iAnswer Questions about Seddie!

I’ve been told I know stuff about Seddie and that my opinions are well-rounded and insightful.

I’ve also been told that I should be the go-to guy when talking about Seddie (thanks, Eric!) So, I decided to create a little page where I answer questions about Seddie while giving my personal opinion.

If you want to ask me questions about Seddie, please leave a comment or go over to the “Contact Me” and try those links.

Thank you and I’ll try to answer all your questions!

Question Index:
Top 10 Seddie songs
How long have they liked each other?
How do you imagine Seddie happening so far?

Last night, I was asked on Twitter (my name there is RobSp1derp1g) which were the top 10 Seddie songs.

So I went on Youtube and found the 10 songs that best represent Seddie. So here’s the list:

10 – Skye Sweetnam – Tangled Up In Me
I’ve heard this song ever since I was a kid. I have always wanted to know the song’s name and as soon as I heard the song on the video, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia. I HATE NOSTALGIA!!
Why does this song represent Seddie? Just look at the lyrics! “I’m the girl who’s kicking the coke machine” That’s a reflection of Sam’s violent nature. And in the chorus, you hear “Could you see I want you by the way I push you away.” This song either predicts Seddie, or proves there are more Seddie-like couples in the world. I can proudly say I was in one of them.

9 – Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You
Sam’s life would suck without Freddie. It’s pretty clear that without Freddie, there would be no iCarly, therefore none of the adventures we saw would take place and, to sum it all up, Sam’s life would suck.

8 – Colbie Caillat – Falling For You

Imagine what Sam would do when she finds out that she’s in love with Freddie. (Please note that I said ‘when’, not ‘if’. ‘If’ implies doubt.) This is the song that immediately comes to mind.

7 – Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love
The same thing happens here, only with the roles reversed. When Freddie finds out that he’s in love with Sam, this is the song he’d sing.

6 – Letters to Cleo – Cruel To Be Kind
For the older fans, here’s a small treat. You might recognize the title from a movie. Yeah, this song was featured in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” with the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. In the movie, both their characters hate each other at start, but they fall in love in the end. And this song is the one played FOR THEM in the dance at school. Besides, it fits Katrick. And Seddie.

5 – Jennette McCurdy – Me With You
Truth be told, until today I never heard this song. However, there are SO MAAAAAAAANY fanfictions(There are lots of them) with this and there are people on Twitter that post lyrics of this song. And it turns out that it’s totally a Seddie song. Or maybe Jathan… (I’m saying this to mess with one person only. You know who you are…:))

4 – Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same

A long time ago, I saw a Seddie video with this song, and I absolutely loved it…

3 – REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling (The Glee Cast version is also used.)
We reach the Top 3!! And what better way to give the bronze medal than with the song of the video I made? That’s right!. On the very first post of this blog, I posted a Seddie video I made. It contained this song. With some twists I know Jennette McCurdy would love… If you haven’t seen it, what are you still doing here? Search me on YouTube, and leave a comment on the video.

2 – Elvis Costello – She
This is one song that you won’t find in a Seddie video, at least for now. I’m currently on the creative process for creating one. The song’s so incredibly Seddieish, it’s almost painful.

1 – AM – Running Away

I believe there are only 1642 Seddieshippers in this world who don’t know what song this is. It’s the official Seddie song. It’s the song Freddie has his PearPod playing when he and Sam shared their first kiss (The first of many more…) And almost 10% of all Seddieshippers already used this song as a way of getting inspiration.


I was also asked by my friend Seddiexquotes: how long do you think they’ve liked each other?
Well, I think that the kiss turned their supposed hatred into friendship. That is a fact and no one can deny that. But their interaction on iRocked the Vote has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, it made them more than friends…

Also, my faithful reader Abby has asked me how do I imagine Seddie happening so far.
The thing is, Abby, there is not one certain scenario. There are millions of them and we can’t say “This one will happen.” “No, this one. I like it better, it’s more purple.”
But on my opinion, I think that Sam will somehow find out about the School At Sea program that Freddie forfeited and will confront him with that.

Keep sending in your questions, I’ll be sure to answer them all!

  1. Cool! so how do you imagine seddie happening so far??????

  2. I love Seddie. It broke my heart when iSaved Your Life came on, but then my heart got right back together when they broke up! :)

  3. Seddie WILL happen, right? *Hopes*

  4. Also, how mad do you think us Seddie fans will be if it doesn’t happen?

  5. what do you think about seddie hints in iStart a fanwar?

    • I’ll let RobSp1derp1g answer this too, because I think it was probably directed more toward him, but I thought the biggest Seddie hint in iStart a Fan War was the fact that Freddie is ok with the Adam thing happening. I think this is a great progression from what used to be. Freddie used to get very jealous over any guy Carly liked, as you know. I love the fact that this episode is showing him growing more away from her.
      I also loved the fact that the Seddie paddle had hearts all over it, while the Creddie paddle didn’t. I think some people might argue that the paddles were fan-made, so that doesn’t matter, but Dan was the one who made them to begin with. I’m hoping that’s a big Seddie hint there.
      One other one I noticed was that Sam never denied any of the Seddie fans talking about Freddie and herself being together. Sure, we got a lack of Seddie fans in that episode, which was disappointing, but the part we did get was great. I believe that in previous episodes, Sam would’ve thrown a fit over it if someone had’ve mentioned her and Freddie together. She kept silent though, which I think is hinting toward some Seddie because it’s showing they’re growing up, and getting closer. (:

    • On iStart a Fan War, we had a small number of hints, from Sam diving into the fangirl sea to save Freddie (I want one of these seas for myself…), Sam and Freddie’s faces after being confronted with the possibility of Seddie. Also, the first hint which does not include Sam or Freddie: Adam becomes a Seddieshipper. How do I know this? Despite him not knowing the ship’s name, he claimed “Seddie, got it!” with such enthusiasm, he can only be a Seddieshipper (also, he can’t be a Creddieshipper because he has a crush on Carly.) Also, like Emily said, the fact that Freddie is completely at ease with Adam, he’s not jealous at all.

      And wow, Emily! That was quite an answer!

  6. seddielatinoamerica

    ¿crees que seria emocionante si en los proximos episodios de icarly ellos estuvieran de novios? es decir, ya pasando la estapa de coqueteo. XD

  7. una pregunta a RobSp1derp1g puede ser que seddie suseda porque ahora en esta temporada freddie se comporta como sam y haces todas las cosas juntos etc
    sera uan señal que seddie suseda pero yo se que sam se quedo muda cuando le preguntaron quiero decir que no dijo nada parece que le gusta la idea es solo una opinion q1ue opinas a respecto.

    • Entiendo lo que dices, pero no creo que Freddie y Sam se una pareja pronto. Todavía queda la conversación que está escrito en el guión, “iParty withVictorious” tendrá al aire antes de llegar a saber lo que finalmente va a suceder.

  8. I knew “I can’t fight this feeling” was familiar! It was also in the movie “Drive Me Crazy” whose main characters definitely had a Seddie-like relationship :)

    PERFECT song choices BTW :)

  9. You forgot call me

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