning or advice… That is, not to all of us… Our friends over at Bickering Sidekicks have their own moles, and they are good. Also in April, we traveled through time to the future and changed the future of iCarly (when it comes to airdates), were mentioned in a Canadian magazine (first America Junior, then America!) There were problems with the Other Side (pardon my Fringe-like speech), and problems with the Powers That Be, but everything worked out for the best…

The month of May went by without much of anything that mattered, except for a curious blog post on, in which Freddie answered questions…

The same thing happened with June, except that was the premiere of iParty With Victorious, which was correctly labeled as the “Ultimate Crossover Event”. We saw the first promo for iLost My Mind, the result of my time travel. Also, we welcomed BabelLeef into the team (we even had a party, I’ll post the pictures someday; no, we didn’t…). We posted our theory as to why is Sam in love with Freddie.

As for July, it only saw the the airing of the extended version of iParty With Victorious.

Now, August, that was a whole another story… August brought us the epicness that was iLost My Mind that officialized Seddie as a couple. Here are five words that will make every fangirl shiver. “I guess we’re both insane…” Also, there was another fanwork that caught the attention of the public. I’m talking, of course, about the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital wristbands! We also taught people how to look for micro-expressions… But not all was good in August… 2 amazing people left this occupation… SarcasticLeaves and LaneTea. They are still alive and are still fans of iCarly, but they stopped reviewing iCarly. They were 2 of the 3 people who inspired me to do this blog, and I have to thank them for the size it grew to. Thank you! Wish I can meet you someday!

September was, perhaps, after April and August, the best month for iCarly. It gave us the ENTIRE SEDDIE ARC!! Also, a community-based Seddie Mind Movie which I haven’t completed due to lack of time and awareness.

October gave us iQ, and we became host to a Secret Diary of a Seddie Shipper.

In November, nothing happened. Really, it seems that the world took vacations…

Now, in December, there’s 2 new iCarly episodes in the same week. I believe that is unprecedented…

My buddies, friends and faithful readers, we may be reaching the end of 2011, but this blog, to quote an old wise man, is “barely beginning.” So, prepare your glasses and join me, as we take a step forward into the new year, in which you will be able to read more reviews of mine and laugh until you’re on the ground having seizures.

See you on the new year!

Some say…

Some say that in his wallet, he keeps a picture… of his wallet; and that he’s illegal in 14 American states, and is not allowed to enter the other 36. All we know is that he brings us bagels and pretzels (I LOVE pretzels!) Oh, he’s Steve.

This time, Steve brought us something that I was actually grateful he brought, a piece of good news. He brought us a promo for iStill Psycho.

I wanted to show it to you guys, but it has been removed from YouTube…

For more info on this episode, check this blog post:

EDIT: Thanks to @azn_Seddie, I got a link to the promo! Enjoy!


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