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iHire an Idiot Sneak Peek(s)

Hello, my faithful readers! I bring you gifts!

The first gift is the gift of… of… Oh, it’s a sneak peek for iHire an Idiot.

Check it out, guys!

RobSp1derp1g out!

EDIT: Two more were obtained, here they are.

Meet Ashley:

The B-plot, involving Spencer:

iSpeed Date – Review

Hello, my good people of Earth! Having a good time? Me too.

Since I’m in a somewhat visitor streak, I’ve decided to make another review! This time the episode will be…

iSpeed Date!

That’s right, it’s iSpeed Date review time.

Now a few of you guys will most likely go like, “Say what?” or “What the…?” or even “Bloody hell!”

To those I say only this: read the review. I’ll explain later why I’m reviewing this episode.

Review, go!
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Greetings from the web!

Hello, people!! *wait for applause but hears nothing.* I’m RobSp1derp1g, as you may have noticed and I’m a big fan of iCarly, as you may have also noticed.

I have been inspired by Seddiemania and so, I came to a conclusion. From now on, I will start doing episode reviews.

I’m a huge Seddie fan (If you don’t know what Seddie is, I suggest you Read the rest of this entry


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