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Christmas has come earlier this year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
And, because of legal purposes, I won’t sing anymore.

You’re most likely wondering why I’m singing Christmas songs. Two reasons: they are the only thing that makes the echoing Bieber songs that are constantly playing on TV stop, and the much more important reason, and please turn your excitement level to 11 for this, there will be 3 NEW iCarly EPISODES this month!!

That’s right! Starting from Seddietember 10th, there’s going to be a NEW iCarly EPISODE EVERY SATURDAY!!

The efforts of the Seddie Warriors who went to battle nearly 2 years ago are remembered with this tribute to Seddie…

But enough with the past, let’s look to the future!

We can see that this promo is for more than one episode, most likely the 3 we are getting this month.

You think iCarly’s getting good?
Well, it’s just getting started with the whole new season.

Carly’s upset that iCarly’s about to start and the newly-formed couple is still not there. That’s right, Seddie’s a couple!! Look at my power! Fangirls, rejoice! And Gibby’s not a mushroom.

See Spencer’s craziest creation EVER!

So, Spencer made a lawn? Is he trying to become a golfer? That’s actually pretty cool… Wait… Let’s do the math here… Spencer + lawn = Big fire.
Is the loft insured?

Find out if Freddie survives life in prison…

I get the feeling that Freddie’s visiting Sam’s relatives in jail… And from the looks of the guy…

It's uncle Carmine!!

Cons have a dark sense of humor… (Disclaimer: Cons do not have a dark sense of humor. This line of text is simply a  way to defend myself.)

Every Saturday night, catch the most hilarious, most shocking, most anticipated iCarlys ever!

Spencer built a lawn so that he could observe the night sky while indoors. I sense the existance of iCarly Seddie fanfics, of the M variety because of this.

Now, get ready for an iCarly “sort-of-marathon”!!

See you all on Seddietember 11th, when I post my iDate Sam and Freddie review!

Spend a superb Seddietember!!

iOMG recap – LOST style

4, 8, 15, 16, 23,42. If you sum all these numbers they will add up to 108. But that is of no importance.

I made this post to let you guys know that I have made a video recapping what happened in iOMG, and included small LOST sound clips. The idea was to make it as accurate with the “Previously on LOST” segments that showed in the beginning of the episodes. Well, I think I got it fairly okay…

Well, here it is!

Watch, comment, spread the word and tell the world!!

RobSp1derp1g out.

PS: While you’re here, please answer me this: What lies in the shadow of the statue?

Blog: Tech Time With Freddie

I know I usually don’t review blogs from, but this one is too great to pass up. That, and I was asked to review it. Read the rest of this entry

iAnalyze Season 4

Your pal RobSp1derp1g’s here again!!

Since Season 4 (Season 3 in Production) is over, I thought of summing it up.

iGot a Hot Room (301)
iDo (302)
iSell Penny-Tees (304)
iGet Pranky (303)
iSam’s Mom (305)
iStart a Fan War (308-309)
iHire an Idiot (307)
iPity The Nevel (306)
iOMG (310) Read the rest of this entry

iOMG review – From the future

*two flashes of light followed by two trails of flames on the ground*
*lots of smoke and the sound of a door opening*
*coughs by two people*

Rob: Holy chiz, Doc! I still can’t believe he said that! Thanks! Now that I know this, my life has changed.
Doc: You know, Rob, you can’t tell anyone about what you’ve seen! If you do that, the space-time continuum will collapse!
Rob: Don’t worry, Doc, I won’t. If I need to go back in time, I know when to find you.
Doc: Take care, Rob!
Rob: You too, Doc! You too!

Hey, guys! This is RobSp1derp1g, straight from the future! To those who believe me, good. To those who don’t, check this out!

Read the rest of this entry

iOMG is an appropriate title…

…however, I’m feeling down.

If you doubt my motives as a Seddie Warrior, look around you. I wouldn’t have built this if I wasn’t a full fledged Seddieshipper.

The reason for me being down is different. I’m jealous.

No, not jealous of Nathan (well, i guess I kinda am, but that’s not the point). I’m jealous of all the Seddieshippers who got to see it first-hand.

I was watching the episode, and I didn’t see the kiss. I know it’s not your fault, but I am… The damn stream had to fail right then…

I don’t know what to do, that’s all…

I’ll try to sleep it off.

The written review should be out tomorrow.

iOMG promos over-analysis. Another Rob’s Reviews Exclusive!

I said I would, didn’t I? I’ve watched the promos, and I all can say is “Freaking awesome!”

Also, I’d like to make a prediction, after I’m done. you will be saying Oh My God twice. At least.

Let’s get over-analyzing!

The promo starts with Sam and Freddie arm-wrestling, it serves as a way to show her tough girl side.

Then, some clips of Sam picking on Freddie. Y’all have already seen this.

Here’s a shocker, Sam’s in love.

Carly foolishly thinks it’s with Brad…

“And iCarly will never be the same…”

Freddie pushes a button on his laptop and looks ahead, possibly at Sam.
Sam looks straight forward, towards Freddie, maybe.

Carly’s giving Sam some encouraging words, telling her to make a move, to “have a little faith”. (Prison Break reference)

And now, the reason that brought me here today. Sam and Freddie’s civilized personal conversation.

If you look at Sam during the conversation, you’ll see Sam’s usual tough girl attitude has faded. She’s actually listening to him, and her body language, is really showing something she’d rather hide. You can see she’s fighting something, and she’s losing. She’s making a lot of involuntary gestures, and that shows us body language. I wish I could see Sam’s camera angle during that whole speech.
And Carly’s truly surprised…

This episode will rock the world’s socks…

iOMG Official Promo – Rob’s Reviews Exclusive!

This is too much. No person should be forced to handle such a wait…

This is another…

Behold the iOMG official promo!!

iOMG synopsis! Rob’s Reviews Exclusive!!

Yup! We have it!

Episode Synopsis: Carly and her pals work on completing assignments during a “lock-in” at their school, and Carly and Freddie begin to think that Sam has a crush on their new buddy Brad. Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2011

Source: TV Guide

We interrupt this broadcast…

…to give you some excellent news!! If you are, like me, a Seddie fan (if you’re reading this, chances are that you are), we’ve been given a blessing. That blessing is called iOMG. YES, episode #310 is officially called iOMG!!

Want proof? Here you go!

Look at this:

But that would mean nothing without this:

Ladies and gentlemen, start your hyperventilating!!!


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