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iGo One Direction Review

WARNING – This episode contains copious amounts of One Direction. Women with heart conditions are advised not to look directly at One Direction. This also applies to women without heart conditions. They’re very pretty – see? See how pretty they are? They’re very pretty! I’d like to run my fingers through their hair; and I’m just text! Anyway, without further ado, enjoy your iCarly episode.

Welcome, everyone, to the review of iGo One Direction. You’ve read the warning and by reading this either out loud or to yourself, you’re agreeing not to sue.

»Scene 1 – Carly and Spencer just arrived home«

From this image, one can assume that the Shays went to Mexico. And that Spencer STILL hasn’t gotten muscles. You know why? Because, despite the fact that his sister is at least 10 years younger than him, and that she’s a bit sick, SHE’s the one carrying all the bags…

“Maybe I should take you to a doctor…” Maybe? I don’t think that there’s any need for that… There a psychotic nurse right across the hall, perhaps she cou… Yeah, a doctor’s better… Probably Dr. Dresdin, who lives in 10-G. Or, if you’re really in a hurry, Dr. Who!

There’s a party going on in the apartment of the Shays! It looks like a pre-4th of July (which I hope to celebrate this year), complete with a barbecue, kids in a kiddie pool, and videogames!

“She okay?”
“No, she’s like dying.” And you STILL haven’t taken her to a doctor, or your neighbor.

There’s a Gibby head watching the video game.

What’s the problem, Gib? Are you afraid of worms?

Of course Sam would know about jungle worms…

Poor Carly… but the stakes are ready.

»Title Sequence«

»Scene 2«

Gibby is rubbing Sam’s feet. However, if I did not see it, and just heard it, I wouldn’t say that they were rubbing feet.

These replies to Spencer were actually pretty awesome!

“Hey, guys! Guess what I got?”
“A woman?”
“A job?”
“A friend your own age?”

So, Spencer got an exercise machine… actually, for a moment there, I thought I heard Spencer say exorcise machine… I actually did…

Uhh, the Omniflex… Omni, meaning “all”, and flex, meaning “physical effort”.

Is that… Is that a single popcorn on your navel? Navel means belly button…

Freddie received an e-mail from the manager of a British band. Who are they? Take That? Franz Ferdinand? Muse? (Actually, a serious note here: Muse were the favorite band of a friend of mine who recently passed away.) Coldplay? (“You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.”) David Bowie? (“I’m not David Bowie”) The Beatles?

Oh, it’s WandErection, I mean, One Direction… Never heard of them…

Gibby’s a big fan of them…

If I may quote the e-mail: “Dear Freddie (Oh my God), in response to your e-mail, my clients, One Direction, will be in the Seattle area later this week, and they would love to appear on iCarly and perform a song.” That’s huge for them, first Plain White T’s, now One Direction, who’s next? James Blunt? Taylor Swift? Maroon 5? Uh, uh, Gym Class Heroes with Adam Levine!!!

Look at this! This is Cutting Room Flow!

If I didn’t know it’s a fake software, I’d probably download it illegally…

»Scene 3«

Spencer’s getting a visit and a package for Spencer Spay. Oh, the subliminal messages…

You’re a personal exercise trainer?

Spencer unknowingly fixed a babe magnet…

»Scene 4 – iCarly studio«

Freddie is working with the camera…

A few things to retain: Sam texted Freddie from jail. But she’s just visiting…

Carly saved Freddie from a possible infection with Jungle Worms.

It has been a very long time since I got to say this, Gibby suited up! Look at the Gibster:

He might just be the biggest male fan of 1D…

And Sam, who just got here from prison, announces that WandErection, I mean One Direction have arrived. And Gibby unleashes the inner fangirl. Basically, he does what I would do if I saw any of the 33 names I have on my phone… All of those names are female.

Yeah, I know… In my opinion, the use of this image was WAY overdue…

One Direction are performing a song. And that song is “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Sam makes a quick announcement: “I’m not currently dating anyone.” Please note this look on Freddie’s face:

And, of course, Gibby’s foot massages. He has, according to Spencer, “the hands of a goddess”.

British sandwiches…

Carly leaves the water bottle with the cute Texan water bottle holder unprotected near the tech cart.

I would like to thank @VillayCescilove for identifying the members of 1D.

I don’t know if you know this but it’s 5 of them… “Just putting that out there…”

!Would you guys autograph my sister’s scrapbook?” I didn’t know Taylor was a fa… Sister’s? Then why does it have a G on the cover?

Okay, I must say this: I’ve been speaking English for over 10 years now, 7 of those were spent learning British English, and I can’t understand what they say! Luckily, I have a transcript. Let me check… Oh, yeah, Harry asked Louis if there was any water. And Louis says “Ova ther…”

“Handgoons” Yeah, in America, we use them bloody handgoons to kill people…

»Sometime later…«

Spencer is combing his not-so-lady-like hair for his personal exercise trainer time.

Sam likes One Direction… Is that why Freddie’s joining a band? Pretzels for thought…

Spencer, she doesn’t care. Like, at all…

What the deuce? Who’s the incredibly rude girl?

“Kid, what are you doing?”
“Smelling this fudge!” Isn’t it obvious, Spencer?

“My mother said you were gonna exercise me!” Should I be the one to let you know that this sounds like there’s another connotation to this sentence?

I can’t believe Spencer is helpless towards a kid…

»Some time later«

Geez, hum, what’s his name… Right, Harry’s feeling really bad… He can’t even stand…

Gibby, go sit in the…

Yeah, there. Stay there.

You feel cold? And thirsty? You know what that means, don’t you? It means you read the wrong part of the script!

Carly gave Harry Styles jungle worms? Dun, dun, dun…

»Commercial break«

»Scene 4, Carly’s room«

Dr. Dresden is taking care of Harry.

“Is he better?”
”I think so… or maybe not.” What kind of doctor are you?

“We’re so lucky to have a doctor right here in the building.” Still thinking a psychotic nurse would be better…

Here’s a nice pun: Harry wants fruit cut into cubes, the way only Carly does. ‘Cause “that’s what makes you beautiful.”

»Some time later«

Spencer’s forcing that kid to get some exercise, while Spencer eats.

45 seconds!

Spencer’s like me, he can’t see a girl cry.

Bethany’s not awkward, she just has a very bad personality.

A makeover?

»Scene 7 – Groovy Smoothie«

San Francisco! The city the show Monk takes place in!

Note that Sam’s reaction is an actual effect obtained from being around celebrities. Go to a celebrity, ask them to say the name of a country or city and watch the results.

Harry’s having all of his needs taken care of…

T-Bo’s taking pics of 1D with his pearPhone.

“…he’s having a good time at Hotel Carly-fornia.” What a lovely place, what a lovely place, what a lovely place.

Butter Sock 4: The Re-Return of The Butter Sock.

“Is that a sock?”
“Full of butta?”

Freddie wants to “replace” Harry from 1D, forcing him to admit that he’s just in it for the lulz, I mean, for Carly’s attention.

“Who with?”

Here’s the question that is on EVERYONE’s mind. Who will replace Harry? Who has the raw talent, predisposition to sing and intricate knowledge of OneDirection’s songs that is required to sing with the group? Ali Brustofski? Megan Nicole? Uh, uh, Aria Summer Wallace!

This guy.

Harry admits he’s feeling better and that he’ll be able to perform on iCarly, on the condition that they never let Gibby sing, or dance ever again.

And as usual, Gibby’s not in on it.

»Some time later«

Spencer is giving a little girl a makeover. It’s Extreme Makeover: Kid Edition.

Agh, my eyes!!

“We need some kind of resolution!” I hear the fourth wall breaking.

»Scene 8 – iCarly webcast«

The girls just presented One Direction.

I’ve been on Twitter for a while now. And every day, I hear about One Direction but never thought about it. But this song is awesome!

Sam kidnapped Zayn?

Guys, get ready! Tomorrow there’s another iCarly episode tomorrow. It’s called iOpen a Restaurant! And it is gonna be fun… I guess…

iApril Fools Review

Rob’s Reviews, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. RobSp1derp1g, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law. 

Welcome, faithful readers! We bring you today my review to iApril Fools, another episode of iCarly!

First of all, I have to apologize. This review was done when I wasn’t feeling too well, and I had some stuff holding me down…

Let’s get started!

This time, the gang warns us that this is not an usual episode of iCarly. And it is not for normal people. And the answer for it is… soup.

»Title Credits«

These credits are a bit different… There’s a montage with pics of them when they started doing iCarly and how they are now. And there’s fire and lightning in the middle…

There’s a box with items which belong to @DanWarp. Here, take a look:

»Scene 1 – Bushwell Plaza, Shays’ very bare living room«

Are the Shays moving?

The Shays have been EVICTED? That is a TERRIBLE way to spend April Fools! Mine’s gonna be more creative… Then again, not that much…

I find it harder to believe that the owner’s name is Bushwell than Carly stabbed him…

10 o’clock PST? I’m on DST, so what time is that on GMT?

“Sure had a lot of good times on this place.”
“Yeah, we sure had…” Oh, God, here it comes, reminiscing time…

“You guys remember the time we were all sitting around watching that TV show?”
“What episode of that TV show?”
“You mean the one where the characters talk about crazy stuff that happened in previous episodes?” Isn’t that all TV shows?
“And then they flashback to the scenes they were talking about?” Yup, that’s ALL TV shows.

Reminiscing time!

Dan Schneider is talking in the TV! It is my belief that this is an episode (with flashback) of Head Of The Class..

That’s the 2nd time I’ve ever seen people so excited about flashbacks…

Gibby comes in from the elevator to steal something…

The new tenants are from France! *le gasp*

Gibby hit Spencer in the head with the STOP sign he stole…

But Sam tells him that is not how April Fools works… so Gibby kisses Spencer on the cheek and runs away…

They’re going away against their wishes, so they are having a party, complete with a party bush…

T-Bo’s invited too, so Sam calls him.

T-Bo’s a genie?

And T-Bo proceeds to do the same thing Gibby did, smack Spencer in the head with a STOP sign.

“Will you just take us to the next scene, please?”

Hard cut to…

»Scene 2 – Party’s location«

Freddie’s NOT partying without a party bush… He wants it so bad he starts to feel a bit ill due to not having a party bush…

That’s the power of magic. T-Bo blinks and they get a party bush… but is it me, or it’s a bit dry?

Ah, iCarly… I used to love that webshow… Now? I still do…

They are going to think back on the reason they started iCarly…

Whoa! They have suddenly been transported to school! There is some Butterfly Effect chiz going on here…

This is the event that led to the creation of iCarly… After this, Freddie uploaded Carly and Sam’s video and accidentally created iCarly…

After the final denial from Ms. Briggs, Carly and Sam the scene cuts to… What?

That’s Ms. Briggs from another universe which is not this one!!

If their energies collide, there will be an explosion with galactic proportions!

FIRE IN THE HOLE!! TAKE COVER!! That is the example of over 6 years playing Counter Strike and Call of Duty… If I may quote Jeffrey Albertson (known to many as Comic Book Guy), “life well spent!”

It’s an explosion of galactic proportions, but it’s confined to a few inches… and it’s perfectly safe to walk on the blast radius afterwards. Look:

“We should start a webshow.”
“Okay, what do we call it?”

And here’s the kicker, non-nerd Freddie actually trying to be a nerd.

And of course, who could forget Sparky.

And Freddie can move while in freeze frame!

See? What did I tell you? Going to a re-enactment of the past changed the course of Blitztory! *ghost-like whispers* Blitz…

“What time is it?” It’s time for Spencer to be hit in the head with a STOP sign, AGAIN… However, despite the caps, I find it very amusing…

Poachy? Sounds strangely familiar and delicious…

Here they go again…

Oh, the harp…


The girls are intelligent, don’t get me wrong, I thought that girls like these had been discontinued, but sometimes they can be so thick headed!

Miko is able to predict the future… look:

Gibby, you’re violating the rules of flashingbacking!

There’s an Asian guy knocked out in your studio. You start dancing like a cowboy in Texas…

Yet another flashback. I didn’t know the Shays had a cat… Is it me, or isn’t that cat Jackson, Dan’s cat?

There’s an old saying, Gibby, and it goes like this: “Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you” See what I did there? Nah, the saying is “Payback’s a [CENSORED]”

»Commercial Break«

“We’re back!”
“Back from what?”
“I dunno…”

Let me clarify some things. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a party bush, but talking party bushes? That’s epic, dawg…

T-Bo just watered the bush…

Now, they talk about Carly’s lack of bad moods. And they are proven wrong, in a flashbacking way.

Huh? What are they doing in Tori Vega from Victorious’s house? And that’s the former blogger who alienated his friends by writing about them!!

It’s like a virus… “just leave it all to me”

Spencer’s really long hair… like a lady’s.

It was when iSaved Your Life aired. “12 million viewers…”

Spencer’s ladylike hair…

Here comes Mr. Bushwell.

Just one question, why does Gibby take down his pants when he gets depressed?

Think back, Mr. Bushwell…

Look! It’s the Doc! He brings a warning!

Go back to a future episode!!

And here’s the obvious reference to Back to the Future, in which there is a mention to the possibility of Seddie children.

And T’bo’s time machine!!

This episode shows that you don’t need to have a storyline to have a good time… Stupid line, I know…

And again, I’m sorry about the delay.

Am I dead? ‘Cause this seems like heaven…

There is a place where everything is good. Where there is no pain, no harm, and everyone is happy.

Some call it Heaven, some call it Nirvanna (2 n’s), others call it Capeside, Massachusetts.

Its true name is, Seddieland, also known as Seddie Heaven. Located around Seattle, Washington.

Why I say this? Take a look:

This is the official promo for the episode I saw while on the future. And the promo STILL gets to me…

And I’ll be a good friend and over-analyze it, like I did with the iOMG one!

Let’s get to work!

We are shown a part of the iOMG kiss. Then, the drama, so to speak, begins.

“Nothing will prepare you for what happens NEXT!” I disagree. Time travel does.

You can see what happens here, Sam is behind a door with a glass window. This could be the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital.

“This August…” It’s my birthday!!

Mrs. Benson hired a P.I. A so not-unlike-her thing to do. And he’s fully equipped, complete with raincoat, sunglasses and hat.

Freddie’s dating Sam… Oh, and you’re gonna love this:

It’s safe to say that Mrs. Benson doesn’t want Sam and Freddie to be together. But that doesn’t make her a Creddie shipper.

And another thing, or rather, two things:

You can see both Sam and Freddie going in for a kiss. Both Sam and Freddie are okay with it, and we can perceive that the iOMG kiss is no longer a problem at all. Also, Carly’s happy. Not “meh” happy, she’s genuinely happy.

“Are Sam and Freddie in love?”

“Sam loves Freddie! Sam loves Freddie!” This scene seems to me that it is before the previous scene.

“Will Carly keep them together?”

“I’m just supposed to sit here and wait for you guys to have a fight so I can settle it?”
“Pretty much!”
“We’d really appreciate it…” I can’t, for the life of me, do two things. Figure out how they get there, and not laugh when I hear this line…

“And the biggest question of all…” Have I lost my mind?

Lookie here:

Carly has her arms up in the first pic, but she’s not forcing them to kiss… If she was, Sam wouldn’t have her hand on Freddie’s forearm… Think about it.

Coming on August, 2011.

Amazing! Be ready!!

And I said there’d be a HUGE REVELATION on this post. Well, follow my train of thought.

The purple restaurant scene and the one where they are kissing in the kitchen were shot on the first week of production. The Troubled Waters Mental Hospital scenes were shot on the second. This leads me to say that this MIGHT be a 40-minute episode.

RobSp1derp1g out!!

iOMG Part 2 Speculation!! (Being edited.)

05/03/11 – 07:52 PM

You know that, this week, the iCarly cast started filming another episode. And according to tweets from DanWarp on April 9th, the storyline from iOMG will be continued (GREAT!!!)

Well, in this post, I’ll write my speculations based on info I get.

About 2 hours ago, Dan posted a video on YouTube that showed a restaurant-like table, with lots of purple on and around it.

Here’s the vid for your viewing pleasure:

Now, if you guys have seen iThink They Kissed, you’ll know that somewhere to the end, Carly texts Sam about bacon flavored ice cream, in order to get her to her apartment? Well, about 30 minutes ago, Miranda Cosgrove tweeted the following:

The #Ohnoyoudidnt part is what gets me.

Now combining what we know: if in iTTK, Carly used the thought of bacon flavored ice cream to lure Sam, in iOMG Part 2, she’ll take action. She’s gonna go to an ice cream parlor (the restaurant setting) and either talk with them or set them up…

Speculate away, please!

One final note: if you like this post, keep yourself up to date by “liking” the blog on Facebook. Our team, which is mostly me, post there on a daily basis, with the new details as they come up! Here’s the link.

Also, this post will be edited along the course of the week, to add any new info that comes up.

iHire an Idiot Sneak Peek(s)

Hello, my faithful readers! I bring you gifts!

The first gift is the gift of… of… Oh, it’s a sneak peek for iHire an Idiot.

Check it out, guys!

RobSp1derp1g out!

EDIT: Two more were obtained, here they are.

Meet Ashley:

The B-plot, involving Spencer:

iHire an Idiot – Speculation

“Here I am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be.
Here I am, it’s just me and you, And tonight we make our dreams come true.”

By now you guys must think, “this guy is always singing”. And you’re write! Sii? Wehn I sing, I mysipte wrods.

You guys were brought here for a reason, that reason was, most likely, to read my speculation on the upcoming iCarly episode “iHire an Idiot”.

Here you can see the video in it’s uncut edition, although the cut edition has no difference whatsoever.

First, we just saw a promo. A promo means we get to see new footage from the new episode. This is not the case.

This is a promo about celebration after not seeing iCarly for 2 months (“THE HARDEST TWO MONTHS OF MY LIFE!!!”).

We saw absolutely nothing new, except for this.

An image with iHire an Idiot written on the screen with the O replaced with a heart and that heart being stabbed with a Cupid’s arrow. You know Cupid? That little guy’s evil!

My thoughts on this: Well, I can’t really think at this moment. But I’ll edit this post tomorrow when I do have a clearer mind so that I can dissect this mystery-filled promo in search of the almighty Seddie.

The eyes of the iCarly fandom are now looking upon us. Godspeed, gentlemen.

EDIT: Well, the heart with the arrow across it, makes me think… It is a fact that  Sam and Carly will find Cort cute (what other reason would there be for them to hire him?) And the possibility of a serious conversation only strengthens that.

Conclusion: I, as well as most if not all of the iCarly fandom, am excited about this episode, and I’ll be reviewing this episode once I see it.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: This promo came out last night:

As I know some people will do, I think this is too early to label this episode as a Creddie one or a Seddie one. We need to see it first.

But, like @Seddiemania says: Watch iCarly for the comedy, not for the shipping.

RobSp1derp1g out!

Seddie. It’s not a ship, it’s a lifestyle.

Note on iSFW’s second promo…

This is RobSp1derp1g, as you most likely know.

Well, this is my theory on the most recent development on iCarly’s fandom: We finally got to see some images from iStart a Fanwar.

Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure:

You see, after I saw this video, my Seddie mind began working at an incre

dible rate. I began to formulate theories so stupid that were immediately discarded. But one stuck.

Listen at Sam’s line on the webicon. She’s clearly not being serious, she’s most likely, as it is said on the internetz, doing it for teh lulz. Further proof on this are the tone of voice in which she speaks and the gesture she does after her line. Also, we’re talking about Sam Puckett, she could have easily just wanted to see an opportunity to create a riot.

Following the previous theory, after the Webicon is over and the fanwar ended, th

e script can (and I dare say, most likely will) take place. Every day that goes on, I feel that the script (or some form of it) is going to take place here.

As we still got 1 month to go, we know there will be new promos, so we’ll be sure to see more promos on the coming weeks, and I’m sure we’ll be ready to spot more stuff on our favorite ship.

RobSp1derp1g out!

EDIT: This is my Blogger’s pass to Webicon! They have that now.

My blogger's pass for Webicon.

Another random theory about iStart a Fanwar…

Hey, people, I’m back.

I’ve been reading a few possible scenarios that can happen during iStart a Fanwar, and that scenario had an effect on me. Let’s play “What if?”.

What if Carly, Sam and Freddie, are faced with shipping questions (which they will be)?
Sam might reply with something like, “We’re all friends, just friends.” And if her words aren’t enough, she’ll go that extra mile just to make sure the fans believe her, she kisses Freddie again (rejoice, Seddieshippers) and says they’re all friends, while Freddie suffers from post-kiss catatonia (I love that, I truly do.)
Now, near the end of the episode, after the Webicon,  on the Shay’s apartment, Carly and Freddie are discussing what happened in the Webicon,  and Freddie starts “Can we just not talk about it?” starting  the script.

Another thought that occurred to me is, Dan said that there were only 6 people on Earth (and 2 on Wisconsin) who knew what was on the next page of the script. What if the next page is the last page of the script, like some random interruption by Spencer?

Think about it, and let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve decided to add 5 more days to the contest. The ending date is not October 20th.

RobSp1derp1g out!

An announcement and a little speech…

First I’d like to announce that this blog has it’s own Twitter account. This blog has it’s own Twitter account. It’s @RSp1derp1gRevs.

My fellow Seddieshippers, you are most likely here to read my iDo review. I’m afraid that’s not what I’m doing right now. You see, last night I was playing a game on my computer when I decided to go to bed, so I close the game, and open the browser to check my e-mail, like I always do. It’s set to open Hotmail and Twitter every time I start the browser. I clicked the Twitter tab, and what I saw left me speechless. Here is what I saw.

You might not know why is there a video with a image of the Seddie kiss with a frame. I’ll tell you. It’s iStart a Fanwar.

The time has come for the ultimate showdown. Creddie vs Seddie. Only one will win, and we know which one. Seddie!

But why do I say this?

Because yesterday, after I saw the video (which pretty much left me with only vague sounds and aimless gestures), there was a tweet that sparked a battle in my mind. There are a lot of people that ship both mainstream ships. Which will those root for? The answer seems clear, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. I, for one, will not think less of any Seddie/Creddie shipper who wants to root for Creddie. Since I got involved in the iCarly fandom, I have witnessed a few fanwars, and even participated in some (back then, when I was an Advanceshipper.)

I give you, my readers, this advice: Whatever we do, support or ship, we have to stick together. There’s no point in saying “Let’s trend Seddie!” when only about 10% of the Seddieshippers in the Twittersphere complied. Next time we do this, we’ll do this right. That means EVERYBODY that has a single spark of Seddie in their heart shall help us reach this incredible goal.

I know it’s still early for a speculation on iSFW, but I got to say this. We have got 4 important bits of information. They are:
– Nathan said in his Ustream that there would be major Seddie AND Creddie,
– Max Ehrich will be playing a character named Adam which will “most likely” be a love interest for Carly. (By “most likely”, I mean “definitely”)
– On the new opening title, we can see a scene from iStart a Fanwar where Sam reaches for Freddie after he just left an angry mob. Whether this means she’s in love with him or not, it shows she cares about him. It all starts like that.
– The script. No, not the band, the band’s awesome, but I don’t mean the band. I mean the script that Dan posted about a year ago. If you don’t know what script I’m talking about, I’ll post a pic below. I need you to try and see the scene, after the Webicon. Go ahead, try it. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I have so many theories about this image… One day, I’ll share them all with you.

Until then, have your daily Seddie fix. And prepare for a Seddie Overdose.

RobSp1derp1g out!

About chicken pot pie…

Hello, I’m RobSp1derp1g. You might remember me from such reviews as “iSam’s Mom” and “iKiss”.
Well, I’ve recently been reading some stuff on the script (you know what script I’m talking about…) and noticed this:

Freddie: So, what's in this chicken pot pie? I mean, "chicken" obviously, but what other...
Carly: Are you in love or not?
Freddie: (LONG BEAT, THEN) Yes.
Carly: (SIGHS) But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as...
Freddie: I didn't say I was in love with you.

Well, this got me thinking. A few weeks ago, Nathan held a Ustream chat where he spoke of Seddie and Creddie, among other things. One thing he said is that there will be an event on iStart a Fanwar that will sway the scales one way or the other. And this came to mind: Read the rest of this entry


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