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New iCarly episode in the works with confirmed title name | Jennette McCurdy

New iCarly episode in the works with confirmed title name | Jennette McCurdy.

News! From the bowels of!


At ease, soldiers.

We have received intel that the next iCarly episode will premiere on January 16th. This episode marks a special occasion, because the FLOTUS will be there, which means that every available soldier must ensure that the FLOTUS is safe. We were given 2 Secret Service agents to aid us.

The intel comes from our friends over at, so you know it’s good intel.

This is the intel that we received, and it’s need-to-know only:

If this intel leaves this briefing room, please give us credit.


Some say…

Some say that in his wallet, he keeps a picture… of his wallet; and that he’s illegal in 14 American states, and is not allowed to enter the other 36. All we know is that he brings us bagels and pretzels (I LOVE pretzels!) Oh, he’s Steve.

This time, Steve brought us something that I was actually grateful he brought, a piece of good news. He brought us a promo for iStill Psycho.

I wanted to show it to you guys, but it has been removed from YouTube…

For more info on this episode, check this blog post:

EDIT: Thanks to @azn_Seddie, I got a link to the promo! Enjoy!

This Saturday!! NEW iCARLY!

Sorry I have not posted in a while; been busy with a few… problems, so to speak. I missed the iParty with Victorious [Extended Edition] on the date it was first aired, but I finally got to watch it when I had the chance. Anyways, starting on Saturday, September 10th, 2011, with iDate Sam and FreddieiCarly will be blowing up your television sets with brand new episodes coming your way every Saturday at 8PM; this is subject to change, what with all the “naming” of the episodes being somewhat hampered. These the first and second promos for iDate Sam and Freddie, watch them with eagerness… just as I always have with new iCarly promos…

Oh, Gibby…

Bonjour! I don’t really know how to begin this. It’s nearly 12 at night, and I can’t sleep, so this is the product of that.

You’ve probably all seen this here iTunes Description HERE:, and if you haven’t, go and, uh… see it, I guess. And Gibby?

Oh, Gibby…

He’s trying to break up Seddie, and naturally, many people jumped straight in to the Gibby Hater Club. Understandable, yes, but – is he really at fault? As I can see it, there are two possible reasons.

1. He’s jealous. Personally, I’ve always felt Gibby has always had a crush on Sam, but how big, I don’t know. It was just always ‘there’, but I still have no clue as to why I think this.

2. Mrs Benson set him up to it. Ah-ha! You all saw in the promo Gibby telling Marissa that her dearest son was now dating a… um… (I can’t think of the right word) hooligan. Poor Gibby probably felt intimidated (Who wouldn’t?! This is an AGRESSIVE PARENT!) and was forced into spying on our new couple, and attempting to break them up.

Ah. Yes. Now that sounds plausible.

I won’t lie, today I had my share in Gibby-hating on Twitter. It was fun I suppose. I have a weird idea of fun when I am bored. But still, remember guys, it’s GIBBY we’re talking about.

Gibby who dances shirtless in the Cheescake Warehouse (amongst other places…)

Gibby who brushes his teeth with mustard and teaches us new vocabulary.

Gibby who destroys Nora and saves the iCarlies.

Gibby who is Roger Mole.

So don’t hate on him. Okay, maybe for a few minutes, then think about how utterly-awesome he is. And how Sam and Freddie are “Officially Together.”

Goodbye. I’m going to sleep now.


iLost My Mind airdate revealed

We, at Rob’s iCarly Reviews, just got word that iLost My Mind will air on August 13th.

We got that info from my friend @AgoraLocoPhobic who got his copy of Entertainment Weekly, which included the airdate for iLMM.

Here’s what was written:

Jim Parsons Guest Stars On iCarly
Ready to see Jim Parsons in his craziest role ever? The Big Bang Theory star will appear in the August 13 episode of the Nickelodeon show as Caleb, a friendly psychiatric patient who claims to be from the year 2077. He encounters Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her pals at the facility that Sam (Jennette McCurdy) checks herself into after falling for Freddie (Nathan Kress) “Carly is pretty nuch the one person who’s certain that he’s insane.” Cosgrove says of Caleb. “But, once he tells her her future, and it’s something she really likes, then she starts to become a believer.”

If you look back at last year, you can see that August 13th happens to be my birthday. So what a gift this is!

So, until my next post, stay safe, stay frosty, stay awesome!

Strap on your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Hello, my friends! I’m super excited, so I’m gonna cut to the chase.

Dan Schneider (@Danwarp) just posted a blog post about iCarly and Victorious. It contained info on the new iCarly episodes for the new season!

Remember iLost My Mind? The episode Nickelodeon gave us a promo for a few weeks ago. It’s part of a storyline!

The titles are iLost My Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan’t Take It, and iLove You.

Apart from iLost My Mind, all titles are temporary. They may be the real ones or not.

We also got news about the iPsycho sequel, iStill Psycho, and iMeet The First Lady!

Want to know what Dan himself said? Read this!

Discuss, people!!!

iLost My Mind, new images and information – ***SPOILERS!***

Hiya! It’s me, BabelLeef, returned after my introductory post. I realised that I’d better write an actual blog post…

So, these are some new pictures I have collected from around the web for the new iCarly episode, iLost My Mind… but you see, I actually got a few from two other blog posts. I have no idea whether that is completely against the rules, so, instead, I’ll apologise for ‘stealing’ them, and credit them now:

Thank you SlickNickShady for posting casting information on your blog, and thank you to the author of the blog: You N e v e r Know, JJ, for the pictures of some new scenes from iLost My Mind.



I am honestly just guessing the order of the following pictures, as no one knows anything about the timeline of the episode (well, apart from Dan and the crew!)

But… hey, wait a second – isn’t this news of someone helping the iCarly team in their security problem? (HUGE SCARY PATIENT)


Look what else! Two ‘Seddiers’… that have special recognition. That, from my point of view, means they make a difference to the plot somehow. Putting two and two together, all I can see is a great purple flashing SEDDIE (aka – YAY!)

Wow. This episode is too good to be true. It couldn’t get any better, could it? No? I’m WRONG? Tell me, what else could possibly happen to make this episode better?






I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Nora – I sympathise with her – NOT EMPATHISE (I’m not a complete psycho, okay?) :)

And just one more little thing that I discovered for myself… this is from the predicted 2012 episode, iMeet the First Lady, guest-starring the amazing Michelle Obama.

         See it? No? \/







That’s all from me until maybe later in July (I’m on holiday) but after all of these new spoilers, I CAN NOT WAIT until iLost My Mind in August. But REMEMBER! Don’t wish the summer away – enjoy every moment up to iLost My Mind, and then after.

Au revoir, mes petites tortues.

BabelLeef x


Here at RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews, we don’t know the meaning of the word “stop”. So, if we find something even remotely interesting, we jump right on it, with my faithful companion, Phoebe, and my trademark shovel.

This time, we found ourselves some really awesome news. This is a piece of news that completely rocks the free world, though not like iOMG.

Having said this, I will now announce the spoiler. This spoiler is not to be taken lightly.

The First Lady of the United States, or FLOTUS1, as her nickname on the Simpsons, will guest star on iCarly! It’s not every day that a renowned world figure will guest star on a show like iCarly.

To this I say only one thing, The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave!

And now, I wanted to leave you with a version of the Star-Sprangled Banner played on an electric guitar, but I couldn’t embed it on the blog.

Set some things straight…

Hey, guys.

I know a lot of you read my iOMG review (which can be found here) and have been jumping into conclusions about what I said about episode #401.

I said that it’s called “iLose My Mind” and that it’s airing on July 9th.

Well, none of those things are true.

The title is a fake title Dan posted a while back, and July 9th is a date based on statistics.

I’m sorry if I lead anyone into believing it, but it was clear it was not true.

I mean, where would I get a time-travelling Delorean?

Anyway, I have no way of knowing whether the title of the next episode will be or the date it will premiere in.

Again, I’m sorry.

RobSp1derp1g out.


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