Seddie 101

Background: a chalkboard.
Location: a room with white walls, lots of chairs and tables.
A man in a brown coat opens the door and enters.
He faces the camera and says:

Welcome, dear readers. My name is RobSp1derp1g, and you will call me either that or Rob. Actually, it’s Mr. Rob. I like titles…
Anyway, I’ll be your teacher in the very important subject of Seddie 101.

To start things off, I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Seddie.

What is Seddie?
Why is purple the official Seddie color?

A friend of mine told me that Sam and Freddie kissed. Is that true or was that little bastard lying to me?

What song was playing on Freddie’s MP3 player during the kiss?

What is Seddietember?

What makes Seddie better than Creddie?

What is Seddie?

Seddie is the pairing/couple/relationship between Samantha ‘Sam’ Puckett and Fredward ‘Freddie’ Benson from the Nickelodeon hit TV show iCarly.

Why is purple the official Seddie color purple?
In the episode iMust Have Locker 239, Spencer gets involvied in a paint fight with an art teacher. She painted his mouth blue and he painted her mouth red. Near the end of the episode, she follows Spencer home and apologizes. Then Spencer says “Wanna make purple?” And she says “Please.” And they kiss, officially branding purple as the Seddie color.

A friend of mine told me that Sam and Freddie kissed. Is that true or was that little bastard lying to me?
That is true. That little bastard did not lie to you. Sam and Freddie did kiss on the episode iKiss (rather obvious, when you think about it.) See the episode for more info. By the way, the kiss lasted exactly 8.7 seconds, according to SarcasticLeaves.

What song was playing on Freddie’s MP3 player during the kiss?
The song is called Running Away and it’s from a singer named AM (I’m not sure if it’s a singer or a band.)

I noticed that on your reviews you say “have a Seddietastic Seddietember”. I get the Seddietastic part, but what is Seddietember?
Seddietember is a month in the Gregorian Calendar. It follows August and is preceded by October. :D
Well, in September 2009, a group of Seddieshippers on Twitter got together on the premiere date of the episode iThink They Kissed to achieve something that hadn’t been done until then, trend the #seddie hashtag. Well, those brave warriors who fought that battle did return, but not with news of success. So they were sent into battle two weeks later, and yet again, they returned with news of defeat. But ever since then, every September, we celebrate the time those warriors lost in that fateful month.

I’ve been hearing stuff about Seddie and Creddie ever since the show has begun. What makes Seddie better than Creddie?
I never said Seddie was better, just different. For the better. (Disney reference) Well, take a look at Carly and Freddie’s relationship… come on, take a look. Take it!! Well, their relationship would be too predictable. Just kissing here, smooching there… Don’t take me wrong, I have nothing against kissing or smooching. My point is, it’d be too predictable. On the other hand, Seddie may not be the perfect couple, but it certainly is not boring and predictable. Sam keeps insulting Freddie, because that’s her way of showing she likes him. I know someone like that in real life. We’re good friends. I actually want to see her again…

If you have any more questions, please let me know by commenting below. All questions will be answered.

Thank you for attending my class.

Class dismissed!

  1. haha great class :) glad I attended, and I think I was one of those who tried to trend #Seddie, so I guess I’m honored or remembered for my efforts as well? :) lol Rock On Seddie Warriors Rock on!!!! SEDDIE!!!!

  2. I am glad I attended the class. Are there more classes about Seddie?

  3. I think this may be the only time I enjoyed being in a class. :)

  4. I was reading over the whole Seddietastic Seddietember and I was laughing so hard when it said how we remember the ones who hashtaged for Seddie (who did not succeed) and then saying every September we remember their story and battle.
    That is hilarious!
    Is it a true story?
    I still think it’s hilarious!

    • Yeah, it is! Back in 2009 (before I joined the fandom), when iTTK premiered, many Seddiers tried to trend Seddie on Twitter, but they were unsuccessful. now, every September (or better yet, Seddietember) We try to do what they failed to do… It’s an homage to them…

  5. I love your last answer :]

    However, I think you should mention that the Seddie color is also purple because Sam and Freddie wear purple a lot, too :]

    Great post though! :D

  6. I love seddietember and one question!…

    I know they broke up (in iLove you) ore not because i am not shure, so are they going to be a couple again? and in iStill Psycho you couldn’t see to well if they where together ore not!!

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