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Should I continue with this blog?

Hey guys! Long time no proverbial see. My last post, if I’m not mistaken, was my review to iGoodbye.

After all this time, I thought I should come back, post something. But I really don’t know what.

Here’s what I want you guys to tell me:

Should I continue writing in this blog? If so, what should I write about?

This time, the ball is on your side, you decide what I should post.

See you guys soon, hopefully.

December 21st, 2012. What will you be doing?

Hello, my dear friends! How are you on this evening? Despite the comedic, shall we say, “line of work” of this blog, today’s subject is quite serious. We are 12 days away from the possibly most expected day of the past 100 years, maybe more. You should have heard a bunch of crazy-ass theories about that day. First of all, an advice: December 21st is a Friday so, in the event that the world DOES end, tell all your Rebecca Black jokes before-hand. Now, something serious: the world will NOT end on December 21st. The Mayans did NOT predict the end of the world, they predicted the end of a CYCLE, and that’s the key word here, CYCLE. And you can already feel the effects of the new cycle: a deeper spiritual connection with whatever your god is, amongst others. Now that we hav gotten that out of the way, here’s my question? What will you be doing on December 21st, 2012? I’ll go first: I’ll probably stay at home, scanning the news and the remnants of the Internet for reports of weird shi… stuff. All my looting and reckless behavior will be dealt with on the 20th. What about you? What will you be doing on December 21st, 2012? Comment below what will you be doing, and the reasons for doing that (religious beliefs, etc.)

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From our friends at iCarly News and Reviews… Worth a read. Hell, worth 2.

Originally posted on iCarly News and Reviews:



“I’m Carly.” “I’m Sam.” “And this is iCarly!”

These eight words introduced us to Nickelodeon’s flagship series: iCarly. It began airing in the Fall 2007, starting with “iPilot”, which introduced a web show and four characters that would change our lives forever.  The brunette beauty, Carly Shay. The butt-kicking blonde, Sam Puckett. The naive nerd, Freddie Benson. The comedy crybaby, Spencer Shay. We’ve seen them grow and wither,  fight and make-up.  We’ve seen them win an award or two (and present a couple). We’ve seen them create sculptures out of butter. We’ve even seen them catapult watermelons onto a pirate ship. But, after one hundred and seven episodes, two questions remain unanswered… two questions that just might be answered.

1. What does Colonel Steven Shay look like?

2. Who does Freddie choose, Carly or Sam?

The iCarly Series Finale: “iGoodbye” airs this Friday, November 23, at 8PM on Nickelodeon.

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Stage 5

It’s going to be okay, it’s had a good run of seasons, and the story was wrapped up, unlike lots of other shows. And Seddie… we got Seddie…

Stage 4

If every show I ever like gets cancelled… What’s the point? Why watch TV at all, if eventually all the shows I like will be cancelled… Well, except the Simpsons…

Stage 3

I will plant a tree in Israel, if a new season of iCarly is made. I’ll do ANYTHING for a new season of iCarly…

Stage 2

Why us? It’s not fair! There are plenty other shows that can be canceled instead of iCarly! DAMN IT!!

Stage 1

What? iCarly’s ending? No, that’s not true. You’re lying. Why are you lying, you little lying person? iCarly will go on for DECADES!!!

Casting for new and exciting project!!

Hello, my friends.

I am working on a new project that will forever revolutionize the way you watch iCarly forever. It’s so forever, I said it twice.

You will need some equipment to work with us. A microphone, and software to record your voice with. I suggest Audacity. It’s a free software that you won’t get in trouble for.

All of you that are interested, should fill out the form below.

We, me and my partner in crime in this endeavor, will be on the lookout for people who already had some voice work of some sort, be it singing or just mimicking Goopy Gilbert.

My last words considering this are, “show us what you got!”

Knight to king’s Pawns

By now, you’re wondering about this weird title. I mean, Knight to King’s Pawns? I’m not an avid chess player, but I think that this post needed a chess reference… 

Why? Read it and say ‘ahhh':

That’s right, ahhh…

It’s “Pawn”, there’s no “r” in it…

Who’s next? Mike Rowe? Bear Grylls? The Auction Hunters? The Stig? Speculate away!


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