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iCan’t Take It review

I’m not sure of what I should write here….

This week’s episode is called iCan’t Take It. Let’s get on with this.

»Scene 1: Carly’s room«

Carly and Sam are fishing. In Carly’s coffee table.

Sam and Freddie’s relationship has going so well, Sam hasn’t hit Freddie once… at least in the face. I knew a girl like that once… Well, I still do. “She’s still alive…”

Remember the little blackboard on Carly’s room? It says “Have Spencer take lemonade stand to basement.” I wonder what kind of out-of-the-ordinary junk the Shays have in their basement.

Freddie just finished editing iCarly’s next fake movie trailer. I wonder what it is. Taking KC: TM, The Blowing and Moonlight Twi-blood into consideration, I can’t really make any guesses.

And lookie here:

It’s Drake Bell’s guitar! The one he won on a radio contest and was broken by Josh and Megan. Then Josh bought another one just like the one he broke and broke Drake’s favorite band’s lead guitarist’s hand! And then he got paid!

The movie’s name is “The Adventures of Super Bra!”

In a world of little girls and lemonade…

2 little girls are selling lemonade! And each cup is only 27 Euros! If you present a discount coupon , you’ll get a free rapper with it!

Why is the camera pointed mainly at Sam?

Amazing! The jar the steel pipe-wielding Spencer is holding contains REAL 5 Euro bills!

Carly pointed out that she’s happy about Seddie, but Carly wants some screen time… People, we’ve been sent a message by Dan.

Sam just insulted Gibby. Not a good sign… you know why? Look back at the beginning of Seddie. There, you have it.

Sam has grown, but she’s staying true to her core. She just hit Gibby with a bag full of food.

Newton’s Law of Something. For every action, there’s a bag of food being hurled at a Gibby.

»»Title Credits««

»Scene 2: Shays’ apartment«

Carly’s tending to Gibby after he was assaulted by a bag of food.

Gibby’s taking a nap on Carly’s bed and Seddie just left. Things do not look good for Carly Shay…

“Why did you push me back in?”
“I just saw my mom get off the elevator.”
“Oh, crab!” *Spencer gasps*
“I said ‘crabbb’.” *Spencer breathes deeply*

Recognize that? Yeah…

“You wanna see my mom burst into flames?” Hmm, I’ll get back to you later… Need to weigh the pros and cons. TOTALLY YES!

Tick bath, you STILL have those, kid?

You shouldn’t lie. Because after one lie, there’s always another lie, and another and before you know it, you’ll have a snowball full of lies… That’s the point of “Big Fat Liar.” No, wait, that wasn’t it! The point of Big Fat Liar was teaching kids how to pull pranks on a declining Hollywood producer…

You know, Carly, you can always invite yourself…

While Spencer is having a bad time trying to lie to Mrs. Benson, let me redirect your eyes to this image:

You know that girl on the cover of the magazine? I do. She’s called Amanda Bynes and starred in Big Fat Liar with the kid who’s now a racecar driver. Frankie Muniz. Thanks, Phoebe!

You really needed to kick the door, Spencer?

“That is the last lie I’m ever gonna tell.”
“Last, but not yeast.” Where did the cool puns go…

»Scene 3: Bushwell Plaza, 8th floor elevator«

Mrs. Benson is heading to her job when, in the elevator, she meets a masked man, who turns out to be Gibby.

Talking in a stopped elevator is easier with flashlights.

Gibby has pics of food on his Pear Pad…

I especially LOVE this image…

Let’s see how Mrs. Benson will react to the news that her son is dating Samantha.

First she gasps, then she shrieks, then she screams. I’m sure that by now, Gibby is deaf.

Again we are greeted with a visit by none other than Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, DanWarp’s lovely wife.

Now, I really want to know what does paladium have to do with iCarly.

»Scene 4: Spencer’s bakery«

Spencer is… working on his bakery… Sorry, can’t say that with a straight face.

Oh, Freddie didn’t get into NERD camp. New Electronics Research and Development. NERD.

Remember this post: iTeach Micro-expressions on iCarly? Here’s a small test for you:

Now, I want you guys to tell me what is the emotion Sam is feeling.

Why does Gibby receive text messages from Glitter Gloss?
“’Cause I care about women’s issues, aye?”

Carly’s into Gibby… Evidence A:

Gibby just called Mrs. Benson…

… and here she comes…

… with 100 ounces of paladium. I think Tony Stark might make something out if this.

But what’s up with the palladium?

Mrs. Benson is paying her son 100k to stop dating Sam? Wow…

Of course he declines, he loves Sam. Though, if it were me, I would have found a way (heh) to keep both Sam and the bar of palladuim. What? I could use the money…

When he declines, she tears her own shirt apart. That woman has issues…

»Scene 5: iCarly studio«

I think that was the shortest episode of iCarly.

»»Commercial  Break««

»Scene 6: iCarly studio«

Carly’s quite bummed because she had to start and finish the show without Sam and Freddie.

“We bought you some taffy…”

“I’m propelling myself through the water!”

They’re actually saying Carly’s jealous?

*le gasp* Gibby was the one who ratted on Seddie? I never even saw that coming!

Then Sam goes berserk, and with a good reason…

When Spencer comes in to help, Sam kicks him in a place that should never be kicked.

»Scene 7: Shays’ apartment«

She broke your “breast bone”?

Does it bother you that much that Sam and Freddie are dating, Mrs. Benson?

Freddie’s mom is so evil…

»Scene 8: iCarly studio«

Carly and Gibby are on the studio, waiting for something… My insurance does not include shattered Gibbys.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Banana Man!

Mrs. Benson has printed Freddie’s application form for NERD camp.

She wants to expose Sam! How evil!

Carly went to the kitchen’s computer to watch the whole thing, where Spencer’s bread is just about done… being burned to ashes.

She sabotaged his entrance to the NERD camp because he didn’t tell her the time?

And notice she’s wearing the remote necklace!

Now she’s going upstairs. This is getting a bit like American Pie. Don’t ask, kids, you’re not ready.

Gibby shields Carly from Mrs. Benson. “It’s wrong to interfere with young love.”

Did… did Carly just compare Sam to a chimp?

The inevitable make-up kiss. And Gibby’s song, just awesome.

Overall: I liked it very much. It was funny, had the right amount of Seddieness… I think I can say this. This episode was a perfect bake.

See you all next week!

Poll. I want your answers.

Hey, guys. I have a question for you guys.

Please answer the following poll. Thank you.

Review the Reviewers

Hi, teens. RobSp1derp1g here.

I’m here right now to propose a little think that I thought of.

Well, basically, I just sit at my computer reviewing iCarly stuff time after time after time, and people like what I do, in general. But I’ve never taken the time to ask people what they think of me, as a reviewer. So here’s your chance!

You’ll be able to review me and the other authors of this blog, which is always a good thing.

Review us on a scale from 1 to 20, tell us what you like about us, what you don’t like, and what we need to improve.

Greetings to you!

Hi, it’s BabelLeef here, and basically, I’m going to help RobSp1derp1g with his iCarly reviews, and add my own input and opinion about Seddie. I think that’s what I’m doing, anyway…

Sorry, I’m quite new to these WordPress things…

Anyway, I hope to write some more ‘official’ comments and reviews soon. This was just a little introductory post, so you can get to know me :)

See you soon!



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