I have recently made a Ustream which went very well. I intend to do more, but I can’t do Ustream videos if I don’t have questions.

So, this page is for you guys to ask me questions about Seddie, about the blog, or anything else, really.

Just ask me questions through comments, and I will answer them in my next video. which will be posted on Youtube.

So, please ask away!

  1. How do you play world of warlords

  2. Favorite Seddie moment?
    Seddie speculations?
    What you think about iOMG.
    Favorite food? haha. (Mine is pickles.)

  3. What is your favorite Seddie YouTube vid?
    Favorite ship not on iCarly?
    Favorite person you follow on Twitter?
    The SEDDIEST song you’ve ever heard? (I’d say Smoothie King by Bowling For Soup.)
    How do you feel about the addition of Noah Munck as a main character of iCarly?

  4. What’s the name of the song that sam plays in iHire an Idiot episode of icarly?? she pushes the button on the blue remote and it plays on the speakers i assume?

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