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iTeach micro-expressions on iCarly

Hello, people. RobSp1derp1g’s here once again.

I’ve recently been told that I have a useless blog that doesn’t teach anything. Well, that about to change! I’m here to teach you about micro expressions using examples from iCarly.

Now, a bunch of you know about a show on FOX called “Lie To Me” starring Tim Roth. That show was about a man, named Dr. Cal Lightman who can tell whenever you’re lying. He analyzes everything in your body, from the position of your hands to the way you tilt your head, to the simplest scratching of your eyebrow. Nothing escapes the guy. And look out, ladies, he’s British. And from watching pretty much every episode of the show, I’ve learned a few tricks.

For example, there are 43 muscles used in micro-expressions, which, when combined can sum up to a total of 10,000 micro-expressions.

There are 7 basic micro-expressions: anger, disgust, surprise, happiness, fear, sadness, contempt.

With these 7, you can identify a whole range of emotions.

Let’s now delve deep into these expressions. There are images about this with Tim Roth’s face on them, but since I cannot use them, I’ll use examples from iCarly.

Before I do, though, a warning. This stuff is pretty cool, but if you’re too into it, it’ll ruin your life. All people are allowed to have secrets, and if you go around trying to find them, people will be angry, and it may lead to other problems in your life. Just saying.


Onwards and upwards! This is a common sentence used by scientists, even though Science should always look at all directions. Bones reference.



Anger can lead to a lot of unexpected situations so, one always should know how to identify it and, if possibly, defuse it.

Carly's angry because Sam and Freddie didn't tell her they kissed.

You can see that Carly’s pretty angry here. You can identify anger through several signs, the most common being the person shouting and overall being angry. But before these outbursts, you might be able to spot the eyebrows being down and pushed together, the eyes shooting a glare, possibly at the reason for the anger, and the lips being narrowed. The image above doesn’t really show it, because Carly’s talking.

Also, here’s another example:

If a girl, or anyone for that matter, looks at you like that, my advice is only one word: RUN!

Can you see the murderous intent on Carly’s eyes?



This is the one I’d never find on iCarly. iCarly isn’t going to show a character feeling contempt for another, that’d just be…, well, not iCarly-ish. So, I was forced to go find an image that showed it. And I did. The credits for this image go to, who have a page with more on the subject than this simple page. Also to Tim Roth, who’s actually on the image.



Want to feel disgust? Look at this picture. Just kidding.

This one’s easy, just think back at any time where any character shrugged. Or just try this:

If you looked at the image above, you’re probably feeling it right now. But in all seriousness, look at this:

Sam's disgusted at something someone's wearing.

You can identify disgust by noticing the nose wrinkles near the eyes, and the raised upper lip.

As you can see this one is pretty easy to identify.



This is the most common expression of fear. Your 2 best friends are about to fall down to their untimely demise and you’re scared. You’d be senseless not to be scared. But here’s the micro-expression:

Freddie: "Wait, I'm gonna have to jump? I won't live to kiss Sam 3 times! Or 4, considering Melanie doesn't exist..."

When a person experiences fear, the person’s eyebrows are raised and pushed together, the upper eyelids rise, the lower eyelids tense up and the lips stretch back to the ears.



Happiness is probably the easiest one to identify, because when a person is happy, the world outside reflects that happiness!

But here’s how to ID happiness:

The chance to go to space would make anyone happy. Except those who get airsick.

Sam’s face includes crow’s feet wrinkles, which are always included in a real happy smile, as well as pushed up cheeks and movement from the muscle that orbits the eyes.



Sam’s a girl with a lot of emotions, she gets sad once in a while too…

It hurts me to do this, but I have to.

The upper eyelids start to fall, your eyes lose focus and your lips’ corners drop down slightly.



Possibly the easiest one. Carly with Sam at the dentist’s office and afterward, when Carly asks Sam and Freddie why didn’t they tell her.

Signs: the eyebrows are up, the eyes get wide, and the mouth opens in a gasp.

Remember, these expressions can appear and disappear IN LESS THAN 1 SECOND, so keep your eyes focused and ready!

RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews. Changing the iCarly blogosphere, one post at a time.

Generation Love Review

Since many people wanted to see Jennette’s new video and Nickelodeon didn’t comply, I decided to do something.

Post AND review Jennette’s video.

I’ll analyze the lyrics and the video itself.
Now, this is something that I have never done before so, if it’s bad, don’t sue me.

Here’s the video:

We start by seeing a city landscape, followed by a guy skateboarding and a girl holding a balloon with a heart on it.

“I found a picture of my mother in her bell-bottom jeans.
flowers in her hair, two fingers up for peace.
In that Polaroid she smiled,A grown up baby boomer
Maybe momma walked down the wild side, walking on the moon
What will they say about us”

The feeling I get from this part is that Jennette compared her mom’s generation it hers.
Her mom was influenced by the hippie movement (“Two fingers up for peace”)

“I’ve heard stories about my grandpa
child of the great depression
how growing up broke creates and deep and dark impression
He sits in a rocker, down at the veterans home
even when I go to visit he still rocking all alone
What will they say about us”

Here, she goes and gets another example of the clash of generations.
Her granddad must have fought on the WWII, (“He sits in a rocker, down at the veterans home”)

“They call us generation lost
Or generation greed
Or the connected generation to a plasma screen
or a generation why enough is not enough
Or maybe they’ll call us… generation love
Generation love”

This is what she thinks the older generations think about the current generation, a generation where everything is still not enough, where everyone is fending for themselves, where its youth is too dependent on technology, yet a generation that holds the ability to love unconditionally.

“We are children of divorce
Victims of dysfunction
We spell check of course
And GPS the proper junction
We’ve gotten pretty good
Shifting all the blame
But I think I hear an old song
Calling my new name
Generation love”

If I understood this part correctly, this generation has problems that the previous ones haven’t faced. And we became masters of saying, “it’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s. It always is.”

“Not generation lost
Or generation greed
or the connected generation to a plasma screen
or a generation why enough is not enough
Or maybe they’ll call us
Generation love”

Now she’s sure of how we’ll be known for the next ones.

“Ohhhh generation love
and when they open up our time capsule
a hundred years from now
Maybe they’ll look inside
And see we figured out
how to live for less and give ourselves away
just maybe they’ll call us,
Just maybe they’ll call us
Generation love”

Here is the “calling card” of our generation, so to speak. Give love in order to receive love. Like Bob Sinclair says.

“We are a brand new generation on the rise
Generation love
We are a brand new generation on the rise
Generation love
Ohhh generation love”

Honestly, I don’t think there are words to explain this line, so I’ll just copy it. “We are a brand new generation on the rise.”

Now, the video.

I don’t really watch that much music videos, but I know when one is well made. And this one is.
The city skyline, the people with the balloons, the people with the signs, all of that conveys a message. That this generation has so much to offer, and that the best is yet to come.

The camera work when Jennette in on the building is something that reminds me of videos by Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez. A lot of movement, yet kept under control, to highlight the message the video conveys even more.

Overall, the young actress/singer did it again! (I’m only 3 years older than she is, I’m speaking like an old man.) She found a way to make a wake up call for our generation and, in my view, that’s what this song is.

You rock the Earth, Jennette! Hope to see you soon!

Jennette McCurdy Radio Mob Project!

Hey guys! I’m here on behalf of myself to announce something that’s being done all around the McCurdian Network. It’s the Jennette McCurdy Radio Mob Project!

As you may or may not know, Jennette’s new single is coming out on iTunes on March 15th (just a few days away) and on radio on April 4th.

If you’re wondering what the Jennette McCurdy Radio Mob Project is, here’s a quick rundown:

Jennette is a great singer, but that alone won’t be enough for her to reach the success she deserves. If there ever was a time she needed her fans, that time is now!

Go to Everything you need to know is in that page.

Go to that site, arm yourselves with knowledge and support the NerdQueen!!


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