Passes for Webicon

Hey, it’s me. Who? Me! The owner of the blog! RobSp1derp1g!

I recently made a pass for Webicon. It started as a joke, but it was quite an unexpected success.

The result: I’m being asked to make passes by pretty much every iCarly fan on Twitter. It’s a lot.

This post is not to say that I won’t take any more requests, quite the opposite. This blog post will include the info you need to give me for me to make you a pass.

I have made a new type of pass, with more features which are completely useless! Therefore, you will want it!!

Here they are:

Webicon Pass

Note that this pass only contains some basic info about the user.

Now, behold the new pass:

The new model of Webicon pass.

It contains the same info, but now it has a stamp mark, that allows the user to roam freely in the Webicon area.
Please note the QR code on the left side of the pass. This code serves a triple purpose (as if double wasn’t enough…): It allows the staff to recognize the pass as valid and genuine, it can link you to a website of your choice if you have the right software installed on your cellphone. And, perhaps the most important goal of the QR code, it makes the pass look cooler.

Here are the “requirements”:

  • Your Twitter username, (if you don’t use Twitter, tell me the name you want me to insert.)
  • Date of birth,
  • Day you joined the fandom,
  • An avatar (image),
  • A title. The titles can be Blogger, Press, Fan, or combinations of these,
  • A link to a website of your choice. It can be Twitter, Youtube,, your personal blog, your cat’s blog, you name it. But beware, I will check the links before I make the passes so, if I consider the link is not safe, I will not make the pass.
  • Also, I’d like to know where to send them, if I send them by e-mail, or if I can post them on my TwitPic account.

After that, please send an e-mail to with the request. Requests will only be accepted when sent by e-mail.

So far I’ve made over 50 passes for both Seddie and Creddie fans, I want to make more.

RobSp1derp1g out!

  1. I sent you an e-mail for one, I hope it’s no trouble :)

  2. Hey I sent you an e-mail so you can make me a pass. How long until you can get it to me? Thanks!

    .Purple. .Love. .Seddie.

  3. Twitter Name: SarahLoveHart13
    DOB: 8/15/1997
    Date Of Dedication: 03-26-2008
    Title: Seddie Shipper, Press, Fanfiction Writer
    Image Link:
    Send Them To:

  4. I got mine and and when I printed it, it was really big. ?… Any way to fix?

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