Index page

This is the index page for my blog.
Here you will find the link to every post of in this blog.

I also write in Portuguese, so I will also post the links to my Portuguese articles.
Index (this page)

–Season 1:
—- iPilot (BIG TEXT AHEAD)
—- iAm Your Biggest Fan
–Season 2:
—-iKiss (PT)
—-iReunite With Missy (PT)
—-iMust Have Locker 239
–Season 3:
—-iSpeed Date
–Season 4:
—-iGot A Hot Room
—-iSam’s Mom (DanWarp read this review)
—-iGet Pranky
—-iSell Penny-Tees
—-iStart a Fan War
—-iHire an Idiot
—-iPity The Nevel
–Season 5
—-iLost My Mind
—-iDate Sam and Freddie
—-iCan’t Take It
—-iLove You
—-iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo
—-iBalls (The 3D episode)
—-iToe Fatcakes
—-iMeet The First Lady
—-iStill Psycho
—-Disgusting Super Slow Motion – Raw Egg

iSam’s Mom (PT)
–iStart a Fan War (Theories 1/2/3)
iHire an Idiot

-Incredible news
-The Post Which Has No Name As Of Yet
-An announcement and a little speech…
-Jennette McCurdy Radio Mob Project

-Christmas Seddie Contest

Random Stuff:
-About chicken pot pie…
-My Seddie Dream…
-Review the Reviewers!

And my always popular April Fool’s Day joke of 2011. More to come in the future…

This index is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back for more!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this blog!

  1. Daniel Caldeira

    i Love’t The Layout

  2. Dude….new layout is AMAZING!! :D

  3. 1st time seeing ur site. Very interesting reviews. Do u get much,
    If any, feedback? Can I do a guest review sometime if you can’t
    Do the review? Keep up the great work


    • I get some feedback, but I wish I had more. Some people read the reviews and don’t comment. While others, comment without reading the reviews.
      And yes, sure you can make a guest review! How about the next episode? When it airs, we’ll talk about the details.

  4. I must say, this blog is really SPLENDIFEROUS! ^_^ I’ll keep reading, as long as you keep writing!!

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