iMeet The First Lady Review

“I got a pocket got a pocketful of sunshine, I got a love and i know that it’s all mine oh oh oh oh…” *sees camera* Oh, sh*bleep*…

First of all, I’d like to apologize for a few things. First, this embarrassing scene you just witnessed. Second, the delay in the iBloop 2 and iBalls. There have been some complications of the creative nature and others. Now that is dealt with, welcome to the iMeet The First Lady review!

As the name states, the First Lady Michelle Obama will guest star as herself. Seriously, who’s next, the Pope?

»Scene 1: The Shays’ apartment«

Carly and Freddie are holding up a banner saying “Welcome Home, Dad”.

I don’t know if you guys ever saw the Simpsons Movie, but if you have, I’d like to direct your attention to a specific part of it. When Itchy is in the White House, and Scratchy calls, from the moon, and holds a placard saying “I’m telling.” The sound there totally applies here…

Sam is tying a balloon to Freddie’s phone, which she took from him without him noticing… And they are made of incredibly low quality materials…

After this, Gibby enters. By now, Word should recognize Gibby as a word…

Aww, a family reunion…

Gibby, I think we already established that 2 seasons ago… Spencer is Carly’s BROTHER!!

“You deserved that.” He totally did.

Wait… Spencer suited up?

Lawyers don’t run… Unless you’re Marshall Ericksen.

Spencer set an icecream truck on fire? I didn’t think it was possible…

Spencer, I think you would have learned by now. You and electronics of any kind DO NOT MATCH!!

»Scene 2 – Shays’ apartment«

Sam and Freddie just entered…

Oh, Spencer’s puppy dog eyes… It won’t work…

Ms. Carly Shay’s timing is amazing!!

“Junior fighter Carly Shay?”

Spencer sends the kids running, and calls them weenies.

“Some people are just born with the Weenie gene.” Oh, is it like the ATA gene, that allows Tau’ri to control Ancient, or Lantean, technology? Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s Stargate, look it up.

“Carly, sometimes in life…” “I know, a man and a woman fall in love and they get special feelings…” Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there, because that’s not what Spencer wants to say.

Spencer looks kind of disgusted…

Unfortunately Coronel Steven Shay can’t come home right now…

»Scene 3 – Prepping the iCarly studio for a live webcast«

Gibby’s true identity revealed? No, that Japanese guy is called Don.

“See ya at the club.” “Later, Gib.”

Carly’s still upset that her dad’s not coming home for his birthday…

“She won’t be upset when… SHUT UP, SHE’S WALKING IN!!” Smooth, Gibby, smooth…

Starting the webcast.

Carly’s visibly upset, and that’s impacting the show in a negative way…

Okay, Sam just revealed that they have a surprise for Carly.

A Birthday iParty? How does that work?

A live webchat to a secure USAF base… Let’s see Freddie break some state and federal laws.

And this looks like Skype, doesn’t it?

But the image is scrambled due to the nature of the secure connection…

“Hey, dad!” “I’m a lawyer!” No, you’re not, Spencer…

Here’s a question: why does it spell “Colonel” when you CLEARLY read Coronel?

Carly’s a snug bug…

A small chat over the Internet with their dad. Almost feels like he’s there…

“Okay, Colonel Shay, get excited ‘cause it’s time for…“ a song, a plane-shaped cake and the American flag!

“Happy birthday Colonel Shay.
Today’s the day that you were born.
We wish that you could be here with us
‘Cause if you were, we would give you a hug.
We bought a cake-shaped fighter plane
And… paid for with your credit card!

When Spencer “lights the candles”, Freddie’s already out of the splash zone…

“Nice work, Spencer…”

A few heartfelt words from the youngest Shay… I honestly thought she was going to cry…

Now, a word of advice from a world-renowned scientist: me.

Whenever there is a substance that has found its way to the highest point of a division, say, a ceiling, never, EVER, under any circumstances, ask the location of the substance. Those who do are fated to have the substance fall on their face.

»Scene 4 – 8th floor hallway«

The iCarlies have just arrived from school, I guess. They are carrying backpacks…

A group hug… Ready the “Aw…” machine, Phoebe… Fire! Aw…

Wait, 3 guys in suits… It finally happened! Barney Stinson has moved to Seattle! Or someone reads his blog…

These 3 guys are government-brand bouncers… but I think they wear black ties…

Oh, boy… you guys are in trouble…

»Commercial break«

What are the bouncers looking for?

“Your recent iCarly webcast caught the attention of someone very high up in the US government…” That’s good, right? The more people watch iCarly, the more people will like it and refer it to their friends.

Any more trouble?

“Don’t leave town…” I get that a lot… Not really, but still…

»Scene 5 – Rigdeway high«

Carly and Freddie are always looking over their shoulders…

I must admit, I love Sam in that hair… I love Jennette in any hairdo, but I really like her with that hair on…

She got wigs? Why? And passports? What are you planning, Puckett?

She wants to go to Amsterdam? Personally, I think Panama would be best… no extraditation agreements. How do I know this? WAY too much Prison Break.

Ahh! The government-brand bouncers are back!!

Am I supposed to be surprised that Sam knows this procedure by heart?

»Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…«

As the bouncers arrive at Bushwell Plaza’s 8th floor, the kids get scared…

“We’re just simple children of the internet…”

18 engagement rings? It’s Pam, I shouldn’t be surprised, but STILL…

Someone high in the US government hierarchy. Even higher than the President… I guess that proves that behind a great man, there’s always a great woman… Phoebe’s behind me, she made me write this.

It’s… It’s the… It’s the First Lady of the United States of America! *fake surprise gasp* I never even saw that coming!

Spencer is describing to the First Lady the events of iScream in Holloween…

“My mom voted for your husband…”

It’s amazing how out-of-tune T-Bo is… He sees the First Lady and all he does is try to flirt with her…

Oh, he just saw who she is…

“Your Excellency…”
“You don’t call her your excellency…”
“No, no, I kinda like it.”

“Her husband is the President…” Really, Spencer?

Who’s the lady on the right? I think I’ve seen her before…

Did Sam just interrupt the First Lady?

Samantha Puckett has problems with authority…

And T-Bo interrupts again. By now, the real Secret Service agents aka the government-brand bouncers would have kicked T-Bo’s butt to next year.

Now, I know that the First Lady Michelle Obama is not a professional actress, but this reaction is just, well, not good.

»iCarly webcast, upstairs«

The First Lady of the United States of America is playing a game which is hard to play, and the rules are not clear…

3 points for Mrs. Obama.

Of course, even iCarly advertises.

Now’s the time for a nice surprise… Some say that he has some terrible plans involving the moon, and where ever you are in the world if you tune your radios to 88.4 FM, you can actually hear his thoughts. All we know is, he’s Dan Schneider.

Dan’s first iCarly cameo. It’s ‘bout time he made one.

Random Presidential Dancing!! Even Dan joins in!

This episode was very funny, Dan’s cameo was unexpected… And the epic First Lady part was awesome.

But, this review has some political implications. And here it is:

In Soviet Union, review reads you.

Have a good night.

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