Seddie Videos

I decided to create a page to list a few of the best Seddie videos out these.

If you want your video listed, please comment!

Note: There are no Justin Bieber songs in this list, and none shall be allowed.

Words from Future Freddie to his two kids

Freddie Can’t Fight This Feeling – Seddie

Sam & Freddie – Just a Dream

Seddie – I’d Lie

Seddie – You Could Be Happy

Seddie – You Belong With Me

Sam/Freddie – Hovering

Sam/Freddie – Every Little Thing

I Loved You – Seddie/Creddie

Seddie – Kiss Me

Impossible – Seddie

Seddie – I Like That Girl

Seddie – Touch My Hand

Seddie – I Won’t Say I’m In Love

Seddie – Vanilla Twilight

Seddie – We’ll be a dream

Seddie – I’d Lie

  1. I have a couple videos I want to be shown:

    thank youuuu :)

  2. v=VrRmUF7WDaE&feature=player_profilepage

    no copyright breach intended

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