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Strap on your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Hello, my friends! I’m super excited, so I’m gonna cut to the chase.

Dan Schneider (@Danwarp) just posted a blog post about iCarly and Victorious. It contained info on the new iCarly episodes for the new season!

Remember iLost My Mind? The episode Nickelodeon gave us a promo for a few weeks ago. It’s part of a storyline!

The titles are iLost My Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan’t Take It, and iLove You.

Apart from iLost My Mind, all titles are temporary. They may be the real ones or not.

We also got news about the iPsycho sequel, iStill Psycho, and iMeet The First Lady!

Want to know what Dan himself said? Read this!

Discuss, people!!!

iPity The Nevel review

Hello, and again, welcome to RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews computer-aided blog. We hope the time you spent watching iPity The Nevel has been a pleasant one. The episode has been processed, and we are now ready to begin the review proper. Before we start, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all the blog’s posts, serious injuries may occur. For your own safety, and the safety of others, please refrain from stop reading this review until it’s finished. If you finish the review, there will be cake. The review will start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

First of all, I’d like to apologize. This episode’s review came a little later than the rest, due to my personal life and iOMG been being announced and all the subsequent speculation that followed.

This episode of iCarly contains vampires, which will give me an unique oportunity to write a lot of vampire jokes, most of them shamelessly copied from Vampires Suck. No copyright infringment intended.

Oh, and one more thing: *Mr. T voice* I pity the fool who isn’t excited to see iOMG Part 2. If anyone was insulted, my apologies.

Location: Shay’s kitchen

Freddie’s sitting at the computer, while Spencer is sitting in the couch, doing something…

Freddie’s editing a mini video for Oh, my mistake, turns out he’s “Frediting”. I don’t really know what that is. Carly kinda laughs at the joke.

“You really thought that was funny?” “No…” You have to admit, Freddie, that joke was kinda lame.

“What’s Fredly working on?” Well, Fredly’s work… Wait… Fredly?

“Look what I made!” Spencer, calm down, your sister’s talking…

What is an egg shooter? I’m afraid to know the answer.

So, it’s a water gun that was converted to use raw eggs… Neat. Does it work?

I should have foreseen that…

I don’t know if you guys know that TV show “Heroes”, it was about a bunch of people who had extraordinary abilities. Some would fly, some read minds, some controlled the space-time continuum. Well, it turns out that our friend Spencer here has the power of pyrokinesis. Create fire from nothing. Either that or a really cool special effect.

“A perfect Christmas gift”? I’m afraid I didn’t really understand this line.

Here comes Sam, she’s really in a hurry about a video that’s online…

“Going down!” Freddie has crashed…

I was unaware that Spencer knew another Nevel, and he’s a pianist.

“I’m gonna go ride bikes with Socko…” You do that, Spence…

The video is about Nevel. He has yelling at a little girl because she bumped into him and made him brake the last jar of some kind of pickles…

And they celebrate the downfall of Nevel A. Papperman…

Title Sequence

Location: iCarly studio, broadcasting live

The best way to prove ice is cold is: a) place a Gibby in a bathtub full of ice or b) insert water in the freezer. From then on, it’s a personal choice.

Whoa… Wait a minute. Maybe it’s my polluted mind (as my brother calls it), or does the following line have a double meaning?

Sam: “That proves it.”
Carly: “Ice is very cold.”
Sam: “Cold enough to freeze your Gibbys.”

I think it does…

iCarly premiere time. It’s time for the long-anticipated premiere of… of… *whispers* what’s the film name? Oh, right. Moonlight Twi-blood…

As Sam puts it, a vampire flick nobody needs or wants…

Let’s analyze Moonlight Twi-blood, a more terrible movie than “Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie”.

It’s the Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought The Cowboy (“Cowboy” is read “Ca-buy”) was a Vampire.

The Idiot Farm Girl wants a vampire as a boyfriend… That’s totally what the girl on Twilight would do…

Introducing Fredward Cullen. He’s “eviler” than Edward Cullen and but still not funnier than Edward Sullen.

Notice the vampire voice. Attention ladies: he’s single! The only downfall is that he’ll stay that age for all eternity. The only thing that doesn’t is… Oh, I won’t say it, kids read this blog.

According to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you have to invite a vampire in order for him to go inside your house.

He pulled out the fangs. Look how pointy his fangs are…

Time for some narration:

“On the cold and dark (and wet) streets of Seattle, an Idiot Farm Girl has invited a vampire to her house… No one should do that. xoxo Gossip Girl”

She really wants him to be her vampire boyfriend… her VBF. ‘Cause that’s what she wants.

To computer experts much like myself, the letters VBF mean something entirely different.

But he can’t… he’s a monster… Come on, Fredward, there’s no need for that kind of low self-esteem… Kinda reminds me, of “You’re the fourth Jonas Brother” “I’m a killer!”

And if he tries to kiss the Idiot Farm Girl, he might bite her neck, you know, in a murderous fashion.

“You’re stupid…”

Time for some more narration:

“While the full moon is up there in the screen, I mean, sky, an evil vampire gang who looks like the Black Eyed Peas is trying to take over the world.” Oh, you know that’s not true, but still…

Fredward Cullen is in a love triangle. Those are always cool!!!

George!! Haven’t seen you in a while, you know, since you were FIRED!

George is fun to be around and he’s great with kids… but, he has a huge flaw that won’t allow him to be with the vampire… he’s a bra.

If every vampire did what Fredward did, there’d be much less victims of vampirism…

The End.

Now we get to see the Nevel video again…

“That’s why America now hates Nevel Papperman” They hated him first because of that awful review about them…

“We were ahead of the curve…”


“Goodnight nurse!”

Here comes the Gibster!

A Karma party is a party where you celebrate the failure and disappointments of your enemies. But remember, Carly, Karma works both ways…

“Just desserts.” This may have been the best applied line of dialog Freddie has ever had until this moment in time. Very good placement and acting…

Location: Carly Shay’s Karma Party

Welcome to the iCarly Karma Party! You celebrate the failure of Nevel Papperman. We got good tunes, piñatas, darts and the ladies get 1 drink free!

Chicken Karmesan?

Freddie’s been approached by 3 beautiful girls…

Whoa, apparently, Fredward Cullen’s voice makes even the most boring speech seem interesting.

Who’s the redheaded girl? I’ve seen her somewhere. I’m just not sure where that was…

Also, for fun, notice the blond girl.

Karma corn, Karma apples… What’s this?

“To Nevel’s misery!!”

Location: Streets of Seattle

Here he is, Nevel Papperman, walking in the streets of Seattle and drinking juice from a packet. Is his mom still in that cruise?

Please note how he carries with him a box (packet, bundle, whatever) of juice. Normally, hobos carry a bottle in a paper bag. Just letting you know.

Please notice the highlighted area. It’s too much for poor Nevel to see the reason for his downfall on a sitting bench like that. I mean, it’s because of Schneider’s All Varieties Gourmet Pickles that he is where he is. And he gets hit in the face with a burger.

And it starts raining on top of him.

And he gets wet. By a guy with a hose. Karma… It works in mysterious and weird ways…

Transition to: Carly’s Karma Party

The three girls from the other picture just left.

“Karmagain.” Understandable pun…

“One final toast to the downfall of Nevel Papperman!” Samantha, I’ll drink to that!

Liquid soap, Gibby?

Uh, Freddie’s got a text. From one of those 3 girls that left at the start of this scene. Here’s what she wrote:

“Freddie, you are so, so hot.” After he reads the text, he proceeds to giggle like a girl. Understandable, I’d do the same. But, so far, no girls have called me hot.

This is one of the moments in this episode that would be explained later on the show, namely about 3 weeks later.

“Man, what is it with girls? A guy acts like a stupid vampire on a screen and they get all floppy.”

Have you guys noticed that Sam employs the word “stupid” a lot more than the rest of the characters? I wonder why…

There’s a knock on the door. It’s the door to “The Twilight Zone.” Or maybe it’s “The Scary Door”, the Twilight Zone’s parody from Futurama.

Notice how the house is decorated. Full of anti-Nevel stuff. Imagine how Nevel would feel when he sees that.

It’s Nevel! I’m not here! –hides behind the kitchen counter-

“What’s he doing here?”
(in vampire voice) “I don’t know…”
Notice that Sam didn’t like that.

Commercial Break

Back to Bushwell Plaza.

Nevel is tied up in a not so comfortable position… with his hands tied to his feet.

But he complains about the fact that Gibby eats the pudding loudly.

“You hate us!” And not like Sam hates Freddie. Oh no, Rob, you didn’t…

Nevel makes an awesome heartfelt speech, but Gibby’s conclusion is the chiz. “This pudding rocks!”

“I hope you’ll be kind enough to untie me because I’ve lost all feeling in my hands and feet.”

He wants to show the world he regrets his behavior.

You’re willing to prove you’re a changed man, boy, person?

Sam never stops to amaze me…

What is this, Fear Factor? Nevel’s gonna have to dring half a can of Wahoo Punch from Sam’s sweaty sneaker. If he pulls this off, well, nothing’ll happen.

Sam carries a dead cricket in her sneaker… Not surprising.

Everyone’s reaction is the same. Disgust.

Location: The Groovy Smoothie

The iCarly gang is getting ready to record a part of the show from the Groovy Smoothie. Meanwhile Freddie gets an unexpected visitor.

Patrice approached Freddie. She’s clearly nervous, as indicated by her slight lip licking.

“Did you like what you saw?” “A lot.”

Freddie’s got himself a potential date… Again, Freddie, wait 3 weeks.

About this image there is few to say and much to admire. Freddie just asked the girls to allow him to make more vampire stuff on iCarly. Carly’s happy face indicates that she’s happy (duh) that Freddie’s having luck with girls. Sam, on the other hand, not so much. You can see she’s a little bothered by his success with the ladies.

Also, is that a compass she’s carrying around her neck? I thought I was the only one who did that…

This next moment is the previous scene in video form.

“America’s nr. 1 dipwad.” “Former dipwad.”

Let me get this straight, he’s screamed at a little girl, and to show how sorry he is, he offers people smoothies that he paid for and creamed corn made by him. I’m not convinced…

The recipe for the creamed corn comes from Nevel’s Grandpappy Papperman…

So, 1 error on this image.

We see on the address bar, but the site is

Despite Nevel’s efforts, Stacey isn’t buying.

Funny how CreddieManiac is quoting Sam, isn’t it?

And what is HungryLisa saying?

What is Spencer doing? Counting screws. ‘Cause he’s bored…

Aw, come on, Nevel! You know that’s not true… Not everybody hates you… Just a big group of people…

Not even advice you can give them, Spence. They don’t want it either…

Nevel’s being attacked! By a headache!

Carly’s conforting Nevel… It’s amazing how Internet-induced shame can do to some people. And lookie here:

Notice the color of the circle on Nevel’s laptop… Yeah…

“No one’s truly gonna believe I truly feel bad about what I did.” Now that’s true, Nevel.

So, Carly hatches together a plan to help Nevel apologize to the world. And she means it.

Spencer, why are you placing butter upon your face?

Location: iCarly studio, broadcasting live

Gibby was just bitten by an African blowfish, who likes human flesh. Sometimes I wonder why he keeps doing this to himself.

Now look at this:

You can see the “On-line” sign above the door. I just noticed it and I absolutely loved it!

Also, you can see that Miranda is taller than Jennette. I did not know that.

Nevel is apologizing to the world.

“I, Nevel Amadeus Papperman, …” Amadeus?

In this image, no words were required or were provided. When the camera shows Sam, she shrugs, meaning she doesn’t believe that Nevel’s sorry.

Did Nevel just toss the paper?

A truly heartfelt speech from a truly ashamed and regretful webmaster.

A heart-warming moment between Nevel and Molly, the little girl at who he yelled.

Aww… Carly’s a little emotional.

Spencer shows up with absolutely nothing to say.

Location: The Groovy Smoothie

Freddie’s on a date with Patrice. You know, the girl who asked him out earlier that week.

She just dumped him. She claims “the vampire thing has played out”. What? No it hasn’t! Look at the Twilight saga, which is parodied in this episode.

Werewolf type? What? Is this a Team Jacob thing?

“Let’s roll.” Gibbeh…

Doesn’t Tasha get jealous? “We’re not exclusive.”

Nevel arrived at the Groovy Smoothie. I don’t think I’ve seen him on the Groovy Smoothie before.

He’s in debt with the iCarly crew.

And the story repeats itself…

“Aw, chiz.”

Again I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this review. My personal life has been interfering with my review schedule (yeah, I have one of those) and then iOMG was announced.

Thank you for reading my reviews.

RobSp1derp1g out!

iAnalyze Season 4

Your pal RobSp1derp1g’s here again!!

Since Season 4 (Season 3 in Production) is over, I thought of summing it up.

iGot a Hot Room (301)
iDo (302)
iSell Penny-Tees (304)
iGet Pranky (303)
iSam’s Mom (305)
iStart a Fan War (308-309)
iHire an Idiot (307)
iPity The Nevel (306)
iOMG (310) Read the rest of this entry

iOMG review – From the future

*two flashes of light followed by two trails of flames on the ground*
*lots of smoke and the sound of a door opening*
*coughs by two people*

Rob: Holy chiz, Doc! I still can’t believe he said that! Thanks! Now that I know this, my life has changed.
Doc: You know, Rob, you can’t tell anyone about what you’ve seen! If you do that, the space-time continuum will collapse!
Rob: Don’t worry, Doc, I won’t. If I need to go back in time, I know when to find you.
Doc: Take care, Rob!
Rob: You too, Doc! You too!

Hey, guys! This is RobSp1derp1g, straight from the future! To those who believe me, good. To those who don’t, check this out!

Read the rest of this entry

iStart a Fan War – Review

Hello, guys! Here we are, back from Webicon. Here at RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews, we must say that it was a fruitful experience. Why is that? Because I have never actually been in a convention like that. But I think I might actually start going, because then I’d have the possibility to find an amazing yet fairly unknown actress called Jennette McCurdy. Any of you heard of her? Me neither…

First and foremost, I must announce something. *serious lights are turned on* I have been rewarded with the oportunity of having another Seddieshipper working with me here. So, everyone, please give a hot welcome (warm seems too little) to omgwtfEmily! She’s the new author for this blog an will be working with me here on my reviews and speculations.

Anyway, I can see you guys are looking a bit glum. If you’re wondering how I can see you, the answer is simple. I’m in a dim-lighted-deep-underground-location-unknown-super-secret evil lair of doom. Do the math. As to why you guys are glum, it’s not my fault “The O.C.” ended. I liked Shailene Woodley, even though I never actually saw her on this show, as Mischa Barton’s little sister.

Oh, you’re sad about the whole “Seddie vs. Creddie” thing. About that, I have 2 words: READ BELOW.

One thing I have noticed about this episode is that we don’t know who has written the episode. Why is that?

Review, I choose you! Oh, I forgot, this isn’t Pokémon.

The episode starts with Carly and Freddie entering school. They’re discussing something with “lots of different kinds.” And it’s not actually discussing, it’s more like bothering, because only Freddie is talking.

40 grid, 60 grid, 80 grid, Huh? You lost me. No, wait. Freddie didn’t lose me. He never had my attention.

Turns out that they’re talking about sandpaper. Interesting topic.

Sam has a lunchbag, a rare sight, rare sight indeed… Pam is trying to be a better mom.

I don’t live in the States, but I don’t think that in the USA, one’s two best friends would inspect one’s lunchbag.

Also, only Pam Puckett would send a C battery in her daughter’s lunchbag.

You can’t really blame her for trying, Sam.

And there he is… Walking down the stairs of Ridgeway High… Adam. There is also wind that shakes Adam’s clothes. Ah, Hollywood…

Oh, Carly’s got a crush on Adam… *half an hour later* shhhhhhhhh…

Whoa, why are Adam’s clothes being pushed back?

Gibby has a fan… I guess Dan had to do it…

Freddie’s not that upset about Adam… Could this mean…

“And he’s coming this way.””Shut up and be cool!”

»»»»» Adam’s Guide to Talking With Girls: «««««

1- When talking to a girl, instead on telling her she’s pretty, make a remark on what she’s holding. If she has a crush on you, she’ll ignore the comment and carry the conversation from there.

When do things go as well as we hope, Carly?

— Title Sequence —

You guys know I usually skip this and go directly to the episode, right? Well, not this time.
This time, I’ll show you something that has intrigued me.

The first thing you might notice is Freddie’s arm around Sam. Yeah, I know, hard to miss. Even more so after I marked it. But for now, please focus on the microphones. The only episodes where microphones were used were iDo, iStart a Fanwar and due to the nature of the episode, iParty With Victorious. Since the first two already aired, I guess the next big scene will happen on iParty With
Now you can look at Freddie’s arm.

»»» Location: Bushwell Plaza, iCarly Studio «««

The girls got a question from frogpunch99. These fans have amazing questions. They don’t ask if you can cook a pickle with a blowtorch. They ask how to do it correctly. Excellent question.

We discover that Socko has a cousin which is a professional welder. His name is Bernie. He proceeds to burn the pickle.

Carly and Sam got news for us guys! It turns out that they’re going to Webicon!!

They wanted to go last year, but they were kidnapped by a super-crazy-psycho fan who locked them in her basement. Nora even tried to kill Gibby, but she was brought down by him ans his younger brother, who has a nack for saying “Happy Birthday.”

“Gibbeh…” No offense or anything, but right now, Gibby sounded like a Pokémon.

Answer questions, which will be totally unrelated to the love lives of the cast, sign autographs, meet fans, who make assumptions about the love lives of the cast…

“Mr. Pickle’s gonna feel that tomorrow…” I love that accent.

»»» Timeskip to: Carly’s new room «««

More sandpaper talk… Who cares about that? Freddie, apparently, and not Carly.

Whoa, Spencer is playing World of Warcraft… I mean World of Warlords… Yeah, that is totally what I meant…

That is how a WoW (glad the acronym is still the same.) player plays the game. He or she yells incessantly at their opponents, despite the fact that they know they can’t hear him or her.

“Enjoy your ghostly stroll from the graveyard…” Actually, I play WoW. And I must say that the ghostly stroll from the graveyard isn’t that bad… If you find your body, you can ressurect for free…

Whoa, they turned to Carly at the same time… Intense…

“It’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle…” If by any chance Dan reads this, what is this is a reference to?

Only a nerd would know what an MMORPG is… Actually I like MMORPGs but I prefer RTSs. Oh, better yet, FPSs!

“Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.” *fistbump*

Spencer, that is a mistake make gamers make. They go get food. While I am the first person to acknowledge the benefits of ingesting foods, doing so while playing MMORPGs might result in more frequent visits to in-game graveyards.

A boat on a coffee table? Now I’ve seen everything…

“Oh my God, it’s Adam! He wants to videochat! Be cool!” Carly, when is Freddie not cool?

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to talk about the TV in Carly’s room. It’s awesome, and I bought one with relatively the same size.

One note. As much as I love Miranda Cosgrove and recognize her talent as an actress, I think that when she says “you did?” was bad. I think she was supposed to be surprised, I mean, her crush just saw her perform in her weekly webshow and she’s not that surprised?

Burning a pickle…

Oh, come on, Carly. Freddie just wants a little recognition…

“Nice hat!”

“Leave the hat.” “No, I need to wear it!”

Now Carly sounded a bit desperate… But she’s not! This is a direct contrast with iSpeed Date, in which she was desperate, but didn’t want to sound it.

Carly knows about the Creddie shippers…

*rubs hands together while looking around the room* …WHAT?? We’re the nervous ones?? Come on!!! We’ve been fighting Creddiers from day one! And they are the nervous ones!!

Small note: Adam is a Seddieshipper. You know why I say this? He didn’t know the name of the ship, but when he did, he said, “got it.” Which means he wants Sam and Freddie together.

“So you and Freddie definitely aren’t together?” “God, no!” Tremble before the power of this statement, Creddieshippers!

Adam asked Carly out, but her busy schedule is in the way.

“Swear?” Look out for words with double meaning…

Spencer comes back with the cheese.

“I told you to never sneak up on me when I’m thinking about boys!” How is Spencer supposed to know when you are thinking about boys?

Spencer arrives with a bombshell. He’s going to Webicon.

Turns out he wants to win a stume contest (stume is cool talk for costume). So basically, he’s gonna be a cosplayer.

PILLOW FIGHT!! But Spencer, she’s unarmed…

»»» Transition to: Bushwell Plaza, Shay’s kitchen «««

Spencer is measuring his stume and making all necessary modifications…

Like any responsible adult, Spencer asks the kids how was school.

“Aced my Physics test.” “Nice.”
“Got an A on my World History report.” “Good boy.”
“Had egg salad for lunch.” “Tastee”.

Look how Freddie became psyched about the stume (by now, it sounds lame.)

Is it possible that two girls who never had any contact with World of Warlords do not know who Aruthor is? Yes, it is.

Aruthor is the greatest warrior in the entire realm of World of Warlords. His powers are equaled by no other. So Aruthor is a parody of Arthas. And the only match for Arthas is the Lich King. I take it that’s what Aspartamay’s based on. Yes, I’ve played the game.

Again, is it possible that two girls who never even heard of World of Warlords don’t know why can’t they battle. But I get the feeling it’s about to be explained.

Freddie is terrified of Sam. Just one look from her and he starts shivering. Well, not shivering, but he does get afraid.

Hoobscher fyords. Again Ben Heubsher is mentioned. Don’t we all love iCarly’s script coordinator?

“It’s so weird how you guys don’t have girlfriends…”

Farquar dimentional plane. Got it.

A battle so volatile it could destroy the multiverse… UHHHHH…

I’m a sucker for everything that includes multiverses. I think it’s the possibility of exploring new… oh, you don’t care…

Diet soda for the win!

Jewels on the butt flap? New level of nerdiness, Spencer Shay.

Go get a sponge, Sam…

»»» Transition to: bird’s eye of Seattle «««

Again, I am forced to interrupt this, because I noticed something.

Dan took images from Comic-Con and modified some logos to make them look like Webicon. I said some, because there are some which show clearly it’s from Comic-con. But a good try nonetheless, Dan! Here is an image that proves it:

The cast has arriveth. I mean arrived. They meet Corbin Davis, Webicon VIP liaison. What that means, I don’t know.

Nora is brought up again. She had a chicken…

Uh… smoke effects… Nice.

You are Aruthor! But even Aruthor can be hit by automatic doors.

“You have a couple of broken steam pipes over there.”

“Is there a bathroom I can use?” “Right next to the iCarly conference hall.” Incredible! Just as I have foreseen! Take a look:Well, it’s a little far off…

“We have a conference hall?” “I am Aruthor!”

Freddie was kidnapped by the iCarly fangirls! Hurry, Sam, go and save your friend. Right now he’s just your friend.

Sam has landed right on top of Freddie. You hear him scream…

“Those girls will tore you to pieces!” “I know! Woo-hoo!!” There Freddie goes, willingly, into the middle of the crazy fangirls…

—Commercial Break—

I already saved him once, that’s all he gets from me.

We all know you’re Aruthor, Spencer…

“Give me my longstaff, I made it.”

Apparently Dan saw the Simpsons fragment called Man Getting Hit By Football.


“Here’s your nerd stick.”

While Spencer signs up for the stume contest (it still sounds lame…), Adam shows up!

Gibby’s joining the cast, along with his brother…

»»» Location: Parking lot «««

Gibby, Guppy and their grandpa are on the car “on their way” to Webicon.

Mr. Gibson has fought 7 years on a 2-year war in Korea. He met a lady there.

“My pants are too tight!” I agree with you, Guppy!

Mr. Gibson can’t eat corn, do da, do da.

And they’re still parked…

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

Hoobscher Fyord Vs. Pernicious Berm. The fight all the World of Warlords would rather avoid.

“Your costume is so level 90!” “Epic stume” (It STILL sounds lame…)

Why is it so hard to believe that Spencer made the costume himself?

“I think I’m cocky enough…”

Webicon visitors are advised not to get too excited about any of the panels, it may be hazardous to your health.

The epic encounter between Aruthor and Aspartamay has already made casualties: one teen has fainted.

For the first time since the creation of the game, Aruthor and Aspartamay meet face to face…

»»» Location: iCarly Q&A panel «««

Adam is being redirected to the iCarly Q&A panel.

We see Stacey, who is a little emotional.

Next, it’s Craig and Eric. They’ve been in line for two hours.

With only a few minutes until the Q&A begins, Sam has disappeared.

But lo and behold, here she comes, with a drink in her hand.

Fat Shake. “Brand new from the good people who bring us Fat Cakes.” The truth about these is, they are made from low fat Fat Cakes.

The Q&A is just about to begin.

“My name is Adu!” Congratulations, Adu! You just lost an amazing oportunity to be quiet. Another Simpsons reference.

“I have a question. You guys are awesome!” Another one, Adu.

Girl in pink shirt: 93 sound effects for only 6 buttons, how is it possible?
Answer: The remote is programable. And it seems that Craig and Eric had a wager going on…

From now on, I’m gonna call Stacey “The girl with the bow on her hair.”

Stacey was cured of her speech issues but had a relapse. I know what you mean, girl…

Say what? Stacey’s a Creddieshipper?


As soon as Stacey announces her ship, another guy starts booing her and shouting “Seddie!”. First, a note. Not all Seddieshippers are like that. I, for one, am not like that. I respect Creddie, and other ships.

“Carly and Freddie, what are the circumstances of your romantic relationship? Details, please.” Gee, next time, try being a bit more direct, okay, Stacey?

What? They are the ones that supposedly are in a romantic relationship (which they aren’t, by the way), but you think you know more than them.

Also, something fun to notice is that the PearPad girl has pictures! PICTURES!! What do they prove? Absolutely nothing. Look, we see that the only first two pictures are Creddie-ish. The rest is Baby Spencer, alone and with his maid, Gibby, Spencer, and actual iCarly photos. We even see the knowing smile Spencer does from iNevel, you know when Sam and Freddie are fighting (I think this description didn’t help much…)

Even Man-boobs agrees with Stacey and the PearPad girl. By the way, the website proves nothing. Nothing on the website points towards Creddie.

Oh, Adam’s getting angry… You won’t like him when he’s angry.

You are a bad girl, Sam… You know that’s not true and you still say it? Oh, it’s just for the laughs. In that case, okay.

That did it. Not only did Sam cause an all-out fan war, it completely crushed Adam’s heart…

It may be fun, Sam, but it’s wrong.


»»» Commercial break «««

The fan war Sam created still ensues. And Corbin is trying to calm the fans down…

Sam offered Freddie her Fat Shake…

Freddie knows Carly likes Adam, and is not upset about it. He’s over Carly, peoples!!!

Oh, Sam, now you’ve done it good…

She jokingly announced that Creddie was true and now Adam’s heartbroken…

Why would a shuttle come pick Adam up?

Why would she need an extension cord?

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

Aruthor and Aspartamay are judging each other’s costumes.

Aspartamay’s saying Aruthor’s costume is good, for an amateur… Oh, it is on in a matter similar to that of Donkey Kong.

Oh, Spencer’s costume is based on the beta version of Aruthor…

“What’s wrong with my jewels?” This has so many interpretations…

And now they are poining the flaws on each other’s costumes.

This is a sign that new methods of thought are reaching new ways of being acknowledged. Even videogame characters are vegetarians…

»»» Location: Inside-Out Burger «««

Mr. Gibson wants soup. So he goes to the Inside-Out Burger.

With Guppy shouting “French fries!”, and Mr. Gibson not knowing who’s speaking through the drive-through, it turns out it’s a painful morning…

“I’m hearing the voices!!” Oh, Guppy…

»»» Location: iCarly Q&A panel «««

Next question is from Craig, who hails from San Diego.

Only a nerd would reference Stargate in a regular conversation.

Adu, it doesn’t matter how many times they say they aren’t dating each other, you guys can’t get it through your thick skull of yours…

I’d like you guys to remember an older time, when the iCarly cast went to Land of the Rising Sun…

When the Nakamura Hotel clerk claimed they were on honeymoon and he got slapped? Well, look at him now. Dozens of fans claiming he’s dating Carly and yet, not a single smile. I’m sorry for saying this, Creddie fans but Freddie’s just not that into Carly.

They were kicked out of the TCAs? Why? Oh… Not even iCarly is safe from Justin Bieber…

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

And now Aruthor and Aspartamay are in a healthy swap of insults…

I like how Steve (I call Steve to the guy who’s playing Aspartamay) breaks character to say “Okay, seriously, dude, you take that back right now.”

Now we get to see an epic showdown between Aspartamay and Aruthor.

And those teen in the middle, “the prophecy…”

The epicness of this battle has to be expressed in it’s original form. In text.

Aspartamay: You maggot, you fool, know you not what you say, prepare to be PWNED by Aspartamay!
Aruthor: You look like you’re hungry, so taste the blade of Aruthor!
Aspartamay: Your blood, it will boil, your flesh I shall burn into eternal damnation, but I guess that you’ve earned it!
Aruthor: You will beg for mercy, when I own you in the FACE!
Aspartamay: I’ll thrust my sword through your lily white gullet, you’ll look like a troll with a chambermate mullet!
Aruthor: You emanate a stench so foul that when you’re near it makes me HOWL!
Aspartamay: I’ll bleed ye dry and ye shall cry, (imitating a baby crying) Wah wah wah wah, ba ba ba ba!

And a song ensues. And then a fight.

And then we’re back on Gibby’s car.

Gibby’s way of manipualating his grandpa deserves applause.

»»» Location: iCarly Q&A panel «««

Sam returns with Adam tied up.
A small fun fact *hears faint voice* Well it is fun to me! When Phoebe, Steve and I went to Webicon, we were supposed to cover the event live, but we lacked a very important cable. One that Steve forgot. So, when he was holding a camera at this time, when Sam passed by him, she punched him in the nose. Hey, see it on the bright side. At least you got a free souvenir…

He was resisting… okay.

When Sam calls them people they don’t respond, but they answer by fans of iCarly.

Sam has 2 announcements:
– having a Fat Shake is like sucking heaven through a straw.
– She was joking about Carly and Freddie.

Adu’s comment is remarkable. “She pulled our collective legs!”

Sam and Freddie FOR THE WIN!!! <- This is both a quote and a statement said by me.

The girl who asked the first question is a Seddieshipper…

Another fan war…


— Commercial Break —

The second fan war rages on…

Sam’s family reunions seem to be pretty funny…

We know that, Corbin.

“A nerd riot can last for days! Most of these people don’t have jobs or lives to go back to.” So basically the insanest-most-hardcore shippers are uber-nerds? I agree…


That guy who yells “You lie!”… Why is he all formal?

And the riot resumes…

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

Aruthor and Aspartamay are still at it…

That nerd as referee cracks me up!

It has come down to this: Longstaff vs. wristballs.

»»» Location: Mr. Gibson’s car «««

Mr. Gibson is fighting with the drive-through guy…

Where’s his soup?

And the drive-through guy is pulled out of the winder.

»»» Location: iCarly Q&A panel «««

The riot seems neverending…

And Carly’s solving a Rubik’s cube. She got one side done.

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

The leaders of the Hoobscher Fyords and the Pernicious Berm are still fighting…

Aruthor’s getting pwned!

Total pwnage!

It’s not a rock, it’s a piece of cement.

Spencer has chlorene in gas form…

Bring the tenacious floggers!

»»» Location: iCarly Q&A panel «««

Corbin called the chief of security.

Who is stupid enough to hold a live flare??

That is the whole reason reason iCarly was created… To share fruit.

Creddiers: “Let’s get this guy because apparently he is the only thing in the way of Creddie, even though we have no reason whatsoever to attack him!”

Carly’s indifference is incredible. “Did anyone understand what I was trying to sa… oh, forget it…”

This is what I don’t understand. We Seddiers have nothing against Adam, but he’s being poked by Seddie paddles.

“He belongs to them now…”

He won’t forget it…

»»» Location: World of Warlords panel «««

The tenacious flogging continues.

“The kids from iCarly approacheth.”

“He’s not my friend, he’s mean…”

“Aruthor has a sister?”

“Your costume’s lame!” Good one, Spencer!

The mighty Aspartamay is going down with a bitten thumb?

You’ve snatched his browny jewel. So he’s gonna die.

He could reanimate, but it would take the power of all 99 mages and Sam doesn’t want it.
Look how Sam bends Freddie’s will with just 4 words…

“Can we go home now?” “After we blow the horns of our forefathers, symbolizing the vanquish…”
“We’re going home!” “I’ll get the car.”

At long last, Gibby arrives at Webicon. He had to lie to get here.

My 2 dollars: This episode was really funny, congrats to Jack Black for another successful performance. The promos were VERY misleading. I was mislead by them, I admit it. But the goal of iCarly is to make people laugh. And I get that everytime my 4-year-old cousin starts randomly shouting “Gibby!”

I recommend you guys to read this blog post by Dan: Here

Oh, I almost forgot… I have found scriptures that predict what happened these last few days…

They were written in a ancient e-book.

They go as follows:

“The epic event took place and followers around the globe and Wisconsin desired to see which side reigned victorious, the Fram or the Frarly. But in the end, the battle was not solved. So, the followers rose against the Creator and demanded to know why their questions had not been answered. The Creator saw this and posted on his blog. And the followers of the Creator saw that it was good.”

In case you can’t tell, the text above was written by me.

Ever since this site existed, I’ve been trying to find a catchphrase I could call my own.
I am proud to say I have found it.

Seddie, it’s not a ship, it’s a lifestyle.

iDo – Review

“She, may be the face I can’t forget, a trace of pleasure or regret, may be my treasure or the price I have to pay…”

Hello, by now you’re most likely wondering “There he goes, singing again.” Well, this time it’s different, I was singing to the camera, but I knew the camera was on.

Today’s review goes to the new episode that just aired called iDo. Why iDo? Because there’s a wedding. *Shippers say: What the…?* Oh, cut the crap, you already knew it.

Let’s get it going!!
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iSell Penny-Tees – Review

Dearest readers, I come to you bearing bad news. This will be my last review… for a while. My PC is actig kinda weird and is in need of a cleansing, so I decided to reinstall Windows. I won’t even do iDo’s review, not until my PC is back on track.

So, without further adue, here’s my review for iSell Penny-Tees.
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iGet Pranky – Review

“When the moon hits your eyes, like a something, something pie. That’s amore…”

Oh, it’s on again! And I was singing again… Gawd…

Welcome to my iGet Pranky review! In a few moments, we will start reading the review and you will start imagining what it would be like if it was a video review. If, for any reason, you start to feel nausea while reading this review, it’s your problem, not mine. :D As for emergency exits, there is only one: the small red X on the top-right corner of the screen. Let’s try not to use it…

Shall we begin? And begin we shall!

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, The iCarly Studio \\

Gibby is standing on a vessel with lots of hair-like objects…

Cotton candy, Gibs? Come on…

What? All of these 10 seconds, Gibby was standing on random hair? You mean it’s not a material with similar qualities and properties than those of hair? That’s surprisingly surprising!!

Manny’s barber shop. Another business saved thanks to iCarly… Is there anything these 3 guys won’t do?

That’s discrimination, Freddie! Although I understand your point.

These are the moments when you realize that the show has come a long way. In the start of the show, Gibby wouldn’t even be allowed in the iCarly studio. Now, there is a time for him to get OFF the studio! Talk about character development!!

Sam starts with the ever-so-random-and-usual insults to Freddie. But this time he tries to fight back. VIEWER WARNING: Any attempt of insulting Samantha ‘Sam’ Puckett after she insulted you, will most likely result in a very expensive hospital bill.

A bleeding pickle. I must admit, the prank’s pretty awesome. But I think the dad got some kind of trauma thanks to it.
I feel sorry for the pickle’s children. My prayers go with mustard.

++ Title Sequence ++

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, Carly’s bedroom \\

The gang including Gibby are chillin’ out after another successful webcast.

Sam is dead?? NOOO!! She died as she lived. Being lazy… *Phoebe whispers something* Oh, she’s not dead? Oh, that’s a relief…

Carly is playing in Godzilla’s Pearpad Nano. Come on, that thing’s bigger than her…

While Gibby wonders about the history of the hair he has in his hand…

…Freddie releases a baloon he has been filling.

Spencer is calling Gibby. Incessantly.

Why do you want that bucket of hair for? The mind of the Gibmeister.

As Gibby walks through the door, Godzilla’s PearPad Nano is showing one webpage: Dan Schneider’s blog.

Carly: Yes, she’s asleep.
Freddie: You know what I’m gonna say, so there’s no point in me saying it.

Yo, Shay!! Don’t do that again, otherwise Benson over there will pay the price! Two US dollars!

Sam can throw a pillow hard enough to throw someone of a bed. And pillows don’t fly that well. I think that’s because they don’t have wings.

Bleeding pickle… You will be missed.

A wise decision by Carly. But it might be a funny story from Sam…

Now, 2 questions rose to the top of my head:
– How did she make a cop think his feet for cut off?
– How is that a funny prank?

Raisons in a kid’s hat? Freddie, even I have pulled funnier pranks than that…

Doesn’t this conversation remind you guys of anything? Anything at all? Something purple, maybe? That’s right, this is a twisted-and-turned version of the “two friends and a co-worker” part of iKiss. Prove me wrong, Dan! Prove me wrong… Actually don’t, it’s better this way…

Carly has never pulled a prank on anyone… except for knock-knock jokes.

Let me get this straight: when you meet the right person, you will prank them? Okay, but then that person will never want to see you again. Unless your name is Sam and his name is Freddie. Then it’s aaaaaaaaall good.

See, kids? Peer pressure is a good thing!! By the way, I’m being sarcastic!

// Scene: Ridgeway High, Hallway \\

We get to see the Gibmeister in action! For older fans, his reputation is almost as good as Steve Stiffler’s!

A prank involving placing a fish in someone’s locker… Where did I see that before?

Gibby’s way more positive than Freddie. Remember how he reacted?

I’m forced to agree with Sam on this one.

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, the Shay’s living room \\

Carly is watching an old episode of Drake and Josh with Megan talking on the screen. Instead on wondering why does that little girl look like her, she wonders why is she so good at pranking people.
One word of advice, Carly. If you want to learn something, learn from the best. In this case, Megan Parker.

Spencer’s spoon hat is quite good, actually. Here, in the Portuguese version of Project Runway (in which one of my favorite comedians was a guest judge), a woman tried to do a dress out of spoons. Incredibly, it worked…

Eating soup with a fork… not unprecedented.

“Nothing’s stupid to a guy in a spoon hat.” You gotta admit the truth in that sentence…

Why do you have to go now, Spencer?

“Can you please just respect that? No.”

This is the part where Spencer tells us and his sister what he did.

The title “King” is always prestigious. Try saying “Elvis is the Prince.” It sounds fake.

Notice how the camera zooms on Spencer and the music turns as the scene changes… It seems kinda Hitchcock-ish…

It’s funny how a story on Spencer’s prank record turned into an English class.

Spencer can’t say ‘no’ to a girl wearing a spoon hat.

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, The iCarly Studio \\

Sam and Freddie just arrived at the iCarly studio after receiving a text message from Carly.

Apparently they got a treat from Nevel…

And that treat is… Carly’s severed head. Carly’s severed head???

Oh, it’s just a prank… pulled by Spencer and Carly…

Remember how someone used to say “Let the rueing begin.”? I say “Let the pranking begin!!”

Spencer is completely out of control! He keeps pranking everyone! Even random strangers!

– Commercial Break –

Spencer is watching TV and it’s his own voice coming out of it. Which leads me to believe that it’s Jerry himself on the TV.

He needs Socko’s lawyer to sign a contract. Great.

You know when Carly is serious when she resorts to murder threats…

I must admit, the Plexiglass in front of the elevator prank is pretty cool.

Baby Spencer doesn’t want to sign a contract.

A shock pen. So old.

But it works on Freddie…

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, Basement \\

Gibby is now traumatized. He’s still afraid to pee.

“You can’t touch the king!!” I think Elvis said that once.

// Scene: The Groovy Smoothie \\

Glow-in-the-dark face cream? Spencer likes to innovate.

Am I the only one who is in favor of the nunchucks?

// Scene: Bushwell Plaza, 8th floor Hallway \\

Spencer is entering his home.

There is a class reunion in his house.

Carly decides to record the intervention on video. And during the time that she takes to get her camera, Spencer is beaten up. I’d like to say Karma, but I won’t…

~~ Seddie moments!! ~~

  • In the beginning, Sam throws the pillow at Freddie, even though he did nothing.
  • The conversation about pranks was reminiscent of the “first kiss” talk on iKiss.
  • The dead fish prank was first mentioned on iKiss.
  • The shock pen bit. We all thought it was a taser or something…

And some more I must have missed.

== My opinion ==
It was a very funny episode, as it is to be expected.
When we think we know everything there is to know about Spencer, Dan drops this on top of us.

And now, I’d like to pay my respects to someone who passed away last night.

RIP Bleeding Pickle
3-21-2010 – 9-25-2010
Beloved Father, Son, Husband and Snack

iSam’s Mom – Review

My friends, the time has come. On September 11th, 2010, a new person was introduced to us. Their name: Pam Puckett. Her game: you don’t wanna know…

As you might know, Phoebe’s back from her time off and she has a Seddie-themed soundboard. So prepare for more sounds. *clapping sounds*

Now, as Gibby would say: “Let’s do this!”

The episode starts with Carly entering the iCarly studio, and Freddie’s there doing some sort of thing to the camera.

Of course Sam’s not here yet! The episode has barely began!!

“Are those new pants?” While I might regret what I’m about to say, how did Carly know those were new pants? But those pants are pretty cool…
Oh, and Freddie’s hip-swivel. Totally normal gesture. When I have a new pair of pants, I swivel my hips to show them off… By the way, I was being sarcastic!

“They sell pants for men now.” “Then you should have bought some.” Oh, Carly… When did you start to mess with Freddie, in the Sam way?

I thing I have to mention, or else it’s gonna get forgotten. Is it just me, or does Gibby look a lot like Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama? The only thing that’s missing is the “Whoop whoop whoop” while clapping his claws… And that is a disturbing thought.

Every time a TV host cuts something out of the show’s alignment because they’re out of time, they are clearly kidding…

You’re mad, Gibby? You shouldn’t be. You know why? Because she warned you!!!

Freddie’s punchline kills me! “Would you say you’re… steamed?” Not the most appropriated word when talking to a boy with fake lobster claws. And now would be the time for Dr. Zoidberg’s Whoop whoop…

It was funny, Carly, admit it. But Gibby didn’t find that line that much funny.

A little etiquette lesson from Sam. Phoebe, some soft violin music, please.
*Soft violin music starts playing*
How to correctly enter a room:
Step 1: You step by the door and wait until someone’s talking.
Step 2: As soon as you know that someone’s talking, you barge in asking for anti-itch cream.
And that’s the correct way to enter a room.
Courtesy of whoever did it first, I don’t feel like checking names.
Cut the music, Phoebe.
*Soft violin music stops*

Whoa, Sam’s not responding to Freddie with insults? I think she’s ill…

Oh, that explains it. Mrs. Puckett has been driving her daughter insane. I feel kinda bad for Sam…

Why am I not surprised? Sam eating chicken. (A small personal note.: My mom’s a big fan of iCarly.

But she doesn’t know the TV show’s name. So, she calls it “Fried Chicken”. And when she sees Jennette  McCurdy, she goes “That’s the girl from “Fried Chicken.”)
5, 4, 3, 2, and Sam keeps talking… This footage is for the blooper reel, or something on “Candid Camera”…

Freddie’s ultracool attitude is incredible. Really, he’s so calm and collected when he says that…

Maybe ’cause he’s not the one on camera…

Well, better late than never, I always say…

Let’s see the new opening credits! *Leave It All to Me starts playing*
~~ Opening Credits Analysis ~~
The first clear difference is the layout of the browser winder, I mean, window. It now has tabs! One with Hungry Girl’s website and one with Schneider’s Bakery e-mail account. Did you update that browser, Dan? :D

Wow, some new special effects! Rockin’! Did Sam just tase Freddie? Why is Sam spanking Freddie’s butt? And for my fellow Seddiers, a little fun fact. If you see when Sam is spanking Freddie, the clips on the right are from (from top to bottom: iTwins, iMeet Fred and iThink They Kissed. You know what this means, right?)

I just saw an image that created this line in my head. “My name is Shay. Spencer Shay” Spencer as a secret agent. Awesomeness…

What’s up with all of that Staff people? And why is Freddie disoriented. And you can tell that Sam’s worried about him, just by the way she reaches for Freddie. I saw this Viking-looking guy, so I take this is footage from Webicon 2010.

The ending shot was cool. The starting fourm, as I call them, holding random objects.

~~ Opening Credits Analysis Ended~~

++ Setting: Bushwell Plaza – Carly’s new and technologically ultra-advanced room ++

Carly is sleeping peacefully in her bed. Something is bound to happen. It HAS to happen.

Ah, a burglar is in Carly’s ro… Oh, it’s just Sam… Ah, Sam is in Carly’s room! I’d prefer if it was a burglar.

And she keeps rambling about something, but I can’t quite figure out what.

Maybe it’s the way Miranda said the line, but I think “it’s 4 o’clock in the freaking morning” doesn’t sound correct here. But Dan’s the TV producer, not me.

What better time to move in to someone’s house than at 4 o’clock in the morning? Maybe 4 o’clock in the afternoon, but Sam Puckett isn’t like other people…

You see? Spencer and I had the same thoug… A sand duster, Spencer? Really?

Let’s get this straight: Someone picks your lock at 4 o’clock in the morning, you are forced to share the room with them, and your brother was going to make eggs at their request, WILLINGLY? My goodness, the world’s going insane…

Carly does not have lice, Spencer, why are you using the sand duster on her?

// During the scene transition \\

The computer that supposedly contains all iCarly video files has 2 operating systems, one built into the other! We have Windows on the background, but the layout of the video-editing software is from a Mac! I never got to mention that in a review or anything like that.

++ Setting: The Groovy Smoothie ++

Spy Glasses: A new item for personal surveillance. Keep you and your family safe and sound thanks to these innovative glasses. They include a tiny video camera that will for sure make your life miserable. The price: only 10 dollars. Can you put a price on your family’s safety? I thought so. And if you could, it would not be 10 dollards. SPY GLASSES! They keep you safe. Or not. Available at the Schneider chain store.

A flash chip that can hold up to 6 hours of video? Awesome! I want some of those glasses!


Freddie and Gibby looking at blondes… You are an evil genius, Dan… :) Come on, Gibby! You have a girlfriend! Tasha? Ring any bells?

Freddie, I have a very strong opinion on these cases. And it goes like this: You should have started to “capture the moment on video” the moment those 2 girls walked in!

Gibby’s dream is to be a movie direction. His professionalism when he says “action”. He has talent.

I know for a fact that the “dumb blonde” thing is not true. But those girls are incredibly stupid. It sounds like when Josh walked into a guitar store and asks “Do you sell guitars?”

Ah, a burglar just walked into the Groovy Smoot… Yep, it’s a burglar. Ah, a burglar just walked into the Groovy Smoothie!!! Call the police! Or Sam! Or the police and Sam! Anything!

Dan, let me tell you something. This is one of the best TV/movie staged robberies I’ve ever seen.

“He’s getting away!” No chiz, lady!

Gibby, the kid who saved the d… Gosh, darn it!

T-Bo’s reaction was priceless! “That guy took over 300 bucks! Jerk!”

There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Gibby. You were slower than him, and that’s okay.

Awesome. The Groovy Smoothie has been robbed, the identity of the thief is a mistery, and T-Bo’s principal concern are the cables. Groovy. Sorry for the bad pun.

“Shut up!” “True chiz!” Look at this incredible interaction… He saved the store, and instead of the rightful recognition Freddie deserved, he gets… a coupon. Buy 12 smoothies and get the smoothie number 13 with 10% off price. That is a bargain.

++ Setting: The Shay’s appartment ++

Sam is watching TV and Carly is walking down the stairs.

A half-eaten what?

That’s kinda obvious, Sam!

New Penny-T! “Bacon Farm”. Makes sense, when you think about it…

Something’s obviously wrong. Sam leaving her pan…, I mean, underwear in the stairs?
And I actually prefer underwear.

“Celebrities Under Water” returns! I wish it was a real show. It’d be cool to see Megan Fox swimming…

Sam deleted Spencer’s Celebrities Under Water? AHHHHHHHH!!

It’s clear that Spencer is not informed… “STAIRS, STAIRS, STAIRS.”

Of course you are, Spencer, everyone would be.

== Timeskip to The Groovy Smoothie ==

Freddie is upset. T-Bo gave him a coupon and when he tries to redeem it, T-Bo won’t accept it.
Oh, the coupon’s expired.

T-Bo’s getting interviewed! By Dave Mercer. The newscaster T-Bo watches 2, maybe 3 times a year.

He had to buy new cables!!

T-Bo’s face is priceless!

Freddie now gets the recognition he deserves. And even some more.

He’s Freddie Benson, lives in Bushwell Plaza, in apartment 8D. And he’s never kissed a girl. oh, wait, that was last time…

That’s it, Freddie is done for.

== Timeskip to: The Shay’s apartment ==

Carly just got home. Sam has nearly destroyed her kitchen.

The way Carly speedwalks to the kitchen is incredible.

Carly tries to reason with Sam. Without success. It’s like the saying goes. If at first you don’t succeed,…

call Pam Puckett.

Introducing Mama’s mama, Pam Puckett! Portrayed by Jane Lynch. An amazing actress for an amazing part.

“You don’t deserve my parts!” Now we see where Sam Puckett got her replies from…

“Who told you that? Your parole officer?” “At least I call my parole officer!” I think there should be one parole officer for every member of the Puckett family. Except for Melanie, but you never know…

“Why don’t you take a bath?” “‘Cause you didn’t pay the water bill!” Clever!

## Commercial break ##

++ Same setting as above ++

That is definitely the biggest bag of beans I’ve ever seen. Now say that 3 times. Come on, I dare you.

The Pucketts are a tornado. Wherever they go, they leave a trail of destruction and insults. Mostly destruction.

Welcome, Mrs. Benson! I see you packed your bags…

“Why does your chest look all thick?” “I’ve been working out. You know, pushups and milk.” Milk? Milk can develop your physical constitution? Hmm, maybe I should drink some more myself. *goes get milk*

*comes back* Here I am, with a glass of milk.

A bullet-proof vest? Then what do I do with the milk? *looks at the milk* Well, I might as well… *drinks the milk*By the way, you can’t say Freddie’s not prepared… “That’s quite a sports bra…”

And people say iCarly isn’t educational. Bullet-proof vests are made of kevlar.

Boiling the silverware? Oh, my God…

++ Setting: Pschneider Psychiatric Center ++

They don’t have anything sharp in their pockets. Now, can you help them, Mr. Doctor Psychiatric Shrink.

Carly feared for her life…

We get to see Pam Puckett’s legendary dating skills in use. That’s a previlege.

“Pardon my mommy’s desperation.” “Pardon my daughter’s personality.” This is a proof of how great an actress Jennette McCurdy is.

== Timeskip to: The Shay’s apartment ==

I feel bad for Carly. For 2 days in a row, she comes home to find a person she didn’t invite into her house using her kitchen.

“Carly Shay, webshow host”.

We are introduced to Gunsmoke. He’s a bodyguard. Now, I must say something. This is discrimination from Mrs. Benson. She only wants to guard Freddie’s body? What about Freddie’s mind and soul? Can they be mauled by Shadowhammer? Apparently they can!

A hole in his leg as big as his thumb? if he wasn’t shot, how did the hole get there?

If Gunsmoke was a robot, this is how he’d see the setting:

Object:snowcome machine
Potentiality as a lethal weapon: moderate, if thrown to the head, otherwise, none
Fun to destroy: Oh, yeah!
That’s why he destroyed it.

Correction, Spencer, Freddie need to be protected from you as well. Remember the fire on the ringbell down on the lobby? That’s what I’m talking about.

Oh, Spencer…

== Timeskip to: Pschneider Psychiatric Center ==

Remember what I said about the Pucketts? I reiterate my previous statement.

Unless they express their feelings through fights and screams, it’s true, Mr. Doctor Psychiatric Shrink.

I think that was a compliment.

They’re not jewish… Great remark by Sam.

They can’t stay 5 seconds without fighting…

They are forced to talk to get out of there. Let’s see how long it lasts.

== Timeskip to: The Shay’s Apartment ==

Spencer, Gunsmoke and Carly are watching a movie.

Freddie’s following a special diet, forced by his mom.

“The Killing War” sounds (and apparently is) violent.

And lemonade’s for ballerinas, apparently.

++ Transition to: Pschneider Psychiatric Center ++

Sam and Pam are still at it.

Geez, fighting on and on like that for 9 hours? Sam and Pam may be crazy, but the doctor just  reached the border of insanity.

Great, now all 3 are in there with no chance of escaping a certain death. Oh, sorry, turned my eyes to the TV for a moment, Indiana Jones is on.

This is a 3-way not-so-random discussion, brought to you by Pschneider Psychiatric Center.

== Timeskip to: the Shay’s apartment ==

I gotta tell ya, if my mom was like Mrs. Benson, I’d have moved out a LONG time ago.

VENGEANCE OF THE SPENCER!! I’m betting Freddie’s getting payback for all those Baby Spencer segments.

Spencer’s idea is actually good…

And Gunsmoke is watching Full House…

== Timeskip to: Pschneider Psychiatric Center ==

Sam, Pam and Carly are trapped in the therapy box.

We find that Sam had a bunny named Fluffles, and he was sold. To foreigners. What kind of foreigners would want a bunny?Also, Sam tells Pam that she sabotaged her mom’s relationship witha rich doctor called Steven, by telling him she got hit by a bus.

Now, for me, this is the best line of the episode: “What’s iCarly?” It’s so epic!!

“They’re both horrible in their own ways!” Is that any way to talk to one’s best friend and her mother?

“Nyehhh! Nyehhh!” I have a theory. I think that whatever the goat did on Carly’s birthday, she got something in her. That would explain her goat-like screams.

“You got girl cramps?” It kills me.

Carly’s claustrophobic.

Aww, Sam. This was your second major act of altruism anyone has ever seen. You know what the first was…

A sentimental moment between the two Pucketts.

I can hear Sam’s voice starting to crack. Was she supposed to do that?

They kiss and make up. While Carly crawls on the floor screeching like a goat, due to her claustrophobia.

And Spencer’s idea worked, as impossible as it may seem.

My opinion on the episode: From the moment I found out that Jane Lynch was gonna be in the episode, I knew it was impossible for the episode not to be funny. And I was right! This was one of the best iCarly episodes ever. Jane’s performance was incredible! Actually, “incredible” seems like an understatement. Sam and Pam’s interaction is off-the-charts awesome. The new credits are fantastic, really.

So, until we meet again, have a Seddietastic Seddietember and have your daily Seddie fix!

Incredible news!!

Hello, my wonderfully amazing group of people who like to read this blog-thingy!! If you’re here then you must have somehow found my site. I’m guessing it was either from Google or something.

This blog recently got the attention of certain people who live within this wonderful universe. I’m talking about someone who’s admired by many people the world over, and no, I’m not talking about Ryan Seacrest (but how awesome would it be if Ryan, I’m sorry, Mr. Seacrest actually saw this blog?)

The person I’m talking about is none other than, Mr. Warp, Dan Schneider!

That’s right, folks! Our good friend will be reading my review on the upcoming episode iSam’s Mom!

I know you all take my word for it, but there are a few skeptical people who won’t believe my words. To them, I say this:

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This is huge, I know. for a blog that is only 1 month old, this is, as the title says, incredible news!

Also, I have a Seddie contest going on and would like more participants. More info on it here.

So, my friends, get ready, the next review is going to knock you guys out. A RobSp1derp1g promise.

Until the next review, have a Seddietastic Seddietember and have your daily Seddie fix!

PS: Oh, and for those who care, Phoebe returned yesterday. So, the next review will have lots of sound effects!!


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