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Stage 5

It’s going to be okay, it’s had a good run of seasons, and the story was wrapped up, unlike lots of other shows. And Seddie… we got Seddie…

Stage 4

If every show I ever like gets cancelled… What’s the point? Why watch TV at all, if eventually all the shows I like will be cancelled… Well, except the Simpsons…

Stage 3

I will plant a tree in Israel, if a new season of iCarly is made. I’ll do ANYTHING for a new season of iCarly…

Stage 2

Why us? It’s not fair! There are plenty other shows that can be canceled instead of iCarly! DAMN IT!!

Stage 1

What? iCarly’s ending? No, that’s not true. You’re lying. Why are you lying, you little lying person? iCarly will go on for DECADES!!!


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