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iAm Your Biggest Fan – Review – Dedicated to @AriaSumrWallace

Welcome good people of planet Sol 3 (Earth).
For my first review of 2011, I decided to review an older episode. A Season 1 episode. With a very special guest star, my good friend and incredible actress Aria Summer Wallace. Such an amazing girl…

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road.

As soon as the kids get to Carly’s home (it seems that they spend more time there than at their own households), they are confronted with a huge opponent…

A big sheet.

Thank you, Fredward “Captain Obvious” Benson…

Come on, Sam, don’t torture your future boyfriend like that…

Spencer comes barging in from is room screaming, and the kids get startled…

“Did I startle you?” No, Spencer, they just like to look like they were startled for entertainment purposes.

So, what’s up with the sheet?

A lava lamp that burst into flames… and then exploded. Amazing craftsmanship. And I thought lava lamps were designed to burst into flames and explode…

Uh, the moment draws near. Spencer is about to reveal the nature of the big white sheet.

Whoa, a thing where you can place your derrièrres on and rest confortably! That seat is awesome!

Spencer has an account on the junkyard. They have made a fortune as Spencer’s main supplier of parts.

Whoa, you have made a sculpture that can be used to seat… It’s from a ’66 Ford…

It even has lights! Those lights make lights, and sounds, and noises… And flames…

Spencer shouldn’t do any electrical stuff…

+++ Opening credits +++

Location: iCarly Studio

Carly and Sam are discussing ideas for the new episode.

Sam wants to cut Carly’s hair live on the show.

“I’m not letting you near my neck with a pair of scissors!” Wise move, Carly.

If the haircut idea isn’t getting on, we need one more thing…

Freddie has just the thing. Twister vision.

Yay. *throws cards up*

It is revealed that Sam had a zit on the previous week’s show.

We hear the what people describe as the “first contact”. This is the moment when an alien civilization reveals itself to the humans. In this case it’s Mandy and the iCarly cast, but the words still apply.

Now that the seating arrangements have been dealt with, Freddie asks “An audience of one?” That one is SO awesome, that the word “awesome” itself seems to lose all meaning.

Carly: “Why not?”
Freddie: “Let’s do it!”
Sam: “I don’t care.”

Sam’s suggestion of an iCarly skit: Carly and Sam roll Freddie in bread crums then bake him at 350.
Just till he’s golden brown. This can mean so much, Seddie-wise.

Location: iCarly set
Broadcasting live

Carly and Sam are about to implement Twister Vision as an iCarly segment.

“That silly dude right there.”

AAHHH, what’s happening, their heads are spinning!!

Reality restored, whew, finally! My head was spinning too…

Mandy just entered the show. Mandy’s portrayed by the awesome actress/musician/overall excellent person and friend Aria Summer Wallace.

Mandy is the biggest iCarly fan! She made her aunt drive all the way from Tacoma to be on iCarly. She has her own segment on

Also, she’s a cook, she made iCarly cookies. And I mean iCarly cookies, not cookies for iCarly.

The Seat of Sitting. Fun fact: in the Portuguese dub for the episode, Carly and Sam say different things at this moment, when talking about the Seat.

And she does know pretty much everything about iCarly. If you asked her what brand is Freddie’s camera, she’d know.

And she’s bossy! Slightly bossy. And soon the “live audience” plan is revealed to have turned for the worst…

Scene: Shay’s kitchen.

Let me guess, Mandy. Those are the awesomest stairs ever. Even the stairs on Vatican City are worthless compared to those.

That’s a big fan. No doubt about that… Just look at how muh she’s interested in the personal lives of the cast and crew of the show…

“Who plays the drums?” Drums? I don’t really know…

“Oh, mystery…” It’s a reference to Roxy Hunter, Aria’s previous character.

Carly’s thanking Mandy bor being the first live audience. It’s like saying, “stay here, you can stick with us for as long as you want”.

Spen-cehr arrives, and Mandy glomps him. Twice.

Oh, Spencer’s joining a band as a drummer…

“Awesome, let’s do it! I have money.” Oh, Mandy.

“Sweet zooms.” “I do try my best to… zoom sweetly…”

Sam hates people…

They’ll be like the Three Musketeers. Except the fact that there’re four of them.

Fast forward

Spencer is going to practive breakign drums. He’s making quite a good job at it.

Carly and Sam have arrived.

Strawberry Lumps. Gonna make that band.

Another jab at Pam.

Spencer fixed the drums. Let’s see if he can play.

How did the cymbal get on fire?

Fast forward

Carly and Sam have fallen asleep, while watching Girly Cow.

The calm after the proverbial storm…

Ahhhhhhhh! Mandy’s here!

How’d she get in there?

A wiener dog dressed like a pig. iWill Date Freddie.

She broke in through a window…

Spagetti in a blender. iWant More Viewers. What happened to Emmett?

And suddently she throws popcorn at the girls…

Commercial Break

Carly is coming down the stairs at Ridgeway High.

She got another thank you card from Mandy.

So did Sam and Freddie. Sam also got a Seasons 1-4 of Girly Cow on DVD And Freddie got a $40 discount on Bandana Republic. I heard that N’SYNC shop there.

Carly also got a box of frozen stakes… When is she gonna stop?

Mandy arrives, and the gang looks like she has just seen a ghost…

What, she transfered to Ridgeway? *starts breathing heavily*

Now I can officially say that Mandy is so tiresome!! Although the same cannot be said about the actress that protrays her. Aria’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

What do you want the stakes for, Sam? Oh, to eat.

Scene: Shay’s kitchen

Spencer’s cooking.

The band arrives… Maybe these guys are the band Spencer wants to join. Maybe they are Strawberry Lumps!

Suzay… Not Susie, Suzay…

“There’s my drumset right there.” I’m sure they’d see it eventually, Spencer…

There’s no way this is your drumset, Suzay. Peter, I mean Spencer, found them in the junkyard…

Why else would they come to your house, Mike?

“I’m ready to play a little bit, or a lot-a bit!” “I’ll play the drums, now…” Good call, Walter.

He has no talent on the drums… Stick to playing banjo, Jack.

He’s super-drummy, apparently…

“Will you answer one very important question?” “Does it involve Canadian trivia?” “No.” “Then I will answer this question.” I do this thing, too.

For him to be in the band, they must use this apartment to rehearse…

Scene: Shay’s living room, after a while.
How big is a while? I don’t know.

The kids just returned from school.

They’ve been stalked by Mandy. Now, she’s getting some Fladöödles.

And she’s back…

…with the Fladöödles…

She went to a scandinavian market?

We can’t blame Mandy for being unprepared…

Scene: Shay’s living room, after another while.

The band, whose name is Backflesh, is rehearsing in the Shay’s apartment.

Spencer stinks and it’s quite clear…

But he booked them on Seattle Beat.

And he continues to stink…

Scene: iCarly studio
The kids are live

Carly and Sam are starting the show, and Mandy pops up from behind them. I really don’t know how she did that… We can’t even see her walk behind Sam!

Messin’ With Lewbert!! It’s amazing how Lewbert is recognized the world over as the stereotyped American doorman.

What is this? A duck? Oh, it’s Mandy, she’s impersonating a duck…

Scene: Shay’s living room, the next day, most likely.

Spencer is sitting bummed on the couch, as Carly closes the door.

What’s wrong? Uh, a paper…

Here are the contents of this paper:

“Dear Splinter,
Thanks for getting us booked on Seattle Beat. You rock for that! Unfortunately, your drumming is suckish. So we decided to go ahead with our appearance on Seattle Beat. But we’re kicking you out of the band. Also, we took the rest of your deviled eggs and stole your drums.
Take care,

So, when you’re mad at someone the last thing you should do is listen to their music. But they took his drums!!

“Take an umbrella.” “I don’t wanna…”

“Let’s get upstairs before you-know-who shows up.”

And you know who shows up, just like she predicted…

Looks like Mandy likes Backflesh…

Scene: iCarly studio
The kids are live, again.

Celebrity Armpit… I think that was George Clooney’s right armpit…

A Spit Take. A fun way to end a webcast.

Chicken blood on french fries.

To end the webshow, a toast.

“To Mandy, who knows what happened to her!” “Let’s just be psyched that she’s out of our lives…”

You speak too soon, Carly…

Spencer is calling the kids.

Apparently something is happening in Seattle Beat. And Backflesh were using his drums.

Mandy is on Seattle Beat! She’s Backflesh’s number one fan, apparently!

How did she make the cookies so quickly?

And I think the voice that says “Can someone call the cops?” is Dan Schneider’s.

Rock that stage, Duck! I mean, Mandy!

This concludes my iAm Your Biggest Fan review!

I just want to say it was awesome making this review. Even more so, because this is dedicated to a person I am proud to call my friend and super grateful that she came into my life. Aria, Thank you!

RobSp1derp1g out!

Seddie, it’s not a ship, it’s a lifestyle.

iPilot Review (BIG text ahead)

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When we see iCarly’s first episode, we are presented with a nametag someone named Franklin, who is a principal. He is laughing loudly at something, and even though we can’t see what it is, we also laugh, because laughter is contagious. As the door of his office opens, a woman who appears to be in her 40’s (I’m being generous, I know) and principal Franklin puts down his paper and immediately stops laughing. We assume it has something to do with this woman. Read the rest of this entry


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