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A review on the Seddie Arc

April 9th. That’s when it started.

iOMG started a story arc on iCarly that can, and has, been called the Seddie Arc. It consists of 4 episodes that show the development of Sam and Freddie’s relationship.

In iOMG, Sam is revealed to be in love with someone. Freddie and Carly suspect it’s with Brad, their new intern, but it’s later revealed that Sam in love with Freddie.

3 days after, Carly and Freddie find out that Sam has placed herself on Troubled Waters Mental Institution because she thinks she’s crazy for liking Freddie. In the end of the episode, Freddie kisses Sam passionately.

From then on, the Seddie train (heh) ran smoothly. Sam and Freddie started dating, with Carly reluctantly behind as a couples councelor.

In iCan’t Take It, an unlikely partnership is forged with one common goal. Gibby and Mrs. Benson team up to break Seddie up.

In iLove You, everything comes tumbling down. Sam and Freddie mutually break up, and after they do, they still make out for one and a half hours.

The break-up on iLove You is scaring a lot of people. So, I thought I’d say a few words.

They said that they might try again… when Sam’s a bit more normal, and Freddie’s more “abnormal”. It is said that when God closes a door, He opens a window. This time, the window was open, and all the glasses were shattered so that we can get more than a glimpse from the other side. And that is why I am pleased to announce that I have a community project for all of you guys to help me with. Check it here!

Christmas has come earlier this year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
And, because of legal purposes, I won’t sing anymore.

You’re most likely wondering why I’m singing Christmas songs. Two reasons: they are the only thing that makes the echoing Bieber songs that are constantly playing on TV stop, and the much more important reason, and please turn your excitement level to 11 for this, there will be 3 NEW iCarly EPISODES this month!!

That’s right! Starting from Seddietember 10th, there’s going to be a NEW iCarly EPISODE EVERY SATURDAY!!

The efforts of the Seddie Warriors who went to battle nearly 2 years ago are remembered with this tribute to Seddie…

But enough with the past, let’s look to the future!

We can see that this promo is for more than one episode, most likely the 3 we are getting this month.

You think iCarly’s getting good?
Well, it’s just getting started with the whole new season.

Carly’s upset that iCarly’s about to start and the newly-formed couple is still not there. That’s right, Seddie’s a couple!! Look at my power! Fangirls, rejoice! And Gibby’s not a mushroom.

See Spencer’s craziest creation EVER!

So, Spencer made a lawn? Is he trying to become a golfer? That’s actually pretty cool… Wait… Let’s do the math here… Spencer + lawn = Big fire.
Is the loft insured?

Find out if Freddie survives life in prison…

I get the feeling that Freddie’s visiting Sam’s relatives in jail… And from the looks of the guy…

It's uncle Carmine!!

Cons have a dark sense of humor… (Disclaimer: Cons do not have a dark sense of humor. This line of text is simply a  way to defend myself.)

Every Saturday night, catch the most hilarious, most shocking, most anticipated iCarlys ever!

Spencer built a lawn so that he could observe the night sky while indoors. I sense the existance of iCarly Seddie fanfics, of the M variety because of this.

Now, get ready for an iCarly “sort-of-marathon”!!

See you all on Seddietember 11th, when I post my iDate Sam and Freddie review!

Spend a superb Seddietember!!


I had some troubles thinking of a fitting name, so I chose what many of us were thinking: Oh my Seddie.

Yes, that’s what I thought. After all the screaming, squealing and overall ‘Fan-Girling’.

What am I talking about? Of course, it’s the Behind the Scenes iLost My Mind Promo (Or Promo 4), which you can see here:

And which I, BabelLeef, will be reviewing here (I warn you, it’s going to be a long one!):

Drum Roll, please!

Saturday, August 13th…


So, Freddie’s getting worried about Sam…

But where is she? (Like we didn’t already know. We even have the wristbands…)

Oh – look at this:

I couldn’t help but notice how happy Freddie looked that they found Sam. But…

Not so happy…

Moving swiftly on, we get to see some ‘Behind the Scenes’ – and I will skip some of these clips to come, unless it is clear that that they are a crucial part to the episode, or they looked interesting. This blog is going to be long enough already..

Jerry dancing! No, wait… SPENCER DANCING!

The reason this gets a mention is because SPENCER is happy dancing in his apartment. Confused? My guess is he’s probably just found out Sam and Freddie kissed. Yeah. SECRET SEDDIE SHIPPER ALERT!

Nathan and Miranda’s high-five. I can’t help but smile at it.

It’s iCarly the musical. I have no idea whether they are in character or not. I’m assuming the latter.

… and we went Behind the Scenes to give you an inside look at THE MOST INSANE iCARLY SPECIAL EVER!

Psch. No chiz.

“… in here, Mrs Puckett…”

We got up with the cast to find the story behind the madness…

I’m going to be completely useless here and say I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT EXACTLY THIS SCENE IS. Is it from the actual episode? Is it Jennette and Nathan out of character before shooting? All I can say is that I think the guy behind the camera is Caleb/Jim Parsons. My inner fangirl is taking over.

Have you ever tried doing a live webshow in a Mental Hospital? Well, it isn’t easy.

Annoyed Sam…

Defensive Freddie…

I love both Miranda and Jennette’s acting in this scene – Jennette pulls off playing ‘Insane Sam’ especially well!

And a shuffle shuffle to the next screencap…

IT’S JIM PARSONS! “We LOVE Jim Parsons!”

Why did Spencer do that?!

“I’m from the year 2077!”


Sam has that affect on a lot of people.

And finally, the stars of iCarly gave us their thoughts on the ultimate question:



Oh, oh…




(you see that arrow? pointing to Freddie’s obviously puckered lips.)


AHH! The part where I died and went to Seddie heaven.

Oh My Seddie indeed.





Oh, Gibby…

Bonjour! I don’t really know how to begin this. It’s nearly 12 at night, and I can’t sleep, so this is the product of that.

You’ve probably all seen this here iTunes Description HERE:, and if you haven’t, go and, uh… see it, I guess. And Gibby?

Oh, Gibby…

He’s trying to break up Seddie, and naturally, many people jumped straight in to the Gibby Hater Club. Understandable, yes, but – is he really at fault? As I can see it, there are two possible reasons.

1. He’s jealous. Personally, I’ve always felt Gibby has always had a crush on Sam, but how big, I don’t know. It was just always ‘there’, but I still have no clue as to why I think this.

2. Mrs Benson set him up to it. Ah-ha! You all saw in the promo Gibby telling Marissa that her dearest son was now dating a… um… (I can’t think of the right word) hooligan. Poor Gibby probably felt intimidated (Who wouldn’t?! This is an AGRESSIVE PARENT!) and was forced into spying on our new couple, and attempting to break them up.

Ah. Yes. Now that sounds plausible.

I won’t lie, today I had my share in Gibby-hating on Twitter. It was fun I suppose. I have a weird idea of fun when I am bored. But still, remember guys, it’s GIBBY we’re talking about.

Gibby who dances shirtless in the Cheescake Warehouse (amongst other places…)

Gibby who brushes his teeth with mustard and teaches us new vocabulary.

Gibby who destroys Nora and saves the iCarlies.

Gibby who is Roger Mole.

So don’t hate on him. Okay, maybe for a few minutes, then think about how utterly-awesome he is. And how Sam and Freddie are “Officially Together.”

Goodbye. I’m going to sleep now.


iLost My Mind airdate revealed

We, at Rob’s iCarly Reviews, just got word that iLost My Mind will air on August 13th.

We got that info from my friend @AgoraLocoPhobic who got his copy of Entertainment Weekly, which included the airdate for iLMM.

Here’s what was written:

Jim Parsons Guest Stars On iCarly
Ready to see Jim Parsons in his craziest role ever? The Big Bang Theory star will appear in the August 13 episode of the Nickelodeon show as Caleb, a friendly psychiatric patient who claims to be from the year 2077. He encounters Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her pals at the facility that Sam (Jennette McCurdy) checks herself into after falling for Freddie (Nathan Kress) “Carly is pretty nuch the one person who’s certain that he’s insane.” Cosgrove says of Caleb. “But, once he tells her her future, and it’s something she really likes, then she starts to become a believer.”

If you look back at last year, you can see that August 13th happens to be my birthday. So what a gift this is!

So, until my next post, stay safe, stay frosty, stay awesome!

Strap on your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Hello, my friends! I’m super excited, so I’m gonna cut to the chase.

Dan Schneider (@Danwarp) just posted a blog post about iCarly and Victorious. It contained info on the new iCarly episodes for the new season!

Remember iLost My Mind? The episode Nickelodeon gave us a promo for a few weeks ago. It’s part of a storyline!

The titles are iLost My Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan’t Take It, and iLove You.

Apart from iLost My Mind, all titles are temporary. They may be the real ones or not.

We also got news about the iPsycho sequel, iStill Psycho, and iMeet The First Lady!

Want to know what Dan himself said? Read this!

Discuss, people!!!

Am I dead? ‘Cause this seems like heaven…

There is a place where everything is good. Where there is no pain, no harm, and everyone is happy.

Some call it Heaven, some call it Nirvanna (2 n’s), others call it Capeside, Massachusetts.

Its true name is, Seddieland, also known as Seddie Heaven. Located around Seattle, Washington.

Why I say this? Take a look:

This is the official promo for the episode I saw while on the future. And the promo STILL gets to me…

And I’ll be a good friend and over-analyze it, like I did with the iOMG one!

Let’s get to work!

We are shown a part of the iOMG kiss. Then, the drama, so to speak, begins.

“Nothing will prepare you for what happens NEXT!” I disagree. Time travel does.

You can see what happens here, Sam is behind a door with a glass window. This could be the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital.

“This August…” It’s my birthday!!

Mrs. Benson hired a P.I. A so not-unlike-her thing to do. And he’s fully equipped, complete with raincoat, sunglasses and hat.

Freddie’s dating Sam… Oh, and you’re gonna love this:

It’s safe to say that Mrs. Benson doesn’t want Sam and Freddie to be together. But that doesn’t make her a Creddie shipper.

And another thing, or rather, two things:

You can see both Sam and Freddie going in for a kiss. Both Sam and Freddie are okay with it, and we can perceive that the iOMG kiss is no longer a problem at all. Also, Carly’s happy. Not “meh” happy, she’s genuinely happy.

“Are Sam and Freddie in love?”

“Sam loves Freddie! Sam loves Freddie!” This scene seems to me that it is before the previous scene.

“Will Carly keep them together?”

“I’m just supposed to sit here and wait for you guys to have a fight so I can settle it?”
“Pretty much!”
“We’d really appreciate it…” I can’t, for the life of me, do two things. Figure out how they get there, and not laugh when I hear this line…

“And the biggest question of all…” Have I lost my mind?

Lookie here:

Carly has her arms up in the first pic, but she’s not forcing them to kiss… If she was, Sam wouldn’t have her hand on Freddie’s forearm… Think about it.

Coming on August, 2011.

Amazing! Be ready!!

And I said there’d be a HUGE REVELATION on this post. Well, follow my train of thought.

The purple restaurant scene and the one where they are kissing in the kitchen were shot on the first week of production. The Troubled Waters Mental Hospital scenes were shot on the second. This leads me to say that this MIGHT be a 40-minute episode.

RobSp1derp1g out!!


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