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A review on the Seddie Arc

April 9th. That’s when it started.

iOMG started a story arc on iCarly that can, and has, been called the Seddie Arc. It consists of 4 episodes that show the development of Sam and Freddie’s relationship.

In iOMG, Sam is revealed to be in love with someone. Freddie and Carly suspect it’s with Brad, their new intern, but it’s later revealed that Sam in love with Freddie.

3 days after, Carly and Freddie find out that Sam has placed herself on Troubled Waters Mental Institution because she thinks she’s crazy for liking Freddie. In the end of the episode, Freddie kisses Sam passionately.

From then on, the Seddie train (heh) ran smoothly. Sam and Freddie started dating, with Carly reluctantly behind as a couples councelor.

In iCan’t Take It, an unlikely partnership is forged with one common goal. Gibby and Mrs. Benson team up to break Seddie up.

In iLove You, everything comes tumbling down. Sam and Freddie mutually break up, and after they do, they still make out for one and a half hours.

The break-up on iLove You is scaring a lot of people. So, I thought I’d say a few words.

They said that they might try again… when Sam’s a bit more normal, and Freddie’s more “abnormal”. It is said that when God closes a door, He opens a window. This time, the window was open, and all the glasses were shattered so that we can get more than a glimpse from the other side. And that is why I am pleased to announce that I have a community project for all of you guys to help me with. Check it here!

iLove You Review

Hey, people, welcome to my iLove You review! This is the last episode of the Seddie Arc, which of course means that Seddie will be an official couple by the end of the episode…

So, let’s get this review going!!

»Scene 1: Ridgeway High«

It has been too long since we walked the halls of Ridgeway High.

So, wait, Freddie is into model trains? I’m currently at a loss for words…

“Hey, I’m not gonna lie, I’m super bored by this.” And right now, me thinks I’m in love with Carly Shay.

“Hey there, Carls. Hey Freddie-baby.”
“Hey, little Samanther” *suggestive head turn in confusion.*

Seddie PDAs! “We haven’t kissed in 2 days.” “Our lips are starving!!” I foresee that this line will be replicated in lots and lots of fanfictions… You know the ones…

Sam and her mom went ‘shopping’. When will Pam stop being a bad example to her daughter?

And Freddie has to go with his mom to a “lady doctor”. This part has 2 possible interpretations: either they’re going to a doctor who is a lady, or to a doctor who is a doctor for ladies… English, a traitorous language.

Dating includes creating shared interests? Is that a rule?

The girls from the school soccer club are passing by. I know a girl who’s in a soccer club. Do you want to know who she is? 3 simple words. My first crush.

And she’s got golf balls to hit the girls… There were problems here because of that once.

Spencer just arrived at Ridgeway, and starts by saying “Stay My Baby.”

Who’s that Woman in the Red Dress? It’s Wendy The Waitress!

For those of you who don’t know who Wendy the Waitress is, she’s a character of the show How I Met Your Mother. She’s the waitress at MacLaren’s, the gang’s favorite bar.

On iCarly, she was Spencer’s babysitter.

Spencer has accomplished every little boy’s dream. Go out with his baby sitter.

»Title Credits«

»Scene 2: Shays’ kitchen«

Spencer’s on a date with Genna, his babysitter…

Apparently, $20… $40 can make Carly be Spencer’s server.

10-year-old Spencer has had an encounter with Genna’s boyfriend. And he bit him.

Boy Meets World? I’ve heard of it, but never actually seen it.

When Spencer tries to kiss Genna, Carly interrupts him. “Look, a murderer!” I simply HAVE to try that one… I wonder if Barney has…

And with that, Spencer has regressed.

»Scene 3: A Place where I don’t know where it is…«

Where is this?

I have a vague memory of this being the Gibson’s house, but can’t really be sure…

Oh!! It’s Freddie’s model train meeting! Today must be Wednesday!!

Freddie has arrived. And he has brought a girl… Those kids have no lives… Oh, that reminds me. *offscreen* Phoebe, can you please let Jeremy know that I won’t be able to attend the Chess Club on Thursday? Thank you!

“You’re 7 minutes late!” Did the world end yet? I don’t see the difference of arriving 7 minutes late to a model train meeting. However, if it was to a real train, things would be different.

A sale on hatchets?

“She’s a girl!” Really? I didn’t notice that…

“Gross, they’re flirting!” ‘Gross, they’re flirting?’ I don’t even know how to respond to that… Actually, I know, but I might insult some people, so I won’t say anything.

I wanna know how Sam did that thing to the kid. I MUST know that…

That’s so lame, And I’m sure Sam will agree with me.

»Scene 4: Bushwell Plaza«

Gibby’s brought a duck, which is called Larry, if I remember correctly.

I admit, I kinda get Gibby’s point when he refuses to take the duck back to the pond.

Spencer just came home with Wendy, I mean, Genna.

Oh, God, NOT AGAIN!!!

Genna got Spencer to get into his pajamas with the promise of popcorn…

– Meeting of the Model Train Club –

All that excitement for a model train run of about 30 centimeters?

Fig nooters?

It’s obvious that Sam doesn’t like model trains, or at least the hype it was given…

– Bushwell Plaza, Shays apartment. –

Genna, Spencer, Carly, Gibby and his duck are watching a scary movie.

After sending Spencer to bed, she sends Carly, and this happens…

What’s his secret?

– Meeting of the Model Train Club –

Sam modified the track so that both trains would move at the same. Unfortunately, they run into each other.

»Commercial Break«

»Scene 5: Bushwell Plaza, Shays kitchen«

Spencer’s working on a new sculpture… What is it? When I find out, I’ll let you know.

Freddie got an e-mail from the Training Bros… it says and I quote:

“Dear Freddie

Due to the recent explosion at our last meeting caused by your FEMALE, you are hereby kicked out of the Training Bros. Please return your cap, whistle and protective cup within 3 business days.”

And Freddie’s been receiving emails from both Hungry Girl and PCA. Yeah. I thought the school closed…

“What’s a protective cup?” Carly, you know about human anatomy, right?

“She’s not ready for that…” Is it just me, or these couple of lines have a “Socks” feel in them? Don’t know what “Socks” is? Ignorance is bliss…

Now, now, Freddie, don’t blame Carly…

Saturday, Sam and Freddie are going to go visit Sam’s locked up relatives.

»Scene 6: Seattle Penitentiary«

Sam and Freddie are in prison… visiting Sam’s relatives.

So, either Freddie is good for Sam, or Sam’s uncle Carmine and cousin Chaz will stab him, all over. It’s an easy deal.

What? Sam’s a smuggler now too? What did she smuggle?

Freddie’s pulling some items out of his pants.

Now, I’m afraid, but I must object about this. Freddie looks like he’s … well… doing something that I won’t say due to children reading this blog. He does look like he’s doing… that. And it gets worse. Freddie actually says “Prisoner is in my pants.” Take from that what you want…

»Scene 7 – Carly’s Room«

“Excuse me for not being skilled at removing hams from my pants… ” That’s so wrong…

1952 Fudgemaster? Oh, Trudgemaster… And it’s a 1951 one…

– Shay’s living room –

The Pudgy Monkey Goes to Banana Land. I think I read that book.

Genna is reading a story to Spencer. She doesn’t do this on How I Met Your Mother…

Look at this:

How does Carly not see Sam and Freddie?

“Does he make it to Banana Land!?”

– Elevator –

Sam and Freddie have a meaningful talk.

Both of them have a lot on their mind.

And Sam applies Carly’s words into her relationship with Freddie.

“…and you kissing me that night at school, that was… intense.” Just the word I was looking for.

“So, the kiss was just intense?”
“And fun.” I love when dialog mirrors other episodes…

Seddie just broke up? Okay… I have to say something… Keep reading.

“I love you.” That line stopped Sam dead in her tracks.

“I love you too.” And they kiss.

“It’s only 10:30.”

Sweeping Declaration: iCarly breakups happen in elevators…


iLove You  – safe to say that I was bawling my eyes out all Saturday night, in denial Sunday, depression Monday, and Tuesday was when my friends and family told me, in their words, to “Cut it out or you will lose all contact with us.”

Mean, right?

The notes I have pulled together for this are AWFUL – they’re short, undetailed, and inexcuseable. Kind of.

Okay, awkward. ON WITH THE NOTES! :) (pre-warning – I did not re-watch the episode will typing these)

  • YES! IT’S THE RETURN OF… um.. oh god. I can’t remember the name of their school. It’s been THAT long. Okay, when was the last time we saw it? … (there’s a long pause until I remember iOMG.) Oh. Ahh. :'(
  • I really like Carly in this Arc. She’s kind of matured, and while she used to be REALLY annoying in Season One, she is definitely one of my favourite characters now. Awesome, right?

Overall Analysis: I liked the episode, it was very funny. I just didn’t like the underlying subliminal sexual references. I found them funny, I won’t lie, but I didn’t really like that Dan placed them in iCarly like that…

Seddie Analysis: Seddie broke up. And they still make out for another hour and a half. And they haven’t rejected the idea of getting back together. So, don’t lose hope, Seddiers.

Seddie will be endgame. Stay strong, Seddiers.

Until next week, ship hard!

Christmas has come earlier this year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
And, because of legal purposes, I won’t sing anymore.

You’re most likely wondering why I’m singing Christmas songs. Two reasons: they are the only thing that makes the echoing Bieber songs that are constantly playing on TV stop, and the much more important reason, and please turn your excitement level to 11 for this, there will be 3 NEW iCarly EPISODES this month!!

That’s right! Starting from Seddietember 10th, there’s going to be a NEW iCarly EPISODE EVERY SATURDAY!!

The efforts of the Seddie Warriors who went to battle nearly 2 years ago are remembered with this tribute to Seddie…

But enough with the past, let’s look to the future!

We can see that this promo is for more than one episode, most likely the 3 we are getting this month.

You think iCarly’s getting good?
Well, it’s just getting started with the whole new season.

Carly’s upset that iCarly’s about to start and the newly-formed couple is still not there. That’s right, Seddie’s a couple!! Look at my power! Fangirls, rejoice! And Gibby’s not a mushroom.

See Spencer’s craziest creation EVER!

So, Spencer made a lawn? Is he trying to become a golfer? That’s actually pretty cool… Wait… Let’s do the math here… Spencer + lawn = Big fire.
Is the loft insured?

Find out if Freddie survives life in prison…

I get the feeling that Freddie’s visiting Sam’s relatives in jail… And from the looks of the guy…

It's uncle Carmine!!

Cons have a dark sense of humor… (Disclaimer: Cons do not have a dark sense of humor. This line of text is simply a  way to defend myself.)

Every Saturday night, catch the most hilarious, most shocking, most anticipated iCarlys ever!

Spencer built a lawn so that he could observe the night sky while indoors. I sense the existance of iCarly Seddie fanfics, of the M variety because of this.

Now, get ready for an iCarly “sort-of-marathon”!!

See you all on Seddietember 11th, when I post my iDate Sam and Freddie review!

Spend a superb Seddietember!!

Strap on your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Hello, my friends! I’m super excited, so I’m gonna cut to the chase.

Dan Schneider (@Danwarp) just posted a blog post about iCarly and Victorious. It contained info on the new iCarly episodes for the new season!

Remember iLost My Mind? The episode Nickelodeon gave us a promo for a few weeks ago. It’s part of a storyline!

The titles are iLost My Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan’t Take It, and iLove You.

Apart from iLost My Mind, all titles are temporary. They may be the real ones or not.

We also got news about the iPsycho sequel, iStill Psycho, and iMeet The First Lady!

Want to know what Dan himself said? Read this!

Discuss, people!!!


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