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2012 FanArt Contest Winner

Welcome, everyone, to the 2012 FanArt Contest Winner Anncouncement.

This is not one of those award shows, although it may seem like it is.

This year’s winner is a fan who answers by the Twitter handle of @spyrOcknroll, and he (or she) drew this:

It’s very creative and an amazing drawing. Congrats!! 

As a prize, @spyrOcknroll will be able to choose between 2 slices of pizza which contain exactly the same incredients!!

Thank you, and good night!

NEWS!! Good, bad, you be the judge!

Earlier tonight, something hit Twitter like a bomb… a link showed up on the micro-blogging site about Nickelodeon unveiling plans for total world domination, I mean, new episodes and shows. This news is accompanied with praises and cheers, as well as hatred and contempt.

Among the topics covered in the text in the link mentioned above, there are talks of the popular UK boy band One Direction having their own show, the 3rd installment of a FRED movie as well as 26 11-minute episodes of FRED: The Show.

But the thing that hits most of us is this: “…and a new Nickelodeon series from hit-maker Dan Schneider that will star Jennette McCurdy from iCarly…” Jennette McCurdy’s new show WILL come from the mind of the one and only Dan Schneider! This, however, does not mean that iCarly is ending… because…

“More new episodes of hit live-action hit series– iCarly, VictoriousBig Time Rush and Supah Ninjas.”

Despite what happens with iCarly, you know *points thumbs at self* this guy will be there to bring you the news you don’t want to know, and the reviews you get withdrawal symptoms for… Actually, people are starting to develop head and neck aches from withdrawal symptoms. True story… 

Here’s the link from PR Newswire:

Please comment with your thoughts!



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