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2012 FanArt Contest Winner

Welcome, everyone, to the 2012 FanArt Contest Winner Anncouncement.

This is not one of those award shows, although it may seem like it is.

This year’s winner is a fan who answers by the Twitter handle of @spyrOcknroll, and he (or she) drew this:

It’s very creative and an amazing drawing. Congrats!! 

As a prize, @spyrOcknroll will be able to choose between 2 slices of pizza which contain exactly the same incredients!!

Thank you, and good night!

McCurdians, unite!!

My fellow McCurdians, this is the moment when we give back.

Go to this site and read what is written inside. Let’s give our #nerdqueen a reason to be proud of us!!!_DATE_SET!.html

McCurdian Network!

Big news, guys! I was approached on Twitter by Brian Kimskey, a big huge GINORMOUS (note the Caps Lock) fan of Jennette McCurdy, who had a proposition. I was asked if my site/blog could be featured in a  new site totally dedicated to Jennette which would be launched on Christmas Eve. The site is called (not .net, .net is for losers) and it’s amazing!

And I’m glad to announce that as of this moment, RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews is now part of the McCurdian Network!

The McCurdian Network is a group of sites which feature and are featured on Some sites of that network are:
-RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews
-Love Bilgerdunday’s Music

If you’ve got a site and you would like to see it featured on, head over there and contact the owner.

RobSp1derp1g out.

Seddie. It’s not a ship, it’s a lifestyle.


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